8-7 the best farming stage ever? Forget that


I prefer 23-9 because I don’t need any battle items here. In lower province 23 levels there are bosses with poison attacks where you have to use antidotes.
The 23-9 boss just removes buffs from you, no poison, no DoT, nothing. It is not that easy but the best stage for me. I did 20-4 A LOT. Over 400 times but I like 23-9 better now.


For someone who is not after recruits, I recommend 7-4 for farming. Yes it has 4 rounds and takes more time, but I get around one 2* HERO (not recruits, not backpacks, a 2* hero directly) every 4 battles. Considering we put backpacks on tc and can get most 1* it’s been really nice to receive a hero from the spot. Most times I get Brogan and Hao, so you may want to give it a try. It’s also a great place to get mushroom crypt and potent leaves


I still prefer 8-7 because it has a good monster/energy rate and you can easily auto-farm. I can spend my remaining energies for quests and can skip times for monster chests whenever my energies are full again. No interest in farming higher stages were you spend all your energies to complete a monster chest…


same here.
5.8 is quick to farm, drops backpacks, and sometimes 1* feeder heroes.

I do 8.7 only for recruits if I need some (many of them are still happily lodging in TC11) - and yes, the drops in 8.7 were definitely nerfed.

For XP, I farm 20.4
Alberich and Bokdtusk are recommended if you want to farm 20.4 on autoplay.


If you’re really just trying to rack up monster kills, 7-4 is the best.

6-8 has been dropping good mats. 12-9 and 13-6 are also good for rarer mats that are still easily farmed even by mid-tier teams.


I do believe that something has changed on 8-7…but when it was first touted, it was for exp, not loot. As you see from Mai’s first post, it’s listed as a location for wooden shields! :grin:

She briefly mentions items just down the page, but notes that 8-7 is “most efficient” for farming.



The problem is Mai was not around to correct her spreadsheet…“loots and stats” in google.docs.

The devs nerfed this when they put out ver 1.4 if I read correctly. But, common wisdom keeps saying thats the place as most players that go there …I’ll stop.

Recruits at 12-9 average 10 per play or 2.5 per energy. 5-8 & 6-8 give backpacks, swords and minor heroes and troops at a rate I am happy farming.


23-9 is QUITE hard for most players to farm, I would say.


Must be a nice problem to have…I’m stuck on 22-6


7-7 for string
6-8 for crude iron; this is my personal favorite zone now FWIW.

The only, and I mean only thing I run 8-7 for since 1.6 is a slightly higher recruits / flag, but we’re talking about 10% loss with the other two and they’re better for everything else. I do that on my alt currently because I have obliterated my recruit stash with TC19 and how much ham it’s earning… I’m now down to less than 5 days in my TC 11’s… my main never runs 8-7 anymore, hasn’t for months.

The problem with the higher level stages is you have to divide through by the energy and you need a large sample set… but roughly 1 backpack per 3 runs is about right in 8-7 from my own data and it doesn’t look like further updates from 1.6 have changed anything in the loot distribution. Items are reasonably well balanced between my old stats and @Pois1 higher zone super stats (thank you for those!) when it comes to drops/flag, but recruits in the high level zones suck and I don’t know why the developers missed that. If those were fixed I’d be in the high level zones too.

@Bud the nerf was actually 1.6; Mai’s data was very good prior to that.


I do like to see wizards encouraging the use of lower zones for farming. Some seem to think the higher levels are macho or something.

Rev, could you toss out the link to superstats, pls. I think between that and Mai’s work players can make better choices. Other than prov 8 which looks like it was the only place the devs nerfed, her work remains very accurate.


For now i really like 6-8 :slightly_smiling_face:


Curious why you’re going for exp? I’ve thought about this before when people post about it.

I only go for exp when im close to my next level and I need to level to get titan flags.

I get that the higher the level you are, the more flags you get but that levelling takes so long!


I agree and with very little benefits to levelling,


I was all in on 8-7 but it is tiresome and boring, good for recruits. Then 12-9 gave me 11 recruits + swords and backpacks
Now i been on 22-8 and 22-9 with 2-3 backpacks sometimes but 8 recruits
I will try 23-9 to see what gives
I Think playing a harder level is more entertaining, makes u actually play a raid instead of auto button.
Plus u get more xp and level up ‘relatively’ faster, good loot too! Orichalgum nuggets! Denver nuggets! :wink:


It seems to me a lot was nerfed. Cannot seem to find 2* mats in refions they should be. For instance, spent 64 world energy in region 9 with only 2 large bones drops. Happens with other mats as well


I used to spend all my time in the higher levels (19-9 primarily because I can still auto it) until I changed to using gems to reset my monster chests. This moved me straight back to 8-7 where I can fill a hero chest in 1 batch of world energy. I cannot in 12-9 or higher because of the increased energy per monster ratio.

I’m actually finding 8-7 still keeps me topped up in most the materials I use on a regular basis… and its troop, hero and recruit rates are still good (even if there are better).

So I find it a bit of a ‘Goldilocks’ region for the combination of items, heroes, troops, recruits and (for me importantly) monsters for the energy it costs.


13-6, the last 4 flag level, has lots of monsters and decent loot. Good place to fill your monster chest if recruits are not a priority.

When I’m backpack hunting I play 5-8 nine times then go smack 20-7.

A way to reduce the tedium of farming is to bring in some of your new war heroes to see how they work. Or practice color-stacking. Or use only 3*. Or something!


I use farming levels to practice different strategies to use in raids or wars.


It is a lot of fun when I play 9-1 with 3 Delilahs. All 15 minions attacking.