Red ascension help

Hey guys, I recently got my second set of rings and already have a fully lvled anzagoth, I was wondering where should I spend my rings now that I have a plethora of red five stars. I have Jean francois, marijana, elena, another anzagoth as my choices.

Thanks for the help and may your boards not be garbage,

Who else is on your team? Just with that info I like Marjana as red sniper

JF is decent on defence and works great in red stacks…

Marj is a decent sniper, not amazing but not bad either.

Elena is the one I’d ignore - I’d do a second Anzogh before her.


May i ask why do you consider JF good or decent on defense ? Im now running a boldtusk +12 plus costume / Vela core because my alliance uses red tanks.
Another user told me that maxing JF would be an improvement for my defense .
Im not so sure yet because Boldtusk , altough hes not a 5* he has a huge value .

My other option is Grazul but im not so sure about her . If she could fit tank position

Thanks !

Boldy tanks well, especially with emblems and costume bonus.

JF is more a flank than a tank, but he’s pretty decent at flank.

Grazul again is good but needs to be maxed… I’ve not found her particularly problematic when facing her on defences

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Right now I have hel, onatel, kiril and kaidelen on my defences, the game has given me far too many wizards lol

  1. Marjana, if you have emblems for her.
    Rogues are tough ones to kill and so far best talent group overall. Avade, Avade… Never ends. :blush:.
  2. JF, if you willing to get Clarissa (may HOTM). JF is good in buff booster rt as well.
    2nd Anzog is not a choice now.
  3. Elena, slow but fighter class. one of the good titan hero, :blush:
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I’m trying for Telluride but I’ll probably be ready to invest in another hotm by may, what’s Clarissa do

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