Kadilen & Elkanen Used

Hey all!

Shrikewood is right around the corner and with that comes my 6th tonic. That will mean Elkanen gets to ascend (finally).

As a brief side note my other option would be Horghall. I already have Lianna and Kadilen maxed. I am F2P and have no other green 5’s on the horizon. I am currently saving gems and EHTs so me summoning again is a ways out.

I also have a ton of cleric emblems for Elkanen as I have no other viable clerics that aren’t already talented up (Rigard +20 and Boril +18) - not feeling 19 & 20 on that guy).

This got me thinking though. I already have Kadilen +4. While Elkanen and Kadilen are by no means identical, they share some similarities in play style. I currently struggle to use Kadilen as she is and am thinking Elkanen may fall in the same boat.

I understand a lot of people with HOTMs, event heroes, etc. don’t use these two often, but they must have some value. I am curious how those who do use them use them (not necessarily together). IE: defense only, great at farming, province progress, quests, raid offense, titans, etc. they will certainly get war depth time from me. Maybe other heroes they combo with really well?

I hope this is interesting. In searching these heroes it is a lot of “level X or Elkanen” or “they’re garbage”. Some people must use them though, so let’s hear it! :+1:


In here is IMHO, possibly the best case for embleming Elkanen. Too bad the OP doesn’t seem to be active anymore.


Elkanen is good for a 1-2-3 punch combo with Evelyn and Frigg/Buddy. Kadilen shines with her costume. Unfortunately, I have both heroes at 3/70 sitting on 14 tonics and will only ascend any of them if I ever got their costume. Both are fast and good heroes for variety’s sake. Horghall, even with costume, I wont use tonics on the ent, unless I have over 24 and there are no better heroes to level. But he would be in the last queuing for tonics since I still have the elven twins, 2nd Eve, Greg, Atomos and G.Chameleon all at 3/70 awaiting their turn to drink the tonics.

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My personal experience using Elkanen is that in offense he often is benched (hes not in my first war green team) Do you know why? I have tons of 4☆ that are by far better than him.

Caedmon (CB) and full emblemed
My melendors

Those come always first in my picks.

I find Elkanen damage so obsolete on offense. The heal is minimun and the damage when helped by almur kind of decent but nothing game changing.

Right now Elkanen uses are in trials, 2nd war team and in my defense because no other 5☆ green. But im thinking about swaping him for my caedmon

Maybe if you can emblem him you can turn this hero into a worthier one. Right now he was a luxury in my roster due to my lack of 5☆ greens and lots of tonics gathered


Elkanen has been buffed at least twice and in his latest incarnation he is worth it. I see some low diamond players use him on defense and he can be annoying and is usual one of the last two I have to kill off unless someone uses him as a tank.

He was my next green to level up, until I got Alby from August’s ToH. However, been waiting on Tonics forever and AL keeps giving everything but.

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I have them both plus lianna Max. Lianna is +19, kadilen is +17, elk who I just got from tc20 is only +3 . I can say I do use lianna and kadilen on offense w melendor +20 and Peters +18 and kadilen skill is useful and since it’s fast it goes off with others. Haven’t tested her on defense yet. Caedmon is also maxed w some emblems but if you’re ftp he’s useful esp in tournaments. I have 2 dupe liana’s now that I’m working on but I chose him for variety. On def he can be an issue at low diamond as well though I don’t run into him at mid diamond.

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Elkanen can be an ok tank, the heal on hit plus fast mana makes him a decent green tank if you don’t have Telluria or another special hero. More for wars than general raids- I.e if your alliance uses green tanks.

His damage does become more significant if you have an elemental defence de-buff, but still at fast mana he’s not too bad when compared to other S1 green legendarys.

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I have both Kadilen and Elkanen on max with emblems. Neither with costume, but fingers crossed.
Both are good … not for war defence or raid defence in their original format. But they are good in a green stack with Buddy, Caedmon, Melendor, Brynhild, Evelyn, etc etc.
And with emblems to +9 you wouldn’t be disappointed with them

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Thanks all, I appreciate the feedback.

I will check out that post @yelnats_24. I saw it previously but was keying in on other parts at the time.

I have Buddy, he’s how I drop D with green. Not an elemental drop, but better than no drop. Landing Almur would make my day, I got his weird, less helpful sister, Fura, instead. :laughing:

Nice 4* list @Lexxtarc! You were fortunate with some good luck with Hansel, Brynhild, and Almur. I have been chasing Hansel for 3 years now. Funny coincidence, instead I got his sister, Gretel, too! Admittedly Gretel is great IMO. Much more useful than Fura. That’s a whole other topic though.

I have Caedmon at +20 w/ CB. He is a real monster. Cleansing heroes are hard to come by compared to dispellers.

