Kadilen & Elkanen Used

Kadilen got put on the back burner as I didn’t get her costume and reset her emblems as I pulled Guillinbursti, who has been great. Ranvir, who I got from ToL will be getting Druid emblems now as I have switched to him on my titans over The Wu. Kadilen is likely staying without emblems until I get her costume or finish Ranvir who is maybe +2… a little ways to go there :laughing:. Aside from bringing her to random fights just ‘cause or elite enemy stages if the colors work she doesn’t get out much.

Elkanen has seen a lot of action though. Between the two I had lower expectations for Elkanen, but he has been solid. The new raid formations has made him solid on my D team and when I run mono his attack after Buddy’s D drop has been huge. Here he is in his current state:

I went A path and shields thinking the added attack increases his healing so focus on shields second to take less damage. It’s worked out well so far. His hit, especially after a D dropper, is pretty impactful. Here is the green mono team he has been rolling with (when I run mono):

Admittedly it took emblems to make him more functional. It just so happened I needed a cleric project when I got him. His base function is not as good by a noticeable margin.

I run my D on the double (W) formation with Richard and Elkanen as tanks backed by Magni in the 3 spot for D boost. That core trio has been performing well:

Elkanen was not in there at first and there was an improvement in performance once he was.

Overall he has been surprisingly better than expected. Especially for a F2P depending where you’ve had your “magic moments” summoning he definitely could be in a conversation to max and warrant emblems.



Now that i made to emblem(not heavily emblemed though) elkanen and Kadilen. They see much more playtime than before. Without doubt emblems improves these two. I took a mix of def/heal trying to not forget attack nodes always i can.

I wish i had their costumes. With costumes they become so valuable.

The team im running is

Elkanen Francine Kadilen Almur Hansel.

Sometimes i drop elk for Melendor

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That’s great, glad they’re working out! :+1:

That’s a great team. I have desperately wanted Hansel and Almur for a while now. Is that a raiding team? I would be surprised you don’t always have a healer in the mix. If it works it works though!


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Thats my main mono stack green. I cut off Melendor and caedmon to try Elkanen and Kadilen. The original team is

Francine - Melendor- Caedmon - Almur and Hansel.

It has more one hit power but has only francine to take advantage of almur defense down.


But I think this is the main reason as Almur will increase the damage of both heroes a lot and load in same number of tiles.

Wish I had Almur. My Elkanen+7 is close to loosing his cleric emblems and be booted out of a seat in war team. Kadilen still sitting at 3.70 as all my druid emblems went to Owl for Rush war defense.

They both profit a ton of having Almur.

True, but I don’t know that it is fair to interpret that as a knock against them. Elemental D drop is phenomenal and there is a reason people chase those heroes so hard.

I don’t have green elemental D drop, so I use Buddy for a standard D drop. Is Elkanen better with Buddy? Yes, unquestionably. Most teams do include a Ramming Pulverizer or D drop to some extent because D dropping is such a big part of this game. To count as a knock against a hero to benefit from a D drop would knock pretty much every hitter in the game.

I still think my Elkanen is solid. Is he better with a D dropper? Yes. If I ran a team without a D dropper would Elkanen automatically be excluded? No. I think the argument is even stronger for Kadilen as she offers additional protection to just her straight damage.


For me it is likely a ‘Yes’.

Very true!

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That’s fair, certainly roster dependent. I think most people on the forum wouldn’t use either of these heroes outside of a costume.

If I wanted a green multiple enemy hitter to follow Buddy it is limited to:


Skittleskull and LJ I think have survivability issues and also wouldn’t be ready due to slow mana. LJ has uses with elite enemy and multi boss stages though for sure. If I don’t need Kadilen’s D boost I would favor Elkanen as the way my emblems are Elkanen hits harder.

Lots of better heroes outside the vanilla ranks though …


I just did reset Buddy some minutes ago to go for mana node.
Problem: My green mana troop is only lvl 16. Once it reaches 17 the combo Buddy + Elkanen is viable. Right now it is not. Haven’t used Buddy for long time in wars.

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Isnt buddy a big drawback to tile damage? The def down is so valuable as well as his minions but i have kept him benched if not for titans
Maybe im missing a great key for my teams not bringing him to wars.

I dont know if you use him in green stacks(so the tile damage is not thaat down graded) or in 3/2 color line ups

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I play mostly 3-2 variations. I mono maybe 10-15% of the time and that’s it.

I like Buddy a lot and here’s why:

  • He is my only D dropper in green
  • He also drops A helping survivability
  • I utilize his minions as a pseudo heal. I have him at +19 HP/D to maximize minion HP. Sometimes this can validate bringing only one healer.
  • He is my only minion maker (not counting Druid talents and Glenda)
  • He really has 5* HP and D. He is durable

He comes with me in raids when I want a green D drop or need a hit taker. He is almost always on my seasonal quest/challenge teams on legendary even though he is an epic hero. I do not use him on titans. I bring neutral Athena against blues. Her D drop is bigger, lasts longer, and is more effective. Buddy’s minions also slow down turns on titans.

He was my tank for a long time too. Here is his card:

As a F2P, and a generally unlucky one at that :laughing:, I haven’t gotten many event heroes. That being said I have been lucky with the ones I did manage to get: Buddy, Gretel, Guardian Jackal. I am SO glad I got him and emblemed him. Great hero IMO.


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Kadilen and Reuben is a fantastic defense combo - Kadilen makes 74% +Def against special skills, and Reuben diminishes the attack of specials by 50%. So, when you go to meet stron Season enemies, they can give a great hand…

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I have both maxed and use them together in a green mono team.
It consists of Lianna+16, costumed Melendor+20, Kadilen 4/80, Elkanen 4/80 and Hansel+20.
All 4 hitters are fast and have their specials ready at the same time. Normally one enemy should be down due to tile damage, now a second is killed with the combined specials and Melendor heals all with full costume bonus and a level14 mana troop.
At this point the raid is won. Neither Kadilen or Elkanen alone are impressive but in a combination with other fast hitters they form the core of a solid attack team.

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