Which levels have the most FIRE enemies?

This discussion could also be used to provide the most mobs per level per element. Please provide a link if one exists.

Was put together last year. Monster/xp/food/ham numbers should still be good. Not sure about the items/recruits though.

20-4 is the best. 11 red monsters per stage run.

Hold on I linked the wrong one

Link updated 20 chars

Since Season 2 has come out, I’ve found that S2 province 3-4 is also good for fire enemies and might be easier to complete than 20-4.


Good point, just checked out S2 3-4, and it’s 12 reds for 6 WE vs 19-4 at 11 reds for 6 WE. I filled a fire chest this morning using 19-4 and loot tickets, could have saved the loot tickets running 3-4.


Personally I like to farm 6-8 for fire chest. It might take a little longer since its random but the return on recruits and crafting items outweigh the time cost.


S2 1-6 is good too, especially if, like me, you can’t easily hit S1 19 or 20 or S2 3. Not all red, and I haven’t counted the number, but I think it’s 8-10 reds usually.


Just wanted to add something quickly…

S1 5-8 has 6 Reds for 3 energy. S2 cost 6. For the same amount of energy you’ll get an extra kill and about 4-6 extra recruits.

This is a great strategy for newer teams or anybody that prioritizes the extra recruits. The loot may not be as “great” but if you’re farming anyways I find this really helped.



I like season 1, province 11-6 for most potential fire enemies per energy. I usually get about 11/4 WE. But 5-8 (3 WE) is also a good one if you are looking at the enemies per energy ratio. And it tends to drop backpacks and wooden swords for your training camp needs.


This is for season 1 levels

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