Tried for Kingston With No Luck - So Next Best Option For 5 Star Green

So I was stocking up on EHT so that I could pull either Victor or Kingston running dry on both ends. So I have enough ascension materials to take two green heroes to 4.80. I am debating as to who should cross the finish line. I am torn between Horghall and Elkanen. I already have Kadilen and Lianna at 4.80. I see both H and E a snitch uses, H for the Rush attack tournaments and E for field aid (health boost) on the war defense. Thoughts?

Between the two of them Elkanen but I personally would rather sit on the mats for a little bit than rush to ascend them.


Agree with void- sit on them

Horghall will get a costume soon. If you think this costume is worth it to summon, then him.

I’m an Elkanen user. He’s decent and has great survivability and if you boost his attack he does okayish damage. An attack with Lianna first, Elkanen second, should kill a target, so he can be useful


I’d sit on them if you’re not F2P. Your best case scenario would be either pulling Evelyn in the next Atlantis (In which case I’d ascend both her and Elkanen as they work great together) or getting Mother North at Christmas.

If you’re F2P and you have 12 tonics, I don’t think you have much incentive to wait, the only great hero you’re likely to pull is a 2nd Lianna.

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That’s a good point, but I’d probably wait to see if you actually pull the costume first, if that’s your main motivation.

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If you have Lianna and Kadilen maxed then you should probably wait. X-Mas is around corner so if you get hands on more EHT you may pull Mother North. Otherwise the gain from either Haldir or Groot is minimal considering you have already green 5* maxed.

Evelyn should be featured during next Atlantis, Hatter from the Riddles, Lady of the Lake from Avalon, Lianna from TC20, Yunan from Sand Empire, next green HotM in March 2020 and/or Mother North from xMas are your bad odd options…


Are you a spender? If not, go with Elkanen. He isn’t niche, he is really good in my opinion, especially if you pair him with a defense down hero.

This is my life, too.

I already have Lianna at 4-80, I’ve got enough mats to full ascend two five star greens but my only options are:

Second Lianna, Horghall, Elk.

Not even a Kadilen with her creepy poltergeist neck.

Spent $180 chasing Kingston and closer to $300 chasing Evelyn. That’s $480.00 of no greens worth a damn that didn’t come out of my TC 20.

If I don’t get a green by the end of December (likely won’t, because I’m not spending nearly that much in a month without a green HoTM) it’s probably Elk and Lianna 2.0 time. Can’t sit on mats forever.

Neither of them are impressive.

Horghall’s costume coming up mid-November looks good – though keep in mind, you gotta summon it and we know how that often goes :poop:

Personally I would sit on your tonics until you have 12 of them (at that point, I’d ascend Elkanen), or in case you do get lucky enough to summon Horghall’s costume (in which case, Horghall)

What you can do with those green feeders is work on one of your 4*, or even a green 3*. May as well expand your bench for raid tournaments. A duplicate Mnesseus, Berden or (if you’re lucky to have one) Hisan wouldn’t be a bad idea for Challenge Events either

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Here are all of my green heroes. Right now I am working on Carver as a three star mana reducer.

I was lucky enough to get Hassan this go around. I was CTP but my wife made me FTP. :stuck_out_tongue: