Kainboys Epic Event Guide

Hi everybody!

The challenge-event is the part I enjoy most about this game. After almost quitting because of rank 51 in rare and epic (you needed top50 instead of top100 back then) I achieved top10 in every event and got my first rank 1 in die Pirates event. Especially the Sunday is always thrilling because you never know if you stand in top 1/10/100.

This guide is only about epic since I don’t have the wisdom you need for top10 in rare or legendary.

Now let’s get started. What do you need? In all events you only need blue, red heroes and Wu Kong. Don’t focus too much on others even if Jackal or Boldtusk for example look good. The perfect hero lineup is:

Blue: Kiril, 3x Grimm, 2x Triton

Red: Gormek, Wilbur, Falcon, Colen, Lancelot, 2x Scarlett

Yellow: Wu Kong

You don’t need more heroes for rank1. Possible teams depending on the stage:

  • Wilbur, Falcon, Scarlett, Lancelot, Scarlett
  • Gormek, Falcon, Scarlett, Lancelot, Scarlett
  • Wilbur, Falcon, Scarlett, Lancelot, Colen
  • Wilbur, Falcon, Lancelot, Colen, Wu Kong (only stage 10)
  • Kiril, Grimm, Grimm, Grimm, Triton
  • Kiril, Grimm, Grimm, Triton, Triton

If you don’t have the event / Atlantis heroes you will not be able to achieve rank 1. Top10 is feasible without Lancelot (use Boldtusk), Triton (use Sonya) and Wilbur (use Gormek). Only Falcon is a must (except for Grim event). I have been top10 with my alt without Falcon but you need a lot of experience and world energy.

What items do you need? The answer is simple. You need bombs, axes, arrows, mana potions and small mana potions. A good amount is 100 of each.

Since Pirates was my best event so far we start with the Pirates level and what to do. You see an overview about all opponents and rewards here. Thanks to @Mariamne

Stage 1:

Beginners would choose a red team because of Peters. To maximize your points you will not do any turn in wave three. So why should you focus on red? The answer is blue. The best team in my opinion is team 5 or 6 (doesn’t really matter)

The items you use are mana potions, arrows, axes and bombs.

You start with the first turn by trying to get a very high combo and at least 40% mana on every hero (4 blue stones). I will not give any recommendation on a minimum of combo because it varies between all events.

After the first turn you use axes, bombs and probably arrows to kill wave 1 and 2. In wave three all heroes need 100% mana. You use the specials in the sequence from left to right and wave three is completed.

Stage 2 to 5:

Those stages are very similar to stage 1 but you will eventually need 100% mana with the first turn and refill Triton / Lancelot in the third wave. The best teams for those stages are team 2 and 6

Stage 6 to 9:

Those stages are different because in wave three you have more than just one difficult boss. Now Gormek needs to be replaced by Wilbur to maximize the damage (except for Grim-event because red is reflected). Usually red is the best choice because you have a double debuff with Wilbur and Falcon.

You start with a high combo again. If you achieve your minimum limit you bomb everything until stage 3 and kill the third wave again with your specials.

The teams you use are team 1, 3 and 5 depending on the level and event. The higher the stage is the more important is Colen because his damage is higher than Scarlett.

If you are not able to kill the third wave just using specials you will need another turn or you will need to have full mana by your first turn. Starting level 9 I personally use small mana pots instead of arrows. If Lancelot is activated you only need a mana and a small mana pot to fill up a hero completely.

Stage 10:

This stage is maybe the most difficult. In some events it is possible to bomb the two waves completely if you use all arrows, axes and bombs. Sure thing you could add one Colen attack to that by using mana potions.

Usually you start trying if you see the right gem using team 3, 4 or 5. I personally don’t use Wu Kong anymore. You can use the gem directly and hope that you are getting enough other good stones if you hit all enemies with the gem. If you have the red gem on the right side like in Pirates event you really should generate and use it in wave 3 because a green hero is there. You definitely need to use Wilbur before you use the gem because all opponents have the same amount of life. If you can use two heroes by filling them with mana pots you should focus on Wilbur and Falcon.

As a first draft that is all I can tell you about the epic event. I don’t tell anything about the match bonus. If you want to learn about it @Wharflord has a very good guide on YouTube. Peoples are asking why I don’t need any healer. Using only one turn and skipping if the combo is to low you don’t really receive damage and the health bonus is not affected.

I do expect a score of around 650-655k to achieve top10. It is almost impossible to know upfront the needed score of rank 1. But since peoples are getting stronger and more experienced it won’t take long that somebody will get to 690k (not in the Grim-event).

