Elkanen or 2nd lianna?

hi. I have been playing this game since may 2019 and I was c2p till march. now f2p. ı have lianna on my bench at 4/80 and 2nd one is 3/70. today ı pulled Elkanen. I have 5 tonics and can’t decide which to ascend.
in my rooster I have at 4/80 seshat , tyr, azlar, neith, joon, thorne, vela, telluria, lianna.
at 3/70 guinevere, ranvir, 2x isarnia with costume, domitia, throne, lianna aaaaand elkanen.
ı don’t need any tank hero. i will use this card for AW or maaaaaybe at tournaments. (when red is restricted telluria flanked by lianna and elkanen or 2nd lianna)

in fact I am a quiet lucky gamer. maybe a better card can be pulled. but I don’t want to wait.
so who to ascend???

Poll for anyone who wants to vote:

  • 2nd Lianna
  • Elkanen

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Where are your cleric emblems at currently?

Cause elk can be pretty strong in a green stack… I knew someone who had a +16 elk and they LOVED him

rigard and :smiley: hawkmoon. rigard can be reseted but I like hawkmoon. she is indestructable on 3* tournaments. so ı can give 650-700 emblems on elkanen

2nd Lianna.

Hands down, no doubt about it.

Elkanen is not that bad, but he lacks punch, and if you don’t expect another set of tonics soon, Lianna is a better choice, one of the best green heroes in the game.

I suggest to not take the emblems off Rigard.

I got mine +20, and he will stay that way no matter who comes in.

He is a 5* disguised as a 4* (and with costume bonus he is pretty much a 5*)


okey you are right. but all my ranger emblems are on seshat as you see but didn’t have any cleric 5* hero untill today. emblemed elkanen vs just lianna without costume. i wish i had her costume.

I have her costume in my alt account.

She adds mana cripple but deals less damage.

I leveled up her costume, but still use without it, just for the stats bonus.

yes rigard 's power is 775. it is more than almost all of the 5* heroes at 4/80 without emblems. emblems should stay.

I’d say ot depends whether you have Evelyn or not. Elkanen has a great synergy with Eve, both fast and hit three. Evelyn’s debuff considerably boosts Elk’s attack.

If not, I’d go for a second Lianna sniper. You can’t have enough fast snipers for alliance wars

Unfortunately I don’t have Evelyn. Lianna at 3/70 serves me well on alliance war. Do you think Elkanen at 3/70 serve me enough?

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Lianna, but might as well wait. My opinion about Elk is expressed by the fact I have only ascended 5* green hero - Greg, 16 Tonics and Elkanen still isn’t getting any.

Really needs Evelyn to do anything. My two Lianna without emblems often aren’t enough to murder one of these emblemed defenders. No buffs/ailments anywhere. For example, it’s time to take out Alby in the corner and it takes all of Lianna/Lianna/Caedmon+18.

I acquired three Elkanens before drawing Lianna. I maxed one Elkanen, but the others are at 3.70 and 1.01. Once I maxed Lianna, she became my favorite green until I drew Telluria, but that’s another story.

Some people like Elkanen while many don’t. I like him more than most players like him, but I like Lianna way more.

The emblems question that Guvnor asks is a good one. I love Rigard (I have four, two maxed) and have given a lot of those cleric emblems to my first Rigard, and the rest to Elkanen. Lianna has to fight with Seshat over Ranger emblems (that is such a tough call), so your other Rangers may also be a factor.

In any case my vote is Lianna for ascension, both because she punches so hard and because diversity is good. To answer your other question, yes, at 3.70 Elkanen is useful in wars (if not raids) as a supporting green.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. It helps a lot. My friends in my alliance all of them says elkanen. Here in forum everybody says lianna. In fact i am confused :slight_smile:

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