New Vela vs Freya?

What do you think about new Vela? Is it worth to transfer her emblems to Freya and use her in my war defense? I know it depends on other blues I can put in my defense but lets pretend you only choose between these two, which one is more scary to face in flank position? Tank is Telluria and other flank is Grave

Hate hate hate facing Freya, her realm bonus is rage inducing sometimes.


Freya is not good on defense. Keep vela or replace her by something else.

If Telluria is your tank you need hitters no need for healers or defence up heroes. Telluria delay the opponent attack for your other heroes to kill

Freya is a candidate for druid emblems, sure, but I think she is not shining in the defense team.
For our alliance, when we see Freya flanking Telluria, we will use yellow mono or yellow stack-4 and the fight is pretty easy. We can gain more points from neutral elements (don’t even have to use red mono or red stack-4).

Therefor, if you are going to max Freya, it would be better to use her on attack team.
Purely my personal feeling

The nerfed Vela still is great. Freya is great too, but makes less of an immediate impact in a raid. A lot of raids are too short for Freya’s impact to be felt stongly enough. I’d go with Vela if the question is who to take on defense, but they’re both good.

Vela all the way. Realm bonus is great on freya but vela is much more scary to face imo. She punishes any weak board still

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“New” Vela is still fine. She doesn’t single out the Fire heroes any longer so red stackers have it a little easier but she now messes with the attack of ALL other colors so those that didn’t stack red find it a little more challenging…

Swings and roundabouts.

Will you use one of the two MUCH more often when attacking? If yes, that one should have the majority of emblems.