Guide map of elemental enemies

Where’s the map guide which featured the breakdown of enemy heros in each stage?

In other words, if I was looking to complete a quest of defeating 150 Dark Enemies, I’ve seen a breakdown of which season and area and stage, which has the most dark enemies in it.

Anyone know where I can locate it or have the link???

Hi. This is what i use…

There are others i believe, but for elemental chests only, this is what i use.

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This is my table sheets depend on event (AR/Valhalla).


The source come from Mai’s Guide and Barry Farmz.
And also this sheets.



That’s a very nifty and concise spreadsheet you got there. Mind if I grab it for my alliance Line GC? TIA


With pleasure @Ultra :ok_hand: :+1:


May I suggest you add a general row for monsters in general?
Even without it this is very helpful. This is not the first time I’ve saved something you’ve created to my pictures.


Do you mean best monster count without color specific?

Exactly that. You are correct.