Is Wu worth it still?

Is Wu Kong still worth leveling up. Dang he forces a LOT of misses. I have enough Orbs of Magic to level up 1 yellow hero and it’s between Wu, Hu Tao and Chao. I love Wu but not only are there well over 50% misses, not the 32% his write up say, his misses seem to come at THE worst times. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.


He is still one of the best heroes, period.


Wu is better than Hu Tao and Chao.

Wu is great on titans and solid on offense.


Chao is still your sollid mid range 4* which will always be used. Now that your in the development phase and later on for wars and titans. Nothing spectacular but nothing to find wrong with. Since yellow stars are very difficult to get he is definetely your man.

Wu gives another dimension to attack. He can let you beat much strongef teams or help you fold spectacularly. But as a low range titan hunter he is spectacular. Keep your scores before and after you use him anc the difference is remarkable.

Tao is spectacular in him anonimity. I have him fully levelled and he never really got better. One of worst 4*



He is still clutch for titans.

Agree. Apart from the minute niche of 4* fast mana tournaments.

Chao is maybe the most ‘ok’ of all 4*. He’s ok on attack. He’s ok on defence. He’s ok in wars, tournaments, trials and events.


The only good reason not to level Wu is because you have, or will soon have, a maxed Ranvir. Wu wins unwinnable attacks and nearly doubles your average titan hit.

As I wrote elsewhere lately, you can set up a team to focus on either damage from tiles or from specials. In truth, all battles are a combination of these two, but each is a distinct play-style. Wu Kong is strongest on a tile-focused team – which is how every smart player racks up points on titans. Sure, about one in three tiles miss, but when you’re dropping dozens of tiles, the failure of any one tile to hit or not isn’t consequential.

If your play style is focused on killing via specials, Wu Kong is not your friend. Missing one in three specials’ casts seriously hurts. The best work-around tactic is to hold specials until Wu’s effect wears off, cast, then reapply Gambler’s Stance.


Not sure if you have used Wu lately, but when I last long enough to use his special 3 or 4 times (I am relatively new to the game) at least 3 time a special hit by someone will have a 3 miss. I have read that ever since a new hero, I believe his name of Tarlok or something like that, has come on the scene that Wu has lost a lot of his strength. Being as new as I am I really can’t comment on that, however his write up -32% accuracy and I am here to tell you that that % of accuracy is way over -32% and prob closer to -55-60%. for a while I used him all the time but he is so frustrating I almost hate putting him in my line-up. I still use him quite a bit because the other 40-45% accuracy that you do get can’t be beat.

This ^ (-60% accuracy) is simply not true. You can’t take a tiny sample size and and call it a fact. Go by what the card says:

Yes, he does miss about 1/3rd of his tiles… yes, that will cause you to miss stuns that would’ve been nice to have… but the tile damage with a 3/4 stack of Strong + Wu is phenomenal… once you see those big numbers racking up you won’t regret it.

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Yes he IS if you dont have Tarlak or Ranvir

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There is a perennial claim that Wu’s miss rate is higher than advertised. There’s a thread on this topic, unsurprisingly, and if you get a big enough sample size, the 32% holds up:

Humans have an innate quirk of remembering bad things more than good; each miss from Wu is remembered more vividly than his wins. This effect creates an impression of a higher miss rate than what you’re actually seeing with your eyes (but ignoring with your brain).