That’s cool. If they’re not on your D team did you go full A value? A path increases Elkanen’s self heal I guess. Kadilen is a toss up for path. I guess go hit harder ideally after dropping D?

Thanks @pb9921 @Obsidian @Murphy. Low diamond/very high platinum is where I hang out. I do run across him from time to time on D, but he is almost always a wing. If the rest of the raid is a real brawl and I am beat up having that self healing fast mana hero in the corner can be frustrating. Same concept of use with field aid wars. Self heal plus field aid can be infuriating with later, less than ideal teams. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rofl:

Overall with Kadilen it seems tough. She probably hits hard enough for provinces, but no so much against diamond raid opponents? Perhaps emblems help here?

Her D boost is just so easily dispelled by attackers. There are both so many dispellers as well as AI won’t time it if she is on D. The saving grace here would be if she tanks and the opponent brings red, there are not a great deal of red dispellers … at least easily attainable ones. Thinking about it I rarely see her in D teams. I see Elkanen much more.

I had been brining her on elite enemy stages of S3. That is helpful, but somewhat niche. Maybe her a Little John. You delay with LJ and protect with Kadilen?

She is probably my 5th green, but since I typically 3-2 she gets left out. I think I just need to remember to try her more. Worst thing that happens is I lose a raid or two or something :man_shrugging:

Elkanen can be effective at D I think. Not so much tanking, but that darn flank when the fights been tough.

Given I didn’t really have him I haven’t thought about his effectiveness on offense. Kadilen is seemingly more effective and have already struggled finding her a home to date. Maybe in tougher province levels he is good because he can self heal if a healer isn’t ready?

He will be welcome in my emblem quest teams though. From what I recall I need hitters badly in cleric trials. :+1:

Thanks again all! All input welcome!

Good luck out there!



Could it be that you are actually talking to @Gregor.Jax ? We have similiar avatar… :sweat_smile:

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LOL. Can’t remember who it was who called us the “Ninja Twins.”

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Some thoughts:

Kadilen - Is your alliance on green tanks? Then Kadilen is the best S1 tank you can get in my opinion if you emblem her up high. Mine is somewhere at 2.11… can’t say anything on offense. Really think about ascending her even over Lianna 3.70 as I already have a maxed Kingston.

Elkanen - I have Elkanen+6…and I really before the update in may 2020 he was the only hero I regreted bringing to last ascension…his damage was so low…and he really needed those emblems. I use Elkanen on a prediscribed war team #4 and in class trials.

The problem with Elkanens special is that it doesn’t help the team. His benefit is only that he can survive long and can help winning the battle just by surviving.

His damage is low…you need to increase it by the help of others. Best thing : defence down.
Greens : Buddy, Almur , Evelyn

I only have Buddy and their mana speeds are not aligned…so Elkanen practically becomes average to wait for buddy firing first - crap.
I had buddy on the same war team…and replaced him some weeks ago with Mist. That was a big improvement.

So Mist is the best synergy I have to Elkanen (Athena,Grimm,Gormek,Tiburtus would work but are average mana).
The good thing if you increase his damage you automatically increase his heal. I have Leonidas on the same war team…works nicely.

Using Elkanen and Kadilen on the same team is really a good idea as both have same mana speed. Kadilens special helps Elkanen live longer. You need 1 of the following synergy heroes:

  1. Evelyn

  2. Almur

  3. Mist

Evelyn/Almur, Elkanen, Kadilen would be a fantastic 3-stack for wars/raids.

Almur, Elkanen, Kadilen, Caedmon + healer of different color (BT, Rigard, Kiril) would be a fantastic war team.

If you go with Mist I would do

Mist, Lady W, Elkanen, Kadilen, Caedmon

as a viable war team.

Problem with Mist: same emblem class Cleric as Elkanen. (I have Rigard+20, Mist+18, Boril+4, Rigard+1, Elkanen+6)

Don’t do Horghall. Too slow.

Good luck!


Haha :man_facepalming: thanks for point that out. Apologies @Gregor.Jax! I appreciated the link.

Appreciate the detailed info @Vikingblood80! Lots of good points to process. :+1:

These vanillas have their use no doubt.



So I finished leveling Elkanen and got his emblems on:

This is new as of this morning so I have not tested this much yet, but looking at him he could improve my D team I think which is admittedly a little “ad hoc” to put it in way that isn’t calling it a hodgepodge pile of :wastebasket: :laughing:

Think with over 800 D value and a fast mana self heal with an A value over 700 he could tank? I typically think him as a flank or wing, but it might work, right? My current tank is Quintus +9 (I know, none of “those” additional comments needed :laughing:). My other options are a Richard +7 and a Justice. I could move emblems around to boost Richard or split/boost Justice to get some. No other really “tacky” heroes at 5* level.

