Keep Vela in defense?

First of all, I’m pissed that they nerfed Vela to «fix» the problem with Telluria. Makes no sense at all! #removetelluria

I personally use Heimdall as tank instead. I like him alot, and Vela has been a nice flank on his left hand. With the latest nerf of Vela I’m a bit torn if I should keep her in my defense team or not. I do have a costumed Magni that could take her spot. Any thoughts?

The rest of my defense team is Joon w/costume, Jean-Francois and Seshat


Just consider vela as blue zeline now as she can attk debuff all enemies


What other blues you got?
She’s probably not good enough for raid defense now but she’s still good for war defense I think.

My best option would be costumed Magni I guess. Also got Fenrir and Miki maxed

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cMagni is probably a better option now.
My personal ranking would be for flank position:

  1. Bunny
  2. Alasie
  3. cMagni
  4. Finley
  5. vela
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Her help to Telly is similar to Heimy. -34% attack supports high defense with Paladin. Other aspects have always been kinda meh and complimentary to other attackers rather than making anyone outside of fire feel the sting.

That’s the thing she was a good flank to a green tank because of her extra damages not because of her attack down.
Reds have several counters to attack down so I never was a problem.

Now she is not a really good flank because the sole aspect that matters the most (for raids only she’s still good in war I hope) was removed.

Plus the drop to 130% is too much I don’t understand that wasn’t necessary if they removed the extra damages…

I can see now really bad players with low level troops and not even a 5* stars defense line up, hitting at my defense and succeed…


I’ll keep her with Telluria. She is still good, just not that good against fire.

C. Magni and Lepus are probably better options now. Some people are saying Finley but I only fear finley in wings. If in flanks he will fire before I active my buffs so he won’t hurt me that much but it´s based on MY raids.

That update won’t do much against the meta. Don’t expect all Velas and Tellurias to evaporate.


I have the same question in my mind after the nerf. She resembles Richard a lot now with her new special skill. Richard can be taken to 9 tiles with mana troop and emblems whereas Vela can be speeded up to 7 tiles. In my opinion 7 and 9 tiles do not differ dramatically since the game is based on match-3-tiles. If I choose Richard, he can be +19 and Vela’a emblems can be given to Freya - my only effective 5* dark hero.

In that case, my defence team upgrades to 4650+ TP with Freya (+18), LotL (+19), GM (+19), Richard (+19) and Costumed Joon (+19).

I think I will think on this change a bit more and observe Vela’s performance in raids. However, I have the tendency to replace her with Richard as of now.

She’s gone from way OP (as a flank to green tank) to strong but not silly - she badly needed fixing, even more than Telly.

I’ve faced a couple this morning post nerf and she’s still a good flank… Just not broken anymore.

cMagni is also a great hero and plays well there too - you’ll have to try it both ways and see where they’ll hold you (probably about the same).


With gm on the other side as flank, for me, i would not replace vela. Fire dot and water dot stack and with telly doing the delay as it is supposed to do against an attacker, gtv is still strong.

That core will still punish an average to bad starting board everytime.

But hey, what do i know, i don’t have gm or vela. :sweat_smile:


I have Finley on my left wing and Vela on Telluria right flank.

As it stands I see no reason to change it. Down attack against all colours is actually solid since most people are raiding Telluria with Green or Yellow stacks these days. Makes Vela more of a pain to all.


They won’t be now, except wars… Reds are back in the game - Vela still punishes their attack, but doesn’t destroy them with OTT boosted damage


The extra damage from Vela wasn’t ever really an issue…if I didn’t have my specials off by the time she fired I’d generally already lost anyways.

Now she fires and hurts all colours with a down attack so yes, red may be back but no more than it was already tbh.

I’ve raided 2 Tel/Vel combos since the change with a red stack just to see…one I won convincingly because I took Tel down quick and got my specials off, one with a bad board start where I didn’t even take Tel down before the rain of specials hit. Vela felt as annoying as always…I was taking water damage and hitting back a 1/3 less powerful and off course to rub in salt Tels Paladin perk kicked in too…slow horrible death same as it would have been yesterday.


She doesn’t debuff, though.

Yes it is really painful for green stacks and yellow stacks that don’t have many dispellers or damage buffer…
That’s why I think Vela will still be a good option for war but not really for raid defense.

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From a red Mitsuko attack stack perspective they made Vela better, not weaker. Vela firing into active reflect was guaranteed death, not anymore.
I’ve seen a few survive today, so GTV are now stronger using Mits to attack, not weaker. Question now is, is your def facing attacks that will most likely own Mits?


Only if Mits charged before Vela… And if that happened, you probably had a good enough board that you were winning already.

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I don’t buy heroes to be made weaker because SG stuffed up, That is their problem


This. 100 times this.


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