Is Hu Tao worth it?

For those who don’t know,Hi Tao is a slow yellow hero. But I have a Hu Tao and aren’t sure if it’s worth upgrading and leveling up.I do not spend money so do I keep him or not?

I personally feel that he is not worth it at all. I maxed him a long time back, but I have never used him anywhere. Extremely underpowered hero. In the holy 4* epic category, all other heroes (Wu Kong, Chao, Li Xiu) are way better than him. Probably, the only place where he could be useful is a rush attack 4* tournament. Maybe in the future his costume might make him better, but until then I would hold on to your precious ascension materials.


Hundred percent agree. He is a big fluffy pointless pin cushion, don’t waste your time. I don’t even use the useless panda in rush attack tourneys even

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I have mine at 3/60. I await for his costume, regardless of whether the costume version is good or not. Though not the best hero, he has some uses in filling the needed hero for the Fighter emblem quests or during Tavern of Legends quests. He is a 4* version of Justice but instead of the Protect talent, he Revives.

Yes, worth for feeding.


My Wu Tao is 4/70 + 9, but he is still not great, not weak either. He finally replaced by Gretel after she is maxed and emblemed.
He needs costume or another round of buff in future update to improve his state.

He’s not exactly ideal. But… if you’re newish to the game and in need of 4* heroes for war or main teams, he’s better than nothing.

Conventional forum wisdom: the best heroes are the ones you have.

That being said… if you have any other 4* or 5* yellow heroes… I’d probably work on them first. :slightly_smiling_face:


The unique yellow 4*/5* worst than Hu Tao IMO id Danzaburo. I would work on any other yellow here rather than Hu Tao. If it’s your unique option then go for it.

In my opinion Hu Tao is the least powerful 4* Holy Vanilla.

I still regularly use Wu against purple titans. Liu have her costume bonus. Chao is fast.

That said, Hu is not awfully bad. Not as bad as Agwe or Sumitomo or Ameona. I have him maxed, but maybe will only use him at 4* rush tourney.

Short answer, NO! There might be circumstances under which Hu Tao might shine for a brief moment, but over all, not worth the mats. My oppinion is that the whole holly vanilla 4* gang is highly underpower. No dispellers, no cleansers, a blind monkey that misses most times, no buffers, no decent debuffers, a sniper that hits like wet noodles, nothing at all… costumes should adress this issue…

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Agree. Depends on who else you have :slight_smile: I don’t use mine except in 4* Rush Attack or the occasional class quest (though I do always use him in farming S1 7-4).

Depending on roster size I would not feed him away - we have no idea yet what his costume will be like. Who knows, maybe it will be a really good one like Renfeld’s.

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I always keep at least 1 copy of every hero 3* and above. Not going to feed away my Hu Tao.

Will I ever actually use him? Maybe. There are so many different quest types these days where only certain heroes are usable.

As they say, it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. :wink:


It depends on what you have and your getting heroes pace. If you still haven´t TC 20, of yellow 4* and don´t spend gems on summonning it´s worthy because you don´t have anything better.

It´s worse than other similar 4* heroes, (Colen, LJ) But He can be useful.

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Should also add that it depends largely on available ascension mats.

I don’t know about everyone else here, but I seem to acquire an overabundance of trap tools and orbs of magic.

Early on, I would just ascend heroes willy-nilly as soon as I was able to. Now I’m more careful about which heroes I give mats to.

But if I’m sitting on 20 orbs and Hu Tao waiting patiently at 3/60, no other yellows in sight behind him… ehhh why the heck not. :man_shrugging:

As stated he ain’t great but what else you got? If your new to the game It wouldn’t hurt to take to 3/60 and leave it and see what happens when costume comes out.

Hu was my first yellow 4*, and I leveled him and used him for months before I got to the point where he was no longer in my purple titan team. :woman_shrugging:

As others have said, it depends on what else you have


I honestly loved him when I started playing the game. Once I’ve got my Legendary heroes from the training camps, I stopped using him and even used him as feeder. But for a long time I used him.

It’s up to your roaster.

My three maxed Mists say NO

I have only 2x 4 :star2: heroes. Gullinbursti and Hu Tao. My third option is another Gullinbursti whom I am unwilling to give gloves.
I use Hu Tao with Gullinbursti against 4 :star2: purple tanks along with red trio of Boldtusk Wilbur and Scarlett.
Of course, major work is done by the red trio, he is little bit useful by contributing to tiles. If there are some red or yellow tiles, I manage to keep him alive, otherwise he is first to die. Overall, I have found a way to use him in raids.

Now I am counting on my TC20 for other 4 star heroes and expanding the bench strength. I got it running a couple of days ago.

As far as mats are concerned, I have 13 orbs but not enough gloves. The major source of mats for me are challenge events and rare quests. Thanks to Wilbur and Proteus, I am able to complete the legendary modes of challenge events. They are my only Atlantis heroes barring some 3 :star: .

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