Pirates 4* team preparation Dilemma


My 4* Roster is very strong with purple (Rigard-C, Tibertus-C, Sabina, Merlin, Proteus), but that won’t be very relevant for the pirates’ challenge.

I’m trying to think what would be the best setup with my given heroes, and I came up with 3 possible teams:

This is my main thought:

I understand the power of color stacking, but I don’t have a 3rd ascended Red/Blue that will fit

I have no material to Ascend Sonya, but of course, I’ll get her to 60.
Other options I have are:

  • Wilbur (no emblems. Sort of duplicate with Grimm)
  • 3/60 Scarlett (very fragile)
  • Triton (currently level 1, can get him to 3/60 if it really helps)

Last option:
I really think I could use Proteus for the last stages, I pump his mana with pots and block all enemies specials (that’s how I won the last couple of events):

This means I make effort to ghost as many purple tiles as possible - to keep him alive. May use a couple of Healing pots as needed.

I may replace him with Sabina for a couple of levels to counter Marie Therese

or Rigard to counter Lady Locke and Sargasso Debuffs.

Any ideas / comments - are most welcome.

(My other heroes are Ariel, JF, Lianna, Gaderius plus a large set of 4* at 3/60 - that doesn’t seem too relevant)

You should ideally try to run

Kiril - Grimm - Grimm - Grimm - Wu Kong
Boldtusk - G. Falcon - Gormek - Scarlett - Wu Kong

You could always bring more healers if you just go for the completion :slight_smile:

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Why Gormek and not Wilbur?!

Thanks for the advice, but:
Kiril, Grimm, Grim 3/60, ?, Wu Kong or
Boldtusk, Falcon, Gormek 3/60, Scalett 3/60, Wu Kong

Is what I can get to - that doesn’t seem to me better than the above…

Gormek brings to your fights a lot more damage than Wilbur when fired after Boldtusk and Guardian Falcon. You could do some exceptions when there will be a green boss in a double/triple boss stage to exploit his weakness to fire but normally Gormek is the better choice IMHO.

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Depends if you want to compete for high ranking (top 5000 at least) or not.
For big scores a mono red is your best bet because you have the holy trinity of boldtusk, wilbur and falcon. Gormek is a weak addition to this but he still works. Scarlett is a very good addition because of tile dmg and special is okay but at 3/60 not sure.
You may or may not add wukong, i personnaly hate him in challenge, up to you. If you do so you could also bring jackal instead of gormek.
So a mix of those 7 heroes will work good.
For purely completion i’d say that your first team is good if you like wukong gamble. You don’t need a cleanser just use antidotes. You don’t really need debuffer either just reduce their dmg with axes/arrows.
And beware finley, he will pop your *** !

Can i post my possible teams here ? To find out with you the best ones ? I think i will have to study the event and moobs and bosses because its my first pirate challange i will face .
My aim is complete all tiers as i did in Avalon .

Here the teams .

I will miss proteus this time that purple is repeled

Obviously! Slipped from my mind.

Thanks for the comprehensive response.

Grimm - Boldtusk - Sonia - Gormek - Colen seems most promosing to me, due to the color stacking. In the late stages you may need a bit more healing (pots / or another healer).

You cannot bring Vela to 4* challenge as she is a 5*

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Sorry i missread the title . I thought it was for the whole event tier .

Thanks ! And yes , i may need not only heal pots but some Fire power too (bombs or axes)

Thanks !

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