📓 Direct Raw Damage - Hit all Enemies

Last Updated: 2020-04-21T15:10:00Z

  • Added Roostley, Killhare and Chick Jr.

Reference topic with tables of simplified damage dealt by the heroes that hit all enemies.

Simplified damage means that only the attack and percent of damage dealt by the skill is considered. Troops, buffs, ailments (including Damage over Turns), enemy stats or modifiers, etc. are not taken into account for this table.

For Costumed heroes – the costume bonus is taken into account where indicated.

The purpose of this topic is for reference only, not to be used as a guide for which heroes have better skills or which heroes to level up.


Hero Damage before modifiers
Bauchan 441
Oberon 510.62
Carver 580
Melia 606
Ulmer 612.48
Arman 620.1
Jahangir 722.1
Chick Jr. 941.4


Hero Damage before modifiers
Li Xiu (default, no costume) 924
Li Xiu (default, costume maxed) 970.2
Boomer 1103.64
Gobbler 1142.35
Li Xiu (costume equipped) 1188
Tiburtus (costume equipped) 1204
Hu Tao 1206
Agwe 1303.4
Colen 1310.4
Jack O’Hare 1337.4
Skittleskull (default, no costume) 1346.8
Skittleskull (costume equipped) 1361.5
Little John 1370.85
Skittleskull (default, costume maxed) 1414.14
Danzaburo (swords) 1492.8
Sumle (all enemies alive) 1670.85 (increase by 70% per dead enemy)


Hero Damage before modifiers
Telluria 796.9
Saint Nick 927
Ursena (HP<50%, non-yellow) 950.3
Red Hood 954.99
Yunan 994.98
Zeline (non-blue) 1092.52
Atomos (enemy with zero mana) 1099.5
Neith 1102.5
Zimkitha 1106.7
Vela (non-red) 1114.5
Marie-Thérèse 1300.32
Kadilen 1322.4
Ursena (HP<50%, yellow) 1330.42
Snow White (no dispels) 1360.8
G. Owl (all allies alive) 1412.35
Grimble 1445.25
Elena (costume equipped) 1453.4
Justice 1461.6
Anzogh 1500.7
Zeline (blue) 1529.528
Horghall (costume equipped) 1485.65
Horghall (default, no costume) 1543.95
Horghall (default, maxed costume) 1621.15
Azlar 1625.65
Elena (default, no costume) 1634.18
Elena (default, maxed costume) 1715.88
G. Kong 1729.2
Mok-Arr (blue, red, green) 1852.5
Isarnia (default, no costume) 1872.95
Quintus (costume equipped) 1889.4
Vela (red) 1894.65
Isarnia (default, costume maxed) 1966.95
Ursena (HP>50%, non-yellow) 1976
Rumpelstiltskin (skull card) 1979.1
Atomos (enemies with full mana) 1979.1
Quintus (default, no costume) 2016.9
Quintus (default, costume maxed) 2117.75
Sir Roostley (if all enemies adjacent) 2178.4
Isarnia (costume equipped) 2215.95
Killhare 2223
Mok-Arr (yellow) 2593.5
Ursena (HP>50%, yellow) 2766.4
G. Owl (all allies KO’d) 2854.75
Snow White (16 or more dispels) 3175.2

Reserving this post for future use

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Also reserving this post for future use

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Correction for new gobbler:

Hero Attack stat Skill percent Damage
Gobbler (new) 641 170% 1089,7
Gobbler (old) 731 155% 1133,05
Little John (costume) 720 185% 1332

EDIT: add Little John costume


Thanks Jinbatsu, this topic is outdated :slight_smile: I’ll look into updating it

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Well this topic is still sorely outdated. I’ll see when I can get around to it … I asked staff if we can make it a wiki topic so that trusted users can help contribute. I got too much going on irl and it makes keeping this list up to date a bit tough

I’ll still try and get around to updating it sometime


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