Top 10 in a challenge event - Can anyone do it? Advice?

So, in challenge events I usually go for:
Rare: top 1000
Epic: top 500
Legendary: completion. Mainly because the items needed for top 100 are just too expensive to make.

Anyway, I usually have no problem reaching those goals. This time, I thought I might try for top 10 in epic. I have a lot of world energy flasks saved up and plenty of battle items. I have a pretty high score, but I’m not sure about the best way to improve.

-How many different teams do people usually use? I used the same team for every stage. C. Gunnar/Nordri/Kiril/Grimm/Triton. I saw teams using Wu Kong, and another team that even ran mono red. That was surprising.
-I used to try to go for the highest combo possible. Lately, I’ve been trying to complete the run as fast as possible instead. I’ve noticed I get much better scores. I’ve gotten some of the best scores I’ve ever had this time around. I’m still about 80k shy of getting top 10. Where am I missing such a large amount of points?
Should I be using a lot of different teams?
Note: I have 1 of every 3* and 4* in the game maxed. I don’t have a lot of duplicates leveled though.
Is going purely for speed the best method?
I’ve been mainly bringing axes, bombs, mana, dragon banners.

Any tips? 80k is a lot of points to find… should I give up and take top 500?

@Uclapack help please? :slight_smile: I don’t know who else here competes at that level :stuck_out_tongue:

My scores at the time of this posting:


It’s a long watch but:

One major advice would be to ditch Kiril for another attacker… A second Grimm would be the best option.


whoah @Uclapack go bruins!!

it’s funny how useful 3* heroes are for the epic track in this event.

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Epic was tough this time around because you can’t use red. I ended up using blue for all of them plus wu for the later levels. The early levels 1-6 I’d go for a one move finish. One move that results in a huge blue combo 6+. It will need to almost kill the first minion round. Items and specials will kill the rest. The middle rounds I went for diamonds to kill the boss round. The last 3 are hard. I would suggest only going for those if you get an awesome board or chests. Need to kill the first round with tiles and ideally the 2nd round has a chest so you can build your blue tiles back up. Kill with items and then finish. That video has an ok 15 run where I kind of did that



Comparing Ucla’s score, yours, and mine. Last column is max score.

Ulca yours mine max
44401 49310 46389 49310
46665 48377 45859 48377
52006 52462 51795 52462
51146 50103 52169 52169
51420 51369 54951 54951
56174 55029 56960 56960
55984 56464 55451 56464
54874 57847 62128 62128
86241 76385 77241 86241
61883 63220 67536 67536
67947 63548 65631 67947
68928 65121 63476 68928
98891 92784 88707 98891
79803 91819 81745 91819
85118 94614 101048 101048

Total result of our best score : 1015231

We could enter top 20.
You have the right way to enter top 10.
Only thing is that you need best board, maybe with one or two chest. Try, try and re-try :slight_smile:
Limitation is WE flask. This is how i analyse it. Difference between top 50 and top 10 is huge.

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I ended up having to go with top 1000/500/1000. I couldn’t come up with the 60k points to push up a tier in epic or legendary. It was just too much. Maybe someday. Thank you for the advice! I gave it my best shot.


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