Vela post nerf advise

Hi I’m having trouble finding a thread that focuses on the changes to Vela that isn’t flooded with Telluria/morality/compensation comments. Can someone that owns her tell me how nerfed she actually was? It’s hard to tell from the nerf description

Is she still worth my mats over Isarnia, Richard and thorne if I don’t care about defense? Trying to improve my blue stack raid/war attack.

My current stack is Frida, Grimm+20 and Kiril (triton & Sonya)
Which hero gets my mats? Thanks!!

I don’t have but she is still very good hero, definetly better than Richard and Thorne.
She beat Isarnia beacuse of mana speed, she is worth scopes.


She’s got much better attacking stats than Richard or Thorne (both are beefy and pillowy).

Isarnia is like Grimm… Good attacking if you don’t mind her being a bit glassy.
Obviously her costume helps massively with durability, as will some emblems.

Vela gives you +crit and fairly hefty AoE+DoT - it might not be as OP as it was, but it’s still significant.
And if you’re on high level titans, her attack debuff helps your teams longevity, too.

I’d do Vela.
The +20 Grimm makes it an easier decision. Without him (at +20), I’d think on Isarnia for titans…


She has been nerfed very slightly.
She’s still able to kill a red mono team in 2 shots. She’s the only fast DoA and DoT hero.


Worth mats than the others


Thanks for the quick replies everyone, it seems pretty unanimous that she hasn’t been Nerfed too much and still more deserving than the others. I’ll go ahead and give her the mats.
Thanks again!!


I think she has been lightly shaved down, and not sure it makes a huge difference. She still wrecks red on offense. She is keeping my emblems, and I’m still glad I put her up

Velluria defenses are still brutal, even post adjustment, and the 4600+ GTV defense is still a skip for me

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Would you consider moving emblems to master lepus from vela for the family bonus to run with killhare?

My after-nerf vela just feels like any other hero. Like my Aeron, Like my Morgan Le fay…

She doesn’t help win games anymore. She’s just another hero to fill up the roster when I need to stack blue or use for alliance wars. Definitely nothing impressive/shining.

Vela seems to still be it top tier blue and better option then the ones you have.

I am about to ascend vela for my war tank and good for Titan and wars. got alasie too and a sniper Is always nice but still thinking vela over her

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She is the best choice from the heroes you have listed. And still a great hero both in defense and attack. Both Telly and Vela remained top tier def and attack support heroes after the nerf, despite what many are saying.
This is coming from someone who was against the nerf, but after using them for quite some time everywhere now I can tell there is no major difference before/after.

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