Keep Vela in defense?

You obviously don’t know much about high level raiding.
This is not the overall damage that matter but the impact it has on the opponent. 900-1000 damage spread among 5 hereos is worthless because even after she fired your sniper can’t take down an opponent after that and any ticking HoT will negate that :roll_eyes:

A good defense team needs to be harassing not to stalling.

Lol… so you say you prefer king in flank then Vela?

So maybe I am not great player but I can some math. …

Let’s calculate…

So it’s 1200 * 4 plus 1350 equals 6150. And this is with one red

6150 with one red. Kingston is doing is doing less then 1000 for one…

So while it takes some time and maybe maybe will be dispelld when telly is there probably it won’t. So it will be four Kingston in one player

Any comments?

Lol you are showing a pre nerf screen while I’m talking about the current version so please go talk somewhere else :roll_eyes:
She was no threat before the nerf and she’s just a joke for raid defense now.

Pre nerf numbers.

So I guess that is why everyone had her on defense…

So let’s see what happens now

1170 plus 200 * 3 * 5 = 4170

Soryy… I was wrong the last time… So now she is doing this amount of damage for any team colors plus attack def down to all and not just three plus critical hits etc…


While it is big nerf I. Damage it still one of the strongest aoe hero’s with fast mana and now it has king speicel added
It’s allot

Direct raw damage… Without dot… And she is still very powerfull vs red and less powefull vs non red

But if add the dot it’s something totaly different …

Maybe it was just you?

200 damage even to 5 target is no threat at all. The dot is cleanable and not really powerful even less now. Same for the attack down.

The only thing that made her appealing was the extra damage to punish mono red no brainer who did not have the correct counter hereos (i.e. bt/JF/kong/mitsuko/bk/qoh/zim/grazul)


Maybe… But you are speaking about this cleansers all the time… I have vivica . Do you think she can be ready in time? I can take Sonya . She has a chance but four star blue sniper vs telly velaa… hmm hard…and maybe rigrad can be ready in time or not

So when you are facing gtv you need a cleanser ready for cleaning Vela damage plus gm damage plus telly mana down… And all this while your mana is broken…

So you need three cleansers and maybe one debuffer for telly healing and that is about it…

So grazul is amazing. I don’t have him…mistuku is now not good vs Vela anymore Kong will die ling before anything, bt maybe can give some counter to attack down but not the dot. (Or is he? Not sure) and I have jf plus seven but rarely he is ready in time when I take him in wars

And you need to do all that six times in war…

Pi never can take red against he because five star red I have are not strong and anyway you can take so many reds on war

And if attack down is nothing deal so is king attack down
.no big deal

Her dot is really what made me loose . I would love that you show me how to fight stronger team with you in wars and have a cleanser ready multiple by six for all gtv combo

I don’t care for Vela. I care for the overall game and right now she is strongr in wars then she was before (depends honestly on what you take she can be bit stronger Orr weaker)

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C Rigard is the best. I use him and zimkitha agains TGV.

Oh. Well now is just GT becouse V is dead and it will be gone.

I start add emblems on Alice again and quit useing Vela in my defense.( to be on topic)


You do right that by my calculations her damage did got nerfed somewhat and telli is the real problem…

So seems they got what they wanted more diversity

Don’t think so. Some players just replace her. I notice some have 2x Finley. Others Missandra or another red or purple hero.

It will never be diversity at the top.

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Excalty you just bring costume rigard + another cleaner/counter. I have multiples rigard for war and you should too
Costume rigard should be use mainly against GM 's dot, his heal over time will mitigate the damage received from Vela’s dot if you can’t avoid having both GM and Vela firering at the same time.
But timing is the key here you need to not use rigard against telluria’s mana debuff but hold it until GM and/or vela fire.

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I can’t say Telluria is affecting my mana. Even with lvl 5. 4* mana troop i can’t feel her strike. All depends on the boards and her flanks.

Just checked top 10 atm, 8x Vela.
Doesnt seems like nothing much changed.


So basically SG is showing us that the heroes that we’ve bought with our own money and used our energy time and resources, materials :thinking: so that they can nerf them anytime they feel like so why are we still playing this game? Instead
Can we make a strong hero and leave it strong instead of nerfing it and basically changing the entire reason we summon it, and then maybe come out with another hero that counteracts that initial hero? Like this could have been solved with a HOTM fire element, resistant to water damage like Zocc, that was maybe fast, and had the sniping power of Lianna or Joon with maybe a buff that reflected all status ailments back to the caster even entire team similar to Myztero for 3 turns…just a thought.

Oh believe me it will change. I’m still waiting to see how she performs in war defense but in raid defense she is a pure joke now.
Under JF buff she hits for 75/80 and its attack down is irrelevant (you can just purge that with BT and or costume rigard :roll_eyes:).
She needs a buff to get back to 150% + the dot over 4 turns or the extra damages to fires back with the current %.


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