Was Wu Kong's special secretly nerfed?

Does anyone feel that, as of late, they are not racking up the same numbers as they once did when Wu Kong is on the team?

His special says that it decreases accuracy by 32%, which means a tiny bit less than one of every three attacks should miss on average, but I have had many times (especially against dark enemies for some reason) where I hit enemies almost ten times before seeing a single landed hit.

I have been running the exact same team for several months against titans. Same heroes, same order, same maxed stats and specials, same troops, with the only change being a slow increase in troop power as they level up. In other words, I am quite familiar with my average scores against each titan type having battled each of them dozens of times over… yet, as of the past month, my scores have decreased by 10%-25% on almost every battle. Wu Kong’s ability and a good combo were the only reason I was getting scores as high as I was (which really weren’t that high to begin with verses a couple of others in my alliance.)

Something is up, unless my terrible luck in this game has only gotten worse. One of my alliance-mates agrees, though, saying he removed Wu Kong from his roster for the same reason.


I was about to make the same thread

I don’t find his skill useful at all anymore, he misses A LOT more than he can hit and I feel like if I didint use him the damage output would be greater

I also feel like if there is any negative percentage against me in this game, it will happen and the -32% to miss seems like an 80%

EDIT: I can’t trust these devs anymore, they don’t disclose anything. Perfect example is the merc loot which they did not mention until a fat long thread full of complains was posted


You know, I was just raiding an opponent today and I had Wu Kong and Tiburtus left against an opposing Tiburtus and Elkanen. I just fired Wu Kong and had a perfect 4 yellows lined up on the opposing Tiburtus. Sweet!

I combo’d, but none hit. Weird. I lined up some purples, which isn’t great against Tiburtus, but it’s something with Wu’s buff, but they all missed again! I was out of combos against the opposing Tiburtus, so I moved over to Elkanen where I had some yellows. I think one may have landed…then the opposing Elkanen and Tiburtus went off and killed me. I thought that was super weird and my luck was just really bad. It’s interesting that I’m not the only one seeing this.

I think I need to see some data. I’m not sure if I’m just noticing it because I read it here and I didn’t notice all the times it hit above average…but it is human nature to notice negative stimuli over positive stimuli.


I’d love to see some numbers if you are tracking hits/misses. How many times have you tracked? What team are you using?

I’m sure others would like to weigh in as well… :slight_smile:

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This is not the first thread in the lsst few weeks about Wu missing more often.

If I recall though - one of the threads was purely a visual thing.

But yeah - and it’s probably coincidence - but my titan scores have regressed as of the last few titans.

That said - to really see if he’s missing you’d have to tape it and watch it and count it. I have a tough time believing they would nerf a widely available 4*, and it’s really hard to see all these hits in real time.


I want to confirm that there are more misses with Wu Kong’s special since the update from the last few days. It’s not just the discussed optical thing (there was a bug in the past where misses were not shown).

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I’m not seeing a reduction in the damage across the board for departed on titans; actually we’ve increased our kill speed.

If Wukong was nerfed at some point (if you have a date I’m happy to provide before and after average kill times) I would think it’d show up for us to be honest.

That said I REALLY notice when I whiff on 8 yellow tiles on an Onyx like I did the other day, or when I was watching someone’s war attack video and none of the tiles hit a target.


Right after my post I did a raid with Wu and tried to notice how many are hitting. This time, when Wu went off, I hit a diamond and it took out three heroes in one shot. Maybe it’s just easier for us to notice the misses.


I’m wondering if there’s some bug/nerf that causes all tiles after a miss to auto-miss.

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I don’t think Wu has been stealth nerfed, but I have seen a considerate drop in titan scores lately, some very good boards have posted disappointing scores.
Twice today I’ve been hit by Hu Taos special in raids and seen nearly everything miss while blinded. I also took Justice through a lot of the spring quest, as her special virtually prevented me from taking damage at all. Could be possible that accuracy debuffs have been skewed in general somehow, but I have nothing to go on.

I’ve noticed Wu creating more misses than a measly 1/3 of attacks not hitting. Especially recently It’s been more apparent. Hit with Obakan, with Wu’s skill on, and all 3 hits missed by him on the enemy.

Your first sentence is how I feel. Especially the good board comments. I feel (no proof) that I am getting scores about 25% lower than I was before on the same titan. Still plenty of damage but less than before…

I don’t think he was stealth nerfed but it sure feels like something is off. But as always, small sample size.

@Rook, can you merge these threads? There is a response from @Petri in the other.

That would require only one video to prove wrong, and it is calculated on a tile by tile basis (based on the troop selected tied to a given hero in the multi-color scenario). Will try to record my next couple titan hits just for giggles but I don’t think there’s an issue here cept statistics rearing it’s ugly head.

That’s how it always has been in the past and it would be more than passingly strange to get a bug in that.

Is it possible that the developers accidentally inverted Wu’s special in the code? Instead of -32% accuracy, it’s -68%?

Can we have some people record themselves playing with Wu and record the hits/misses?

Sorry about that. When I created the topic, the right panel’s suggestions for possible duplicate topics did not bring that one up.

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Not your fault. The other thread originally referred not to Wu Kong, but to ‘Monkey King’.

I was wondering if something happened after the visual fix some time ago and this was the reason I started recording.
I don’t have (want to spend) the time to watch all the videos - especially as I don’t have recordings from before. But I started thinking about the implementation of Wu Kong and blind (as the mechanic is similar - or at least the result is).

Background: A match of 3 tiles of the same color and two heros of that color

Scenario 1: Both heros under the influence of Wu Kong.
Each tile has 32% chance to miss?

Scenario 2: One Hero under the influence of Wu Kong. (The other one debuffed by Domitia for example)
Each tile has 32% chance to miss?
The influenced troop/hero misses while the “rest” of that tile hits?

Scenario 2 is what i have in mind when it comes to blinded heros aswell. Is the whole tile “blinded” or just the part of the blinded hero - and how is that implemented?

My suspicion: For Wu Kong and blind
The current implementation misses the whole tile if one of the troops/heros triggers a miss and miss is calculated for every troop involved seperatly.
This leads to higher miss rates - 2 heros of the same color with Wu Kong and this implementation:
Chance to “not miss” 0.68^2 = 0.46 => 54% chance of miss for that tile

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So in the multi-hero situation: if you notice there’s different troop graphics associated with each tile, and that actually matters in the blind situation.

If the troop selected (I don’t know how this part of the code works I assume random) is associated with a blinded hero, that tile will miss if the roll made comes up blind.

If a non-blinded hero’s troop is picked, that tile will hit 100% as usual.

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