Kadilen, Elkanen, or Horghall?

I posted in a purple themed thread and thought to make one for green not just for my own personal needs but also to hopefully spark a useful conversation for others.

While I think the soundest general advice is “wait a little bit if I can” and/or “it depends on your bench and needs” I am a bit impatient. One of Green’s problems in this game is not so much a lack of good heroes but good accessible heroes, especially for f2p or c2p players. The most outstanding green heroes come from special events or hotm which is out of reach except for the luckiest or those with the biggest wallets.

The holy grail of c2p/f2p green is Lianna, but not all of us are lucky enough to get one, so this thread is dedicated for those who haven’t.

Anyway, enough intro. I would like some advice on who should get my first set of tonics to complete my rainbow 5* squad. I’m not in a position to complain about having bad luck, but green is a bit of a sore spot for me. Oh well. I’m leaning toward the Elkmeister given my solid block of tanks and support, but what do y’all think?

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For Defense I would go for Kadilen.

The Def buff against specials is very helpful.

If you choose for Elkanen I would combine him with a def debuffer.

Elkanen is also more likely on attack.

Personally I don’t like Horghall


All of them are bad. But if i have to choose one, maybe elk because his self healing pretty annoying. Especially for war defense with healing aid


I’d go with kadelin.

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Kadilen always was more annoying in def than Horg and Elk for me.

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Another vote for Kadilen.

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Kadilen is the better defender, and the only one that appears with any frequency in high diamond.

Kadilen - raid defense
Elkanen - AW defense
Horghall - you already have Richard so you don’t need him


if you had only 6 tonics , better wait for Lianna even it will take longer time , just do 3-70 for three of them first while wait your Lianna , why ? because it hard to collect 6 Tonic except you are high spender or very luck with loot.

lesson learned from me , i didnt have any Red *5 except Anzogh , i got 11 Ring , and decided to use 6 first for Anzogh, then at this Atlantis i got Mitsuko and GM , and my Ring is 5 left , it forced me to finish S2 Hard mode to collect 1 more ring for my GM and i dont have another set of Ring for Mitsuko. i should be more patient , Mitsuko & GM are wicked combo


arios, don’t worry, Mitsuko is worse than Anzogh, so you did right :slight_smile:

Raiding between 2400-2600 trophies, you see mainly Kadilen (of the three). She’s weak, but Elk and Horghall are worse.

Mitsuko is better due on mana control and Ice reflect , she is more all-round hero than Anzogh.

other part Mitsuko is Sorcerer emblem which is easy to choose , Anzogh is Wizard which is got many competitors ( Hel , Zeline , Guin etc etc )

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I was very happy when I got Mitsuko, “great tank” I thought. Now I don’t use her at all. 3-4 blue heroes and she’s gone, no need of using blue special atks. You’ll miss your rings :slight_smile:

Kadilen is a slightly worse version of Zeline.
Yes, slightly, as she hit harder with her special and her skill is quite annoying.
So put her on flank and she quite do the job.

Overall she is more useful of the other 2 for all the jobs, except for wars where Elkanen (expecially with healing rule or attack buff rule) is really annoying in wing position for leftover teams.

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its not valid point , any tank will be melted by 3-2 formation , but as i said Mitsuko provide more utility with Mana control and Ice Reflect which is inreplaceable by other hero while Anzogh skill is replaceable by another hero as Azlar or Boldtusk

@AirHawk, I like your advice because it confirms my opinions most, both here and in the purple thread. :wink:

Though you do raise an interesting point of the difference between Alliance wars and raid defense being different.

I participate in every Alliance War that comes by, but raid defense isn’t as important to me because I cup dropCOUGH COUGH COUGH BACON EGGS COFFEE oops I just made breakfast all over whatever those words were, guess we’ll never know what was said.

But in a raid defense, this:

Does seem more annoying to fight than this:

Still, I do like your perspective about those two defenses being different.

One of my problems is that between Pirates, Wonderland, and then Grimforest coming up, the best green 5* to hope for is Hatter since the other options are… Locke… and… nothing. In fact, I don’t think there are any good greens from monthly events since they’re either seasonal (Mother North), Atlantis (Tarlak), or past HOTM now that I think about it.


Horghall owner here. I think with other minion users + a few nodes on his druid talent, he may be more worthwhile. But it will take a while to see those results (let alone tell if that combination is effective). Maybe in a year I’ll report back if I have no other green 5* hero

I think either of the elves is a better choice for more immediate usefulness. Being fast is always a plus over being slow, for wars Elkanen can be quite annoying to take down when he’s in the corner. but like others here I think Kadilen is overall the better one since her special skill defense can be a lifesaver in many situations.

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Had exactly the same dilemma about a month ago… TC20 provided Horgh, Kadi and Elk a few days apart from each other… Wait for Liana they say… what are the chances?! Slim to none I would say… Wait for a better green… What better green? Event or HOTM? With my pulling fortune and habits, the odds of that happening are close to zero… So, I say, don’t wait! Go with what you have available. More tonics will come. I already have three more. And no Liana, no HOTM, no event green hero… I maxed Elk. I favor attack over defense, so I maxed Elk. For defense, Horgh is only useful as tank and Kadilen, close to no usefulness that I can see… My personal opinion, Kadilen is the worst of the trio… Her special is just like Li Xiu’s: wonderful on paper, but useless in real life…


Thank you for reconfirming my opinion! Always appreciated. :wink:

I just wanted to say, trying to humblebrag a bit, I’ve had crazy good luck as my bench can attest, but regression to the mean will happen sooner or later, and as much as everyone else tells me to wait for somebody better, it does seem a bit foolish to bank on “maybe I’ll hit the lottery one last time and pull a Zeline or Evelyn if she shows up in Atlantis off a single ten pull because I don’t want to spend more than that.”

I’m still going to wait for a bit just because I want to round out my 3* heroes for events/raid tournaments. I’d been working on Tyrum and Namahage who’ve been waiting in line forever, and for me, they seemed to level up lightning quick compared to my first set of rainbow 5* or even the 4* heroes I pulled. Vivica and Panther took like 2 months to go from 1/1 to the 4th tier, whereas Namahage got to 3/50 in like less than a week. I’d like to at least get a Mnessus and Muggy ready, just in case, and they won’t take that long once Little John finishes the trek to 4/70.

That’ll give my lone TC20 and Atlantis the best chance to produce a worthy green 5*, and maybe fortune will smile on me, but probably not.

Of course I could just blow my tonics on Elk right now. That GUARANTEES getting a great 5* green hero!

…right? Right?



Mm mm… nope… been there, tried that… didn’t work… no Liana… no Zeline… just good old fashion 4/80 Elk… actually it did switch the TC20 from green to red… Elena and Azlar since then…


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