Lianna, Kingston ... and now Alberich. What do I do?

Hi All
Some of you (@IvyTheTerrible, @Fravit93, @kerridoc, @rohn, @scarecrow ) may recall from an older thread that I have been making plans for Kingston for ages - to the extent of holding off the final ascension of a 3/70 Lianna until I see if I get Kingston in October.
I have 21 EHT’s and 1400 Atlantis coins - so 35 chances for Kingston in either the Halloween event or October Atlantis!

I wasn’t going to do a September Atlantis pull - but I caved and did a ten pull with gems - and out popped Alberich!

So now I have Lianna at 3/70, Alberich at 1/1 and the possibility of Kingston in October - and 7 Tonics.

My current defence is Seshat - Zimkitha - Aegir - Mitsuko - Joon , and my plan was to to replace Joon with either a) Kingston if I get him, or b) Lianna if I don’t. But now I have Alberich to consider too.

So my questions:

  • Who is the better replacement for Joon? - Kingston/Liannna or Alberich? Would that team with Alberich be too defensive.
  • If I do go and max Alberich, is there then any point in going for Kingston, as I won’t have the tonics. Maybe better to wait and save the EHT’s for Christmas and a chance at Grimble (though I have plenty of purples).
  • Or is there an entirely new defensive lineup that I should be considering?

Any advice appreciated. My full roster is below (shows all 5*, and the 4* that I have maxed or am working on. I also have most other 4* at 1/1)

Thanks everyone!

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Alberich is 100% tonics worthy and way more unique than most of the other green heroes but I wouldn’t see myself putting him in my defense when I already have Zimkitha holding my druid’s emblems… even if I would had run Zimkitha with an emblemed Alberich.

2 passive heroes as Aegir and Alberich are ok for a defense and your Seshat, Zimkitha and Mitsuko could deal a lot of damage with their specials.

Kingston and Lianna seems to be way better options but you could now even consider going after Neith, that shares her class with Lianna and Seshat.
I think she would fit really well your team :slight_smile:

However every one of them is a really good hero and you wouldn’t do any mistake into ascending them even if emblemwise Kingston is better :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, Alby is Alby. Start producing feeders. And if you will get Kingston, will talk about. Let’s see the Kingston final release first. Anyhow, it is one of the toughest choices. It’s easier to decide between Kage and Seshat, for example :smile:


You could put Evelyn and Kingston / Lianna instead of Seshat and Joon. Which is also a great combination for offense if you don’t want to put them in the defense.
so no tonics for Alby. For more 5* healer just prioritize your next healer. You have also Ares that you can max for his healing.
But of course Alby is a very strong hero. So I can see the dilemma :slight_smile:


Oh my. I had not really considered Neith. A holy ranger right? I need to do some more research!
Are you suggesting Neith might be a direct replacement for Joon in my current defence? On the wing?

Thanks for your input!

Neith is designed to be flank so far…


Judging from some other threads it seems like @ItsaDragon is not a big fan of Alby. Any thoughts on my situation above @ItsaDragon?

I was also going to bring up the possibility of Neith! I agree that she/he would be better suited at flank, so not a direct position replacement for Joon in that sense. I’m thinking Alberich, Zimkitha, Aegir, Neith, and Seshat would be worth considering.

It does now feel like Alberich + Neith is a stronger addition to your roster than Alberich + Kingston, though the emblems look trickier. Plus, I mean…you have Alberich now - a not insignificant positive.

Tough, but great situation to have. I’m going to reflect on it more and will pop back in if I have any additional thoughts.


End game Roster

Color stacking, synergy and two strong healers ( one purple/ yellow and one green/ blue/ red ) are very important to End game roster.

Nice selection of healers.

I built my entire End game roster around blue Frida 5* 4.80 ( insanely lucky summons ) and blue Grimm 4*+18 ( Ramming Pulverizer) once I realized how the End game works.

Evelyn, Buddy and Kingston would make a very potent End game core.

Falcon, Boldtusk, Wilbur is a similar potent End game core due to Falcon and Boldtusk’s insanely high defense stat. Both are effectively 4.75* heroes.


Alberich is an awesome hero, but is not going to bring a lot of change to your current roster.

You will always get the 4* ascension items for Alberich later if you can open Platinum/ Diamond chests and get Titan loot tier 9+.

I love healers so I tried for Grazul, Ariel and Alberich, but got 3* heroes.

Lianna and Kingston ( together they fight crime)

Both Lianna and Kingston would bring a good 5* green sniper to a color know for slow heroes and healers.

