Elkanen, is he worth for 6 tonics?

I am a F2P and Elkanen is only my 5* green at the moment. I have Little John, Kashhrek, and Skittleskull max. The question is … should I give him tonics or should I wait for another 5*. I have TC20 now. Please feel free to share your idea.

If you don’t have a deep bench, focus on your 4* heroes first. Elkanen at 3-70 will be just as helpful as your 4* heroes


I have him maxed and had him highly emblemed for a while (before i got kunchen). He pairs really well with Almur as both hit 3. So if you have Almur or plan to do some valhalla summons he can be decent, especially for a F2p. But if you plan on doind summons make sure to do it before you give the tonics to Elkanen, who knows maybe you get a better green.


Decent stats, weak special skill. Should be updated to deal 330% damage to target and nearby, to keep up in the curent E&P world (of course, that’s not gonna happen). Not much in terms of damage and the heal part is neglectable. My green bench is my weakest so he has a spot there until someone better comes along. His costume (if available) not great either, but might be handy in certain situations against annoing healers. If you decide to ascend him, I’d keep him 3/70 at least until 12 tonics are available. Could work a lot better paired with Evelyn or Almur.

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I’m F2P as well and I say do it. Chances are that by the time you get another 5* green, you will be close to having another 6 tonics. He’s OK but not earth shattering but again beggars can’t be choosers.


In my honest opinion, as F2P, yes Elkanen is worth ascending and if you have them put nine emblems on him.
He hits nice and the self heal is a bonus.
My advice to any F2P is work with what you have/get. By the time some new hero comes along you will have more mats for ascension


I use mine all the time at level 63 or whatever I’m at.

You could be waiting a long while to pull Lianna or Kadilen (I only recently got her myself!) from TC20 so i’d say he’d be worth it

I’ve been playing C2P for 1.5 years and he was my only Nature 5* until I got Bertila recently, so yeah “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” and all that. On the other hand, RNG gave me multiple 5* clerics so no emblems for him

That’s what I am thinking. waiting for a better green.

Yes he deserves that tonic. I have two max elkanen

I’m also f2p and decided to not spend tonics on him at least for now. Having double Lianna or double Kadilen is better than him nowadays.

Also work your 4☆s first. 5☆s are useless at 4/70.

If he’s your only green 5*, I’d say do it. He deals mediocre damage. He has fair defensive stats. Plus he’s fast mana so you can get him to fire regularly.

In the right circumstances he can take down heroes on his own, damaging them and healing himself in the process.

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I am F2P and maxed mine and he is currently +15 with emblems. I use him mostly in defense but, especially with the emblem boost, his attack following Buddy’s is a good combo.

Evelyn and Almur were mentioned above, and they’re not wrong, but Buddy will do it too. Unfortunately green D droppers are difficult to obtain.

That being said if you go non-mono, say a 3-2, he can piggyback onto a different colors D drop as well. He has a decent A value if you need better titan hits and is also pretty durable. I don’t regret maxing him.

Good luck!


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For me personally, if I have to choose 1 5* hero in my roster which was complete waste of 4* materials, it’s Elkanen. Green was long time my worst color, only had S1 heroes (Kadilen, 2x Lianna) + Gregorion and him maxed for a long time and I still rarely used him. Tonics are also hardest for me to come by from color specific 4* materials.

The worst thing is that even his costume is complete trash (sorry, that’s just what I think), so even costume/costume bonus wouldn’t save his uselessness in my eyes.


Short answer, no.

Long answer… please no.


Me being c2p fed him tonics a few days before I lucked upon Frigg :rofl:

However I quite like him in my green stack! It includes c mel, almur, frigg, elk and c caed. He pairs really well with almur like others have mentioned (he goes pretty well with mist too if you have either or both those 4s). Sometimes even when mel gets sniped early I can still win the battle with elk healing himself. If you have worthy 4 projects I’d work on them first. I was a bit disappointed in him at first when I maxed him. But after I got and maxed Almur and gave him a few nodes I actually like the elf guy. It’s all relative, one players hero academy fodder is another players treasure! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve got some charts for further information for you.

I wouldn’t max Elkanen even with his costume UNLESS you own maxed Evelyn and/or Almur. I wouldn’t max Elk if I had less than 12 tonics. I wouldn’t give him emblems neither set on my defences.

I’d run 4 TC20s and wait for Lianna like I did in the past again but that’s just my opinion on him.

I’ve maxed Quintus who is even weaker BUT his costume made him usable. Not sure if Elks costume is enough to fix him though (the costume skill is even more mediocre imo).


Good answer. Straight to the point. LoL

It is who you have and your summon opportunities. The OP mentioned being F2P, like I am. I think given the limited possibilities of getting 5’s as a F2P you use what you got. I typically have stock piles of 4* mats with no heroes. If you pay for summons then no, there are better heroes than Elkanen. I don’t dispute this. Most newer 5’s are more powerful and come with more bells and whistles than the vanillas. That power creep, and subsequent impact, is a discussion for elsewhere though.

Two heroes that got mentioned in the thread as :poop: I use out of necessity as a F2P, even without costumes, and they’re perfectly serviceable:



I agree with you Muchacho. I’m the same. I use Elk in every mono green stack and Quintus in every purple mono stack. Playing 2 years and this is as good as I have got.


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