Kadilen V. Zeline?

I recently was lucky enough to get Lianna from TC20 since I had 0 green 5*. However, I originally wanted Elkanen since I thought he was better than kadilen and being a cleric I could use the emblems I have(though that is secondary).
I am leveling Lianna to 4.80 and have enough to max another green. My Atlantis pulls just gave nothing so other than TC20 I doubt I will get more 5* like Tarlak, etc.
Given that and reading posts here, FB, reddit, etc. It seems that Zeline is comparable to Kadilen. Not that they are equal but similar in that they are fast, hot all etc.
I do see Zeline a lot in diamond along with evelyn.
Is it crazy to make this comparison? I am not trying to act like she is Zeline but Zeline seems overhyped to me, not that she is bad but just not as powerful as the posts lead you to believe. I have fought her and usually she is in left wing.
So anyone have any thoughts on this comparison? I have Lianna as I said as my only other 5* greens. I have other 5s but I am mainly looking for the kadilen info like is she worth maxing or is Elkanen better? I don’t think Horghall is special so out of the classic greens I have the best and mainly want to know if she is worth the Damascus blade? I have tonics for 2 greens as well. Thanks for any opinions.
I guess I could just do a direct comp of their attack regardless of defense to see how they stack too. The stats are close and my main issue is that special skill defense. I thought Elk healing and hitting harder would be better but it looks like she may be more serviceable.

To me there’s no comparison… zel over elk and kad… and I’d probably do a second lianna over the two of them as well. Kad’s D against specials seems nice until you realize how many dispellers you have to choose from. And neither one of them have stellar attack stats… many 4*s are higher and if emblemed could probably come close to the same health and defense. So unless you’re f2p… I’d get them to 3/70 (if you need some wat depth) and just sit on the mats.


I’m not a fan of sitting on mats given the frequency that I get 5* is low I generally have more mats than heroes since going f2p recently. I do have to finish Lianna first and I have some other heroes to finish as well before I get to her.
However, looking at the special of each, ignoring any defense you get:
Kadilen - 696 * 190% = 1322
Zeline - 764 * 143% = 1092
Granted, Zeline has better tile damage but I think like many heroes in EnP, the actual stats betray the anectdotal opinions. Sure I would take Zeline but I don’t think Kadilen is a waste. I also don’t think Atomos is a waste but we all have our opinion.
Sure there are some heroes that are bad like Aegir was before his buff or Mok-Arr is now or Thorne but really you can do quite well with any 5* set. maybe not sitting in top 100 but that special hits 270 points harder than Zeline. This is also without emblems too. I am not sayin gshe hits harder than Lianna either but like the thread on Lianna vs. Greg, some like one vs. the other. I mainly wanted to know if she has utility since my defense right now is Mitsuko, Melendor, Magni, Domitia, Joon which keeps me at around 2500 cups. I am thinking of removing Melendor and putting Vivica in as my healer and then using Lianna.
Mitsuko-Lianna-Magni-Domitia-Vivica or perhaps run no healer Mits-Lianna-Magni-Dom-Joon though that is sniper heavy. Using those heroes I also thought about maybe putting Kadilen in as the green either with or without a healer. On offense I can control things but defense is different. Anyhow, just some of my Eight Thoughts(shoutout to my boy, Call of Duty YT plug…LOL)

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Zeline has more utility

It’s not just bout the damage of the skill but the perks that come with it

If u dont have to choose between the 2 and recently went f2p then sure go kad. But idk why anyone on this planet would choose kad over zel if they have the choice


Zeline wins the competition over those easily.

Zeline is quite frequently in flank in Diamond. Her actual damage is secondary to the attk debuff.

In the Season 1 priority:
(Sorry if I appear cheeky).

  1. Lianna
  2. Lianna
  3. Lianna
  4. Elk
  5. Kadilen (If Evelyn)
  6. Lianna
  7. Lianna (Can always run 5*Lianna mono, be like Oprah with sniper damage)
  8. Elk (If NO Evelyn)
  9. Horghall
  10. Kadilen (If NO Evelyn)

In all of the greens you listed

  1. Evelyn
  2. Tarlak
  3. Zeline
  4. Lianna
  5. Elk
  6. Kadilen

Here is the status of all my 5* green, in order of ascension (mostly due to acquisition)

  1. Greg1 4/80
  2. Evelyn1 4/80
  3. Hatter 4/80
  4. Lianna 4/80
  5. Evelyn2 3/70
  6. Evelyn3 3/70
  7. Yunan 3/70 (NEXT TO 4/80. need 1 more tonic)
  8. Kadilen 3/70 (my 2nd 5* green pull, may be stuck here forever)

The order of the rest I will ascend

  1. Evelyn4
  2. Greg2
  3. Elk
  4. Horghall

Just my experience, thoughts and opinions.

