🧪 Early Information on New Knights of Avalon Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V23]

One or the other is fine for me, just hope they roll it with the enhanced rewards :grin:


I am more excited for the improved challenge tiers than the new heroes. 4* mat for top 1000? I might go for it. Any recommendations on how I should start preparing? I have only ever gone for the completion rewards.

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Hummm so next month it can be:

1- Knights of Avalon (regular not the new event)
2 - Pirates of Corelia revamped!
3 - knights of Avalon revamped!

I’m inclined to Option 1 idk why… and guessing October will give us the first revamped event - Pirates!
Still 2/3 chances of being knights of Avalon :joy:

Save your itens and we flasks and gems to buy we refills!


Mono-teams of 4 fast snipers and 1 AoE or just 5 fast snipers tend to rule at events. The colors that you’d need will vary between events. For Avalon, green is king. For Pirates, yellow is best. Of course, this could all change with the re-balance. Just my 2-cents…


I’d start with these existing guides:

There will be opportunities to improve scores with changes in the new Stages and the Suspicious Chests, but the fundamentals of the Event scoring are the same, so that’s a good starting point.

I’d also start heavily stockpiling Battle Items and WE Flasks.


Thank you, I’ll read all those threads when I get home from work.

I have 50 WE flasks, but some were supposed to be for Atlantis Rises.
Battle items, I have 100+ of each because I never use them.

I know this is tough to answer, but how realistic is top 1000 or so? I don’t wanna spend money trying. I never bothered before because the rewards weren’t worth the effort and I could never be top 10… still can’t decide if it is worth going for.

In wich tier?
Idk with the chanches but 5-10 we flasks and 20/30 itens of each should be enough…
In rare and epic i used to be top 1000 previously without using any flask and just some minor itens…
But i can see it became way harder with the new rewards

The thing that makes it tough to answer is the related question:

How many people, like you, will look at the new rewards and bother trying now?

Getting into the Top 1000 wasn’t previously super difficult. It took some work and replaying Stages, but it didn’t require an insane number of Flasks or Items. But I suspect it’ll be more competitive now.

I think even with the revised rewards, the payoff of WE Flasks will tend to be higher from AR than Challenge Events, especially because most people
flasking a lot for Events are usually fleeing and retrying for a good board, so you get no loot at all.


Totally agree but you cant get a 4* AM from AR… thats the game changer here

I guess. :man_shrugging:

I’ve found that 4* mats keep decent pace with my pace of getting heroes, but I’m sure it depends on how much people Summon and what Titans they’re fighting.

I wouldn’t mind an extra each month, but I won’t burn my Flasks to get it. I’d rather farm AR.


That makes 2 of us then :joy::joy::joy:

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Im more curious about the last 5 levels of the new 15 stages in each tier. How much more difficult does it get. Are they still doable without battle items?

Right. I wasn’t competition before. I played each stage exactly once. I would even wander off mid stage because I didn’t care about the timer.

That Tabard is what drew me in. I want to max Kunchen and Seshat. I’ll probably review those links you provided(thanks again!) And decide when the event finally drops. This was beta, it could still change again…

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does the CE leaderboard still show the top 100? Or has it been expanded to show beyond that?

In the real history the Black Knight is Edward of Woodstock one of the most famous and loyal knights in the medieval British History :wink:

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I think it was still Top 100, but I’ll check again when Beta reopens.


I don’t quite understand the rewards’ structure.
4* mats are awarded to top1000 in rare, top500 in epic, and only to top100 in legendary tier of the event.

Is it to make people more interested in rare tiers of these events?

It’s in keeping with existing reward brackets being more competitive in the Epic and Legendary tiers.

I can’t speak to the thinking of the game designers on that, but it’s at least not really a new change.


I’m guessing it is because there are less people who can compete in epic and legendary.


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