Ascension advice: Jean-Francois vs Marjanna

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Recently got my sixth rings and now I am thinking of which hero of my roster should I ascend next. I have a second Marjanna (first is maxed) and last month I pulled this Jean-Francois guy. None of them will take a place on my raids team, as my current raid team (Sartanna, Grazul, Telluria, Magni, Joon) works pretty good most of the times. My two healers work very well together so none of the above is considered to take the place of Grazul. So, I would ascend one for wars or campaign. My team uses blue as center hero, so no need for a good red tank (I also have QoH for this if required).

Marjanna is pretty straightforward and solid. Satisfying (not super good) att/def, nice hit, fast. In wars, she takes someone not full-health out with ease.

On the other side this French guy is AoE, pretty weak however. Also, its special is effective only against specific heroes like Kuchen, Isarnia, Grimm etc. On quests I use Elena most of the times due to strong hit and counterattack, with some aid from mana potions. All things considered, I cannot find a good use for this guy.

What is your opinion? Glad to hear.

Thank you,

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Unless a hero is especially strong, I always shy away from maxing a duplicate before someone else. I consider Marjana to be one of the weakest of the snipers, so she would certainly not get the nod from me.

JF is not the monster he looked to be when he first appeared in the Beta, but he is still quite good. He has much strong tile damage than Marjana, his crit bonus helps on titans, and his D down protection can be very useful.


Variety is the spice of life, right? :slight_smile:

Even if he’s more of a specialist, that helps your bench in wars or raids against particular teams. When you’ve already got a decent stable of heroes, something different for special situations is a good flexibility to have.

Like @phoshop, I don’t ascend dupes unless they’re especially helpful. I think Wu Kong is my only fully leveled duplicate.

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Doesn’t have to be a French guy. Could be a French-Canadian lol


I’d wait until S3 and see if you pull tyr. I haven’t be impressed with my JF… and marj is on my defense. I’d max a second one of her over jf personally… but as the other wise folks mentioned… she’s not the best sniper. Gravemaker is coming up in the May AR portal too… just saying… better options are on the horizon.

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PS. Welcome to the forum!! :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for your replies!
I guess I’d wait a couple of months if someone else pops up.

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I had same dillema but it was 1st Mariana for me…and I decided to go with her because JF is not appealing to me. On the other hand - I fought several times against his emblems version and he can be problematic without cleanse ready :slight_smile: but attack-wise he is not contributing heavily to BT-wilbur - falcon trio, that’s why Mariana got rings :slight_smile:
However path and some lucky chest / vision gave me another 4 keys so basically within few months I can ascend him as well…and there is God of burn damage available in May. I’m not a spender (like at all) so my chances of getting GM are less than illusionary but hey - blind faith can be on your side from time to time (like getting heimdal or Telluria with single pull).
If you are c2p / p2p then wait for may and gm…

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I have both of them. Jf is very situational and not even good against a kunchen tank (ok you avoid the def down but kunchen cleanse the burn or completely heal the ridiculous damages you have made).
If I had do it again I would definitely not give any rings to JF.
Moreover Maŕjana is a very good sniper I would definitely up two or 3 of them over most of the other reds.

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Forgot about the fire cleanse of Kunchen, you are correct…

Σοβαρολογεις?jf ascend ! With out questions!

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