To me Kadilen and Zeline are used more as a supporting cast. Their specials don’t do a ton of damage but the buffs from their specials can be very valuable. I personally use kadilen on my defense team. The plus 74% defense against special skills can be a huge boost to a defense team. In my personal opinion it’s definitely worth the mats needed to ascend.


I agree but it seems like we are WAY in the minority. I wouldn’t use her as a tank though I have seen her there and jump all over those fights. But I think with my heroes she is useful in flank or wing. Given already having Lianna and her as my other green she is likely getting the tonics. I originally did want Elk since his healing seems more useful but he gets smashed in the forums more than Kadilen.

I think the comparison to Zeline is giving the wrong idea. Honestly I don’t fear Zeline either. She can wear you down on a bad board but otherwise she is support. This is how I see Kadilen. Sure she isn’t Lianna, few are…lol, but as my only other green right now as they say, the best 5 is the one you have(unless its Atomos apparently…LOL)

I considered the secondary effect. Again, not saying they are the same but for the most part an attack debuff is like a skill buff. It doesn’t cover tile damage but again I am making broad generalizations (or since we are talking about women, generalizations about broads…and before the SJW attack, that is a JOKE and it is actually not mine, it is from a TV show or something. )

Whats the point of leveling so many Lianas? Dont you think your game gets boring doing all the same thing, the same strategy over and over again? I think versatility, variety and trying new synergy and combinations are the main goal… but this is only my opinion


I agree, also the reason for looking into her. The game is a grind as is especially since I am done both seasons. Getting and maxing new heroes is really the only exciting thing.

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I used to be a big fan of Kadilen but I suppose my roster options have colored my opinions somewhat. I thought highly of the +74% spc attack def but pulled Evelyn and she got shelved. Perhaps forever. If I pulled Zeline? I would 4/80 her over every other (unascended) option in my roster.

There is a very good reason you see WAY more Zeline in Diamond than Kadilen. Her debuff of enemy plus -ATTK is just brutal. 768 tile damage v 696 for Kadilen, who just does damage and gives dispellable armor v specials.

You are absolutely entitled to your opinion, but stat-for-stat, there is no honest comparison.

Zeline over Kadilen would be my choice. I also would prefer Kadilen over Elkanan. Kad supports her team, Elk only supports himself.


I pick Elk over Kad only because his raw damage is higher. He can also be rather annoying in healing aid wars.

This was why I originally thought he was the better twin. If nothing else this thread has got people chatting. We all have our styles, budgets, etc. I would love Evelyn and it seemed like everyone got her but me. Of course I haven’t gotten any HOTM in my main account in 15 months. I do have Aegir in my alt which has been f2p from the start and when I got him I didn’t even know what a bonus draw or HOTM was(let alone the one I got was horrible until he got buffed.)

I think I saw this post or one like it in another thread. The Kadilen supporting the team vs. Elk only himself got me thinking. When I originally started looking into it(before I had Lianna and Kadilen) I thought Elk would be better from fighting him. But reading the forum got me thinking. I am still not decided but I guess that is what the forum is for. We can get opinions and see if they help. The wait at 3.70 advice is passe since most here know that option. We want info from actual play. Like Li Xiu, she looks great on paper but doesn’t do much in reality. However I am sure there are some who love her and I have been told she was quite the tank before the newer heroes arrived(Anchor and other OG players have said this, not my opinion).

I have a Kadilen and do not have a Zeline is really the simple answer here lol

If given the comparison to other heroes, I was picking several iterations of her over single iterations of others.

Some of it was over emphasis to prove a point, but the question of what was “most effective” was raised, rather than ‘variety’ or ‘playstyle’.

OH I wish I had Zeline also.

I just don’t want someone to spend the materials expecting one thing, and then disappointed when that hero doesn’t live up to expectations.
those 4 mats are too sparse

I’d just hold onto Tonics until something better comes along. If nothing better comes along… I’d hold onto them while running 4*tc20

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I actually have 2 Evelyn. One is maxed and emblemed … end of the day not very impressed… I use on a secondary war team has always seemed pretty basic to me

I think the mention of Zeline took way to much off the topic. I know she isn’t Zeline any more than Leo is Joon. That doesn’t mean Leo is useless, and to some he is quite useful.
At the end of the day, she could sit on my bench and I would still finish events at each difficulty, stay in diamond etc. I just wanted some opinions looking for variety. If we all used the Guin, GM, Zeline +2 setup wouldn’t it be pretty boring?