Pirates of Corelia - Final Epic challenge

I am struggling on the final challenge in Epic and wondering which of my heroes and battle objects will work best. Up to the last stage I found all the epic challenges relatively easy using Proteus, Grimm, BT (Costume), Melandor (Costume) and Kelile. However the last stage has thwarted me several times.

My 4 star hero options are:
Blue: Grimm (18 emblems), Sonya (Costume/7), Kiril (7)
Green: Melandor (costume-9), Skittle (13) Caedmon (5)
Red: Wilbur (7) BT (costume/9) Kelile (14)
Yellow: Gretel (8), Wu Kong (7)
Purple: Proteus (10) Rigard (9) Cyprian (3)

I have been using - Mana 60%, Potent Healing 500HP, Dragon Banner, Bomb Attack

Grateful for some good advice to get this done before I move on to Legendary!


I finished Epic this morning using a final level team of:
Boldtusk, Chao, G. Falcon, Wu Kong and Gormek.
So I would try first with Gretel and Wu and BT, Wilbur and Kelile.
Good luck


you want to go yellow-red.
take healing, axes, bombs and ontidote to counter lady Locke and sargasso effects.
reach boss level with all specials up, carpet bomb with all items


I’d put in Gretel instead of Proteus since two of the three bosses will reflect Proteus’ mana block anyway. Maybe Caedmon in place of Melendor for extra damage.

Also, bring antidotes to get rid of status conditions.

I used Wilbur, costumed Mel, costumed BT, Falcon, Kelie,.

Since you don’t have Falcon you could try costumed Sonya to help with cleansing or Wu for some umph. Wu may be better.

Ran same team pretty much the whole way through of epic but I myself struggled here if the board was bad and had to rerun a few times to complete it. I finally brought bomb attacks axes arrows and antidotes or mana swapped those out. Made sure to hit lady locke with gretel so she didnt get her special off and pretty much used mist and gretel to keep sargasso at bay. My mist was only 23 in her last tier but her mana reduction and reduction in special defense was game changer


Thanks everyone I just did it with Gretel, Kelile, BT, Wu and Wilbur…Kelile and wu got killed easily but Gretel was very good!


Since it’s purple reflect I didn’t use Proteus. But instead other mana affecting heroes and yellows i.e. LiXiu and Gretel.
Gretel’ skill will reduce the mana of the boss to 50% + 21% damage when mana is full. LiXiu will reduce mana of all enemies.

I used only BT as healer.


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Gretel doesnt get the respect she deserves, one of my favorite 4 stars by far. Her and hansel were the reason I cleared my first legendary tier.


Yeah I used 2x Hansel with a Miki for Legendary lol (+ Wilbur and BT)

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