Keep Vela in defense?

No, it’s all our problems.

Balance issues happen all the time in every game I’ve ever played. You don’t want a game where the creator does nothing with it. Because then these heroes you “bought” are worthless because no one is playing the game anymore.

You can’t ever expect 100% accuracy. It’s not possible to achieve so from time to time issues will crop up and I want them to address them.

No one complains about the little buffs heroes get but they happen and they help. Ultimately in a game where hard counters exist there will never be complete parity because that’s not how any game based on attacking and defending works.

I’ve been using my Vela all morning in raids just to see, I’m happy with where she is.

Anyone can choose to be really angry about this but it’s not going to accomplish anything so either get on the train or get off it I guess.


None of us buy specific heroes… We make our pulls and take our chances.

I’d rather SGG fix their mistakes than leave the game in a broken state - it’s unfortunate that they were over cautious the first time, but it’s better revisited again than left as “we tried, we failed, you live with it”.


To be honest.
Vela nerf sucks!
My Defense Team was also within Vela at the right flank position…
To keep Tellu as it is and nerf Vela is incredible.
Seshat, Black Knight, Kingston, Vela and Drake doesn’t make any sense any more…
Motivation and fun of the game are still decrease.
Tellu should be nerved to get any other tank in the game…
It’s becomming more and more boring.
BR atti-l-ares

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Hopefully by breaking up GTV monotony, it should be much less so.

The problem with overpowered HOTM pairings like this is it’s just too easy to get them - so lots of people get them, emblem them and run them… And it gets very boring.

If G, T and V had been rarer, you’d have seen it far less.


She doesn’t need to debuff. If all hell goes of nothing left to debuff anyway…

Did you feel you lost something or did you gain new skills? If you being honest

How the hell buffing Vela for wars will make something less boring?..

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My two cents (for what it’s worth):

1.) I hate that they did anything to Vela. She is the one I actually tried for (Telly was pure luck) as I could tell right away she would be better than most.

2.) I still think she’s better than most other blue heroes but now only slightly, albeit in a different way. She will stay in my defense team for now (kind of early to tell what difference will be cup-wise when raided). Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of options anyway (no costume for my squishy Magni).

3.) Yet again SG proves it is tone-deaf to the cries of the masses screaming “Emblem costs!!” as the reason defense teams haven’t changed, but I’m getting tired of feeling like I’m arguing with my 4-yr old.

In the short run nothing will change but I highly suspect SG won’t understand that and in a few months when GTV still reigns supreme we’ll be right back here in “nerfville” where we started. I’m predicting it now. Lol.

I mentioned this before but I really didn’t think they needed to do anything else at all to Vela as she was plenty beatable if you have the right heroes (and at top tier everyone has them even more-so than I) so I feel for the poor soles that had Telly and/or Vela as their only 5* heroes since they are the ones hurt the most by all this mess.

Case in point, see my screenshot below? This was pre-V31 Vela nerf (removing additional damage to fire) and despite Finley on top of GTV AND a bad starting board I STILL won this match last night with my mono red team… enough already SG!


I went now heimdall + 4 red heroes against a trio of gtv, so all wins, Khagan smashes tulluria playfully. I’m sure I’ll give Vela away from defense.

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Honestly she’s much the same to me. She plays the same and so far I’ve not lost any cups from my defence either (I gained about 60 from 3 failed revenges against me)

The core of what Vela did she still does. The bit they took away was of little consequence to me so from a user perspective I’m happier now the down attack does all. Saves me having to bring Richard if I don’t want to.


Enjoy your new buff !..

Rarity is not the problem and it should not be otherwise the game would become more a pay to win game than it is right now.

If you look at the most OP HoTM most of them are more than 2 years hold:

  • GM
  • Drake
  • Hel
  • Alby
  • Zim / Evelyn

Two of them are in the top defenses, the others are so good in offense that it doesn’t matter who ever you face :roll_eyes:

If the point is to having diversity then just remove emblem costs and the trick is done.

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Vela is super weak now. I have to actually try losing against the Telly/Vela combo now. With JF’s special activated she does approx 50 damage to my red team. LMAO


There is no “win” in the long run - you may win battles, but there’s no such thing as winning the war here.

Ironically, it’s more pay to win right now than it would be if there were more diversity in defences - the saturation means you need the counters (and multiples of them in high level wars) more than you would in a more varied field.

It’s been the same with every meta - the counters are what defines it, and they’ll always be rare (that’s why the meta holds - it wouldn’t get to be the meta if the counters were easily obtained).

The difference between this and the Guin or Ursena meta’s is the saturation - it was easier to get both Telly and Vela than it was to get Guin or Ursena alone (because HOTM are by far the easiest specific heroes to pull).

I’d say you could add Seshat and Kingston to the OP HOTM’s list, and those two are great defensively too (even if Seshat was designed as a Guin counter).
The problem is when HOTM’s are so good in defence they’ll be everywhere - and they have been for a long time… But not to quite this extent.


I don’t see the issue in having widely spread hereos among players. It makes it more fair for the majority instead of few wales in top of the game.
There were already countless counters to Telluria/Vela among various colour in attack and now greens and yellows will suffer more from this new Vela since they don’t have many attack buffers or cleanse to counter Vela attack down . Now it is back to the no brain stacking reds for attackers… there is no fun and no challenge anymore when raiding…


Nothing major will change. Some will switch. over all her ability to protect a green tank was hurt but she is still a top 3 flank blue hero with costumed Magni and Alasie being up there. People always freak out. Her nerf just allows a mono red raid team a better chance to recover from a bad initial board.


Vela now similar to Zeline, but not as good. No debuff of all enemies, and the attack down ailment only lasts 3 turns versus 4. Plus Zeline is helpful against titans by dealing extra damage on blue enemies. Vela no longer deals extra damage on red.



Before the nerf the extra damage combined with the extra dmg produced by dot was too hard to overcome without the right heroes or the right board.

Today i have been raiding against telluria with Vela going full mono red only with 4* and JF , letting vela fire on propose, and the outcome was that i could easily overcome her initiam hit and the dot with Boldtusk healing.
The attack down wasnt a problem either due to boldtusk atk boost.
So, now , im not afraid of facing vela on defense with reds while before the nerf you needed either grazul or mitsuko to increase the winrate with reds.

Another hero who starts to play a big role against Vela, at least acording my roster is Jean Francois.
With the ice def up, vela hits like a wet noodle


This is not that relevant, since tiles are much more important against titans. But if she’s now comparable to Zeline, imagine how over powered she was at the beginning.
It looks to me like people say Vela was ok before, and now she’s destroyed. But IMO, the starting point was: Vela is very, if not too powerful, in some situations. Flanking green tanks was one of those situations. End point: Vela is a decent HoTM, pretty much on pair with most of heros from same category. Yes, people maybe need to rethink how to use her now. But that should be much easier than finding a role for many outdated heros out there.


I have Kingston plus 14. I feel like Vela is doing what ever he does and more. Why people so happy with him?
Against telly I would probably take Hansel 18 before Kingston plus 14…

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