I am excited to try Elkanen on offense though. Seems like a high upside :crossed_fingers: :+1:.

I have been using Justice on offense too actually, she is really fun it turns out! (She was my project just before Elkanen so new-ish to me).


EDIT: I have Kadilen +4 with enough to go up 1 more to 5. I wonder if a Richard tank with added emblems and Elkanen and Kadilen flanks could work if Richard dissuades a red stack? I have an A dropper with paladin bonus, self heal fast flank, and special D boost at fast mana too :thinking:.

I had been stockpiling Druid emblems as I just started Guillinbursti, whom I am excited for, but with overheal he can probably work without emblems for a time too :thinking:.


I dont think that will work well at the end of the day. People with Mitsuko and Jean Francois will still stack red against your defense. (BT counters richard attack down) and JF will nulify richard hit with his ice def up. Mitsuko will reflect Richards hits.
And all those being red will melt kadilen and Elkanen.
Otherwise a green stack could do the work too killing Richard fast and ghosting trough there.

Maybe if you can picture us your options we can suggest you a better approacing. Though theres no the perfect defense .

From all your heroes i like Richard and Kadilen as tank.
Kadilen causes me more trouble hitting all and pumping def than elk self heal as tank. Ive found that i had been more succeful using elk as wing on field aid wars but not as tank.


I have Kadilen and think she is great! Since I don’t have highly emblemed 5*, I really appreciate heroes that improve survivability.

My favorite trio is Zeline-Kadilen-cMelendor. Between the Defense buff, Special Defense buff, and Attack drop, my team survives considerably longer.

I don’t know if you have Melendor’s costume but Buddy could sub in for Zeline in a pinch.

I will typically pair this trio with a sniper and a hero to boost damage for best results. For example:

  • cVivica + Poseidon
  • cRigard + Kageburado
  • Boldtusk + Marjana

Just try it out. Yes I think Richard or Kadilen is a better tank than Elkanen…yes he’s sturdy but his skill is really not threatening.
Not everyone has those red heroes.

Justice would be a good tank,too. Her class suits well and her blind is really annoying. Speaking of emblems you need to decide between Richard and Justice.

For a long time I thought much about how setting my defense…order of heroes…etc…I swapped hero positions around and it really didn’t make a noteable impact…this was frustrating…so I stopped giving much thought about it. It was even more important which heroes I used…not position.

Your team shall keep you in diamond.


Those a pretty rare heroes though. Not everyone has or uses them.

I don’t expect a D to be unbeatable by any stretch. I am just trying to stay in diamond as opposed to attacking into it and falling out. I am on the cusp which is why I am wasting time thinking about it. I currently hold 2250-2350 with this D team:

That is a cool combo. Is that for D or attack? That is a lot of green bunched together for D. I guess red lacks a lot of debuffers though to cancel out Melendor :thinking:. I do have C-Melendor +20 and love him. Until I get scopes for Raff or Rigard a costume he is my best healer IMO.

You and me both :laughing:. I am F2P and focus on attack so my emblems are more evenly spread then piled into a single D team.

I lack Zeline, but have Buddy +20. He is a great get and my only means in green to drop D. Congrats on pulling Zeline! :+1:

Here are my maxed 4’s and 5’s. I am working on Guillinbursti as well currently (just started today) and he won’t take me long due to only being a 4*. Any other options are 3’s or 5’s that will be stuck at 3:70.

I would get paladin emblems from Cyprian for Richard and/or Justice. I don’t want to strip Richard for Justice. Cyprian works fine without emblems for how often I use him.

I am a FTP and at best am average one at that. I am well aware of my roster’s limitations, so we can keep the pity playcating to a minimum :rofl:

I will. It is the best I can muster right now :+1:

I am really enjoying Justice. She would help the color conflict of stacking green against the Kadilen-Richard-Elkanen front. I will probably reset Cyprian, give his emblems to Justice and see who ends up with more on them between Justice and Richard. I have a little time to think on that.

Agreed 1000%. As I mentioned above I am only wasting time now because I am borderline to staying in diamond and think I can get there. Then I will go back to not really caring :laughing:

:crossed_fingers: (It’s your fault if it doesn’t now too for jinxing it! :laughing:)

Thanks for the help @Lexxtarc @IgH @Vikingblood80. I like the thought of the Kadilen and Elkanen flanks both in game play and the image of it.

Good luck out there!


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For offense. For defense, I change my team around a lot since I just care about keeping in low diamond for the raid chests.

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Been doing some 3-2 raids with a green 3 of Kadilen, Buddy, and Elkanen. It is more of a slow grind without the big time sniper damage, but if the team has been set up to not win fast and die trying, like my teams usually are :laughing:, it’s been working out!

Anyone else been experimenting?


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