Yes, unless u have Ranvir… Wu has been my game changing *4 hero for the following reasons:

Titans: Before Wu I usually perfomed C o D, now I perform A, B in other colors and A+ in Purple for combo Wu+Jackal… the results? More chances to get non farmable *3 & *4 AM… just this reason is probably the most relevant for maxing him… Now if you are fighting *5, *6 titans a 3.60 Wu could still take 2 or 3 hits, but for *7, *8 or even *9 u need him maxed to survive…

S2 Hard: I do not have any *5 Hero maxed yet, have the mats but still working to take them to 3.70 first… But with Wu I beat Ursena Normal Mode with no really inconvenience and now I am at 25.6 Hard Mode mainly using a combination of *4 maxed with some at 3.60, with Wu just need to get to final Boss stage keep him alive with support of healers and potions… but if there is a good tile combo ready, it is game over… even with misses %

Raids: I take him with my Yellow team, I just usually do not trigger his SS (on raids that missing hits could be really inconvenient), but for color stacking he can help me to take purple tanks more easily…but in some situations if u know when and how trigger his SS, he could be your MVP for taking teams much stronger than yours…


Wu is still worth it, hands down.

He has the highest tile attack of all the trainable yellow 4*s, that alone is a good reason to take him to titans or use him for color stacking.

I won’t get into detail about precision (or lack of )percentage***, but titan scores don’t lie, and with him they will double or more.

Also, Tarlak (and now Miki) don’t miss, but: 1. they need another power booster in the team to surpass Wu, and 2. even with another booster, their attack increase has limitations, Wu’s doesn’t.

*** his card says 32% chance of missing, which means every time you attack with his special active, you have a 32% percent chances of missing, sometimes will be more, sometimes will be less, just like summons.


He also helps you raid above your level. At some point you’ll make it to where most of the teams you raid have levled 5s and you only have 4’s. Wu helps level the playing field. And as everyone has said, your titan hits will go up 2-3 fold.

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My titan hits have doubled since I maxed Wu, and my alliance is now moved up a level in titans. They’ve almost trebled now that I also have Wilbur maxed.

I have no Ranvir / Tarlak / Miki / Proteus / Athena / etc …


Looking forward to seeing your data and analysis.

Tarlak is a 5* Atlantis hero and so is very rare relative to Wu. He’s good, but the vast majority of players rely on the Monkey king.


I will dissent with the majority, to no surprise to some.
I don’t think he is all that , the misses are way to frequent.
I use him mainly for tiles damage, the few time i use him on titan, Surprise all the tiles in the sweet spot misses except the color i don’t run. :scream:
I had only once a good showing from Wu.
Lets no even mention trials.:skull:
I don’t like him!
Tarlak is better even at 2/60 & 6/8.
Ranvir may never see a feeder from me.
Have fun.


Hit a titan with an activated Wu, then replace him on the same titan with another of the strong color. Tell me what you score higher with after 20 attempts each. I’ll wait. :wink:


Wu is designed for gem damage. The more tiles you can send with his boost the higher your damage dealt. On average 1/3 will miss but 2/3 hit almost double. Sometimes it’s hard to read the hit scores obscured by the “MISS” message.

Specials are too iffy to be effective because you only get one shot with them.

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I’m with you on that sentiment! :slight_smile: I do still use him on Titans, so I can’t deny his usefulness, but I’ve almost entirely stopped using him on raids. I roll in low Diamond, and I find I have more success when I apply thought and strategy to the team I use in my attacks, and having a miss chance on my team’s specials is a killer.

For me, if I’m going to hope I get enough yellow tiles in a raid to activate him, I’d rather just hope instead to get enough of the tiles of a 3-stack color against the tank. Either way, I’m hoping for the tiles to go my way, and without Wu, I can fire off Hansel and Lianna and not worry about missing. :slight_smile:

I had a lot of fun with Wu when I was in Gold & Platinum, as he let me punch above my weight somewhat. But now, he only finds his way onto my teams against titans, and on the rare desperation attack in a war (which is getting less common as I get more other heroes leveled up).

Good gaming!

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I know this is crazy. I love Wu so much that no matter what the defense is, he is the only one have a spot on my offense. Always.
To some extent I cannot do raids without him, I even opt out the tournament that exclude yellow.
I know he makes you miss, but in general he made the win more than losing.
He will expire in the near future once I get more 5* maxed but as a player started playing since June this year, he helps you to be more competitive facing a 4000 level team even though yours is only 3000.

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