If you do not get Kingston, you can level Lianna.

Resist Burn

Kingston 's resist burn is a HUGE deal for a green flank.

Raid Defense

I would be interested in how

Jack O’Hare

Works for you.

I do not like attacking Leonidas centers since his 3rd buff.

Zimkitha and Alasie are nasty flanks and Jack O’hare is a fast, attack all enemies like Kadilen and Zeline.

Kingston defense


as center and flanks would bring mana control, 3x snipers and 2x nearby debuffs.

Due to computer targeting I would still favor


but since there is no way to test it except to try it out, I do not know which is better at you trophy level.

I ended up setting a low Platinum defense on one account because I could not hang in low Diamond but my best defense kept me too high in Platinum.


Thanks so much @IvyTheTerrible and @Gryphonknight

There are so many possibilities its making my head spin! Nice problems to have though.

I’ll probably use feeders to take Alby to 3/70 for now - and then see what happens in October/November.

I’ve been planning so long for Kingston, that it seems somehow disloyal to change tack at the eleventh hour!


This is probably the most joyful solution.

I saved for 6 months to get Ranvir, and did not get Ranvir. Without a mercy timer, and without trade, summons suck.

Bonus, Alberich is good even at 5* 3.70 .

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Can I just jump on here for advice too??

I too and torn between Alby and Kingston on my Raid/War defense team (torn between kage and Seshat too but that’s another story lol)

So it’s either:

Alby/Kingston, Magni, Guin, Kageburado, Marjana


Alby/Kingston, Magni, Guin, Marjana, Seshat

First set of 5* heroes to make my D, and Guin is my tank. Please help!!!

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If you have two leveled dark troops you could put both of them, keeping the dispeller (Kageburado if both of them are in the same team) to the tank’s left.

For Kingston you should put him next to the tank, so at Guinevere’s right while Alberich is good into the left corner.
One or another? Kingston would help more to me but you should emblem him. Is Magni holding your fighters’ emblems?

Put Marjana as wing hero, she could avoid specials and this is expecially meaningful if she wouldn’t get heals.

Alby magni guin kage marjana

If it was me


Same thought. But I would set Alby for wars and Kingston for raid defense.


So @Scarecrow, @FraVit93, @IvyTheTerrible etc as reported here, I DID get Kingston today on my 12th Atlantis pull

I power-levelled Kingston to 3/70 already so now I have 4 Greens at 3/70 and 9 Tonics.
They are Kingston, Alberich, Lianna and Margaret. Also Lady Locke at 1/1

So who gets the tonics first? - my feeling is Kingston

My current preferred defence is Seshat-Zimkitha-Aegir-Mitsuko-Joon
The idea is that Kingston would probably replace Joon

Full roster of 5* and fully ascended 4* shown below

Any thoughts anyone?

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In your defense I would replace Mitsuko with Kingston, not Joon. First of all, he is designed to be flank. Joon is excellent on the wing, as Seshat (best position for her). Mitsuko is also average and tough I don’t have her, I wouldn’t set her in raid/war defense. And the second green should be LotL, the most offensive hero of this game. You don’t need Alby for now…

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Interesting @Scarecrow - thanks. Pretty sure I will go with Kingston (as I have been planning all this time)

By the way my other Green is Lady Locke - not Lady of the Lake. Easy to get them confused!

Sorry, I misread, I saw LotL. In this case, second one should be Alby.

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Congratulations! Thanks for tagging me; I hadn’t seen your post in the Kingston HOTM thread. You now have a very tough dilemma. It seems clear that Alberich and Kingston are the two priorities, but I’m not sure who should go first. Let me talk it through out loud and see if that gets me anywhere:


I don’t have him, but have faced him plenty in war and raids. No way around it - he’s a pain, which makes him a great choice. I will say I have Mother North, and she’s huge for me - I assume he’s roughly equally impactful.


I’m waiting to do my pulls until Halloween, and I literally haven’t faced him in a raid yet (likely because of the bug affecting his attack debuff). So I have no real gauge on him yet. He looks strong though.


Guess I didn’t have a ton of thoughts there. :woman_shrugging:

What’s the emblem plan? I’m wondering if that can be a factor here. It looks like your Druid emblems are on Zimkitha, though surely you have more that are unassigned. I think Boldtusk is the only emblemed fighter, so you probably have some of those too?

Ultimately I think I’m leaning Kingston max and Alberich maybe serviceable in a late war hit at 3.70.

Unrelated, are you worried about continuing to use Aegir at tank, given Finley’s release and Snow White’s looming appearance?

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