If you found any mistakes don’t hesitate to contact me. Since I am not a native English spealer (I am German) maybe some text passages are confusing. Just tell me.


This was somewhat incoherent.

Thanks for the guide, i just score my first ever top 100,i got wilbur last atlantis so i managed it with him. And gratz for #1 it was crazy in last hour. Well done.


Thank you. I already told my buddys on Thursday that sooner or later @Api will be my toughest opponent but I was expecting him to attack in Grimmforest and I am not sure if I will do more then Top10 there. I absolutely don’t need Boss Wolf. I would only try to win because it is the last Epic I didn’t win yet. We will see.

@Api surprised me and I was very happy to improve my score in three levels and won very very close.

My gameplay changed a lot due to the emblems. If I find the time I will rework my guide until the next event because the tactic is a bit different between Top10 and rank 1 and also different if you emblem your heroes or not.


Thanks, but top-1 is not worth the time and investment. I’ll pass it and stay in top-10 for times cheaper money and probably will look at legendary as well.

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The upcoming event is Grimmforest. In my point of view Grimmforest is the only event in Epic you do have a good chance getting to top10 without spending money. The perfect f2p (free to play) team is Kiril + 4xGrimm or Kiril, 3xGrimm, Wu Kong - depending on the stage.

The reflected color in Grimmforest is red. Therefor red is mostly wasted time.


Dont you think the captain will be good in this one for Red Hood stages?
Würde Kong :rofl: i´m from Vienna, dont know how often i have seen that when typing wu kong and not not read it again before sending it :joy:

How many flasks did you use for challenge event, i used around 8 landing at 300-600-3000, not having fully leveled epic team. im working on my teams for grimmforest and will put them in here hoping for your opinion! Those challenge events is what gives me the most joy! :slightly_smiling_face:

I used 17 flasks for top100 in epic and legendary. When I had better boards I also managed top100 epic with 5 flasks

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Here they are:

Wu is always an option and got Agwe too :joy: captain could be ready too in one month.

Only if you want to complete the stages. He is not really the best option for a higher ranking.

■■■■ you autocorrect -> Wu Kong

I used around 100 flasks which isn’t very high for rank 1. But thanks to Apis last minute attack I used 35 more at the end.

I know from other peoples who won that 150-180 is common


Thanks! I´m not going for the top, but want to get to top 100 rare and epic, not that far away, will probably have around 20-25 flasks till grimmforest for that. So i will stick with my teams and level them to be competitive. Only 5 warm capes now, so i think it is best to give them to triton2, since i miss a telescope for aegir. (waited 3 month for kages 6th tarbard, made me crazy :crazy_face:) I like Würde Kong, fitting name :upside_down_face:

Oh, now i looked at it, 18 points win in epic, congrats! :slightly_smiling_face:
i even get headache from using 8 flasks, guess you need aspirin and vacation after challenge events! :smile:
No ZERO or UCLAPACK seen in scoreboards, those are the usual suspects for wins in epic and legendary!? :thinking:
that EXECUTOR is at same level as i am, but is at top 10 everywhere, 1k flasks?? :thinking:

It is very accurate, thanks to sharing this.

It’s clear that if you want to go for the top spot you have to refill as long as the event is up, so it is really only some people that can really fight for first.
But thats doesn’t change the fact that you help all the others to fight for a good position and hope for a top 10.

And i’m still grateful for this.
Good job and congrats for your last event.

I guess you really had shivers until the end.


Was able to achieve Top100 last Grimmforst thanks to your guide.
So big thank you for sharing the tactics.

Used Kiril, Grimm, Grimm, Triton and Triton (Still miss a third Grimm).

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A little out of topic, but will those new battle items be allowed in challenge event? Just seen time freeze at shop and there might comes even better ones, will be a huge advantage for those who can afford them (starting every boss fight with a cool time breeze), but maybe level 5 battle items won´t be allowed, i´m curious!? :thinking:

With the current rules - no, because legendary requirements clearly state heroes 5* or lower, troops 4* or lower and items 4* or lower. Maybe in the “refreshed” versions?

I think I will try getting Top10 with my alt if I find the time.

This is my team for all levels except stage 10. The second Grimm is getting my best troop because I will refill him with mana potions.

I will for sure switch out one Grimm for Wu Kong in stage 10


Just found my scores from previous Grimmforest where I achieved rank 3 and 4. I think those scores would be sufficient for Top10 again. If you are ever trying for top 10 this is a good target. You will probably need around 660-662 this time.

Some of the scores are sufficient for rank 1. Both accounts had some great levels.


I, for one, found this totally coherent and very helpful. Thanks!