Worth saving for Kingston or Alberich?

I really hope to pull Alberich if he pops up in the next Atlantis as rumored and planning to spend on more pulls than usual to increase the odds. On the other hand many are advising to save up for Kingston. Which one is worth saving gems / EHTs for? I have Lianna and Gregorion and will have mats to ascend only one of them soon to 4.80. If Grazul pops out instead, is she worth it?

You can’t get Alby with EHTs in Atlantis so save those for Halloween event (for shot at Kingston) or Christmas (for shot at MN should you miss Alby).

Personally I’ll rein it in this Atlantis and save for Kingston - I would ofc not mind Alby but would rather have MN so will try for her in December. Her class is so perfectly chosen, she’s a real threat. Alby is quite easy to handle, in comparison.

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Atlantis features returning HOTMs and Alby should be returning soon, so it should be possible (but not probable :grin:) to pull him there. MN is also great but Alby is better IMHO based on reading the MN vs Alby thread. My question is basically - do I really need Kingston that much if I have Leanna. Alby (or MN for that matter) would be more beneficial for me personally at this point in the game, I think?

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Hard so say without knowing more about your roster :). And no one knows better than you ofc! I say go for whoever you feel would be best.

Haven’t seen the MN vs Alby thread. Raiding against them I personally find her more troublesome, but that’s cause my playstyle includes heavy use of mana blockers and she’s a fricking cleric… grr. On offense, I can see Alby having a slight edge with the mana buff.

Put it this way: whom would you rather get, Alby/MN or Kingston ? Assuming you had none of them.

For me? Kingston, I’m more interested in offense than defense ;>. Will try for MN though, to boost my war def.

Often, I don’t find MN and or Alby much of a threat on defense; I go with Hel to lock them down or fast snipers to take them out and more so because, they are usually positioned at the corners, getting less tiles to charge faster.
While I don’t have MN, but have Alby +3, I prefer him on offense than defense, that mana boost…about 12% for very fast mana,
10% for fast and 8% for average etc, I can’t help but notice the difference all the time, if the board is decent and he fires twice, it often end in wins.
If given the option, I will still go for a second Alby and of course I am looking forward to MN in December.

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Yeah I go with Hel too and that’s why MN remains an issue where Alby isn’t one ;). Takes two snipers to wipe big mama if she resists Hel… ugh.

Is it Alby confirmed for this atlantis?

Don’t think they’re ever confirmed until the gate opens, but if they keep up the pattern established a while ago then the coming Atlantis will have Alby and Aegir featured.

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