Is Wu worth it still?

I see that in the very beginning as well. Wu’s miss seems more like 50% than 34%, but I don’t know if it is just me, he seems to get better after fulled maxed.

He used to be a main target for titans, not sure if the IA specifically target weaker XP or defense hero, he often got one shot-ed by titans.

Then I added emblems for Wu, now he is the king for titans. Never needing any healing potions anymore.

Wu is better than Ranvir. Because you can utilize him on every occasion -not just titan-, because allies get 3% less chance on miss, because he has better class talent, because he’s cheaper to max and class level, because he won’t cause enemy to gain mana while using his ability.

For what it’s worth…

Let me start off by saying Wu is great. If I did start with that, the mobs would attack me.

I don’t ever use Wu. I get his value. I have used him in the past. But for where I am right now, he makes no sense.

I am in an alliance fighting 10/11/12* titans. My roster is NOT ready for this generally. But with Wilber + 4 strong color on titans I am able to say alive and put up reasonable hits. When I test using Wu, I average sub 10k hits 83% of the time with the random high flyer in the 40s. With Wilbur +4 strong color on titans I am almost always high 20k low 30k per hit. That keeps me in A or B loot most of the time. I even got A+ on a 12*. No Wu required.

So Wu is great. But not for everyone and not in every situation.

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@Wolf9, have you maxed Wu yet!?!?? Come on man!! Is his special at 8/8? Do you use him consistently for tile damage only on titans?? If not, PLEASE DO SO!!! :wink:

You have to trust this many players telling you it’s worth it!!!


Hi, long time,
Yes and no, 3/60 8/8 dont have the mats, and would probably up Li, Chao or better yet Drake first.
I’m not having fun with Wu.
I have Tarlak in my alt, and i have fun everywhere with him, 2/60 7/8. Granted a little less damage but with Boldy they’re having a ball.
At this time Ranvir is out.
About to experiment with the funky one with the bottle, will keep you up on my results.
Same old, have fun.
Ps, i do titans only and not every flags, some time score is slightly higher than everage, but not constantly, i don’t dare take him anywhere else*, exept on the trial for monks, not even farming.
He was in def for a while, did ok i guess, wasn’t losing more than average.
I have tried to pair him with Kiril, and Boldy but wasn’t worth it. Just more misses.

  • Ps 2 Tried him once on Atlantis that was the only stage i failed so far.

I’m still using Wu on 12* titans for lack of Tarlak and he holds his own. He turns good boards into monster hits. It only feels like his misses come at the worst times because you really feel the misses on a bad board and not as much on a good board. Always fire him last when you have multiple specials up to avoid missing specials.


Well Tarlak is the way to go anyway @Wolf9!! Congrats on that pull


People love wu but he misses right!? So does danza but he gets more bad press than wu? Is it because it’s not noticeable? Danza you get the snowflake haha! Wu you get the miss? If MISS was up in big letters each time would people feel the same?

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Wu. There is only 1 like him in 4* range.


Far from one of the best heroes. He’s more of a gimmick or a utility. I use him for every single titan, but it is obnoxious to keep him alive as the 9*+ titans will specifically target him and he later becomes a one hit kill, making him be a crutch to your team.

For Wu, you’d want to max out his emblems just for the health/def alone, his absolutely sucks and he dies like a house fly.

If you have Tarlak, he’s the better alternative. Guaranteed hits + high tile damage

The existance of Tarlak diesn’t prevent Wu Kong from be one of the best heroes, it would be the same by saying that Proteus is bad because there’s Hel :slight_smile:

(and Tarlak can’t compete into epic tier events)


Sure, most people that like Wu would prefer Tarlak.

4* vs 5*, Tarlaks heals and no misses associated with his special. The odds of getting Tarlak are low and most people don’t have him.

OP is asking about Wu / Chao / Hu Tao as options (@Fajz13, the answer is Wu and (IMO) NEVER Hu Tao) .

Wu is a Titan specialist. Can help in raids but once you have a deeper bench you probably won’t use him while raiding. Does not help on defense, shouldn’t be there unless you are cup dropping.


I was very lucky to get Wu early on when i started playing and he was the first 4* hero I maxed alongside Wilbur. The two have been completely game changing for me because I was able to significantly improve my titan hits. Even for those with Tarlak, you will need Wu when you fight the Rare Green Rooster who reflects green. Early on, Wu with his attack buff really helped me punch above my weight beating defences who were a lot stronger than my team.

Yes he will at some point be obsolete but this is really end game players we are talking about. There aren’t that many players who have 2 of 3 maxed Tarlak, Ranvir and Miki.


Good luck on S2 boss on hard mode. I have gone at her a few times and lost. On normal it was a decent fight. On hard it is insane. I have taken a few variants but Joon, Wu, Viv at 3.60(taking her to 3.70 after I finish Proteus so I can bring him without him getting killed) and Li Xiu. I am also focusing on Chao since he is fast vs. Li Xiu and does more damage from special and cuts more mana.
Hopefully Proteus will help as well as Time stops and mana pots but she is insane in that second round after her transformation. YIKES!!!

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Así es que kong a pesar de las fallas sigue siendo el mejor héroe para titanes y ataques

To re-iterate what some of the above posters have said, he is definitely still worth it… If you do not have heroes that does what he does.

With expanded hero rosters as this game grows, there would be times when new heroes will start incorporating what some of the existing heroes do. For players who are not spenders and aren’t lucky enough to pull the other heroes who does what Wu Kong does, namely Tarlak, Ranvir, and Miki (which is me), you take what you can get to still get a competitive edge and contribute.

Let’s not forget that Wu Kong is a classic 4* (others being 5*) and is available to every player once they start TC13, or TC20. Tarlak is now available for a few days each month (unless you spend gems, the more you complete the Atlantis stages to get the guaranteed 1st time completion rewards or the mission rewards for solving the mysteries of Atlantis (both difficulties), the less channels you have to accumulate enough Atlantis coins to use Atlantis coin summons), if you missed out on Ranvir, you’d have to wait until he returns in a future Atlantis portal, and same thing would be for Miki, once August 2019 ends.

Sure his misses are annoying when you see them, but Wu Kong is still a viable hero to potentially get huge Titan damage, Raids, Raids Tournaments, and Wars. And the chance of access to him is much higher than his higher starred counterparts, very important point to keep in mind for F2P/C2P player base.


I did it on hard with Wilbur, Melendor, Jackal, Joon and another yellow. It would have been cake if the other yellow was Viv but I didn’t have her yet. Wilbur for the def down on boss, lifelink keeps your team healthy. Melendor to dispell the Yellow reflect.

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With is worth leveling up. Yes he misses a lot. But the hits make up for the misses. I have 6 Wu kong. I would level another one as well.


Would you say Ranvir 3/70 > Wu?

I have Tarlak+5 but vs 12* dark and red, I’m getting better results with Wu+2.

Leveling Ranvir because Wu dies.
Dark Titan team will be
Jackal+ poseiden joon Inari (wu/ranvir)

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Ranvir at 3.70 stats are 646 Atk 658 Def 947 HP. Compare that to Wu Kong at 4.70 whose stats are 707 Atk 620 Def 992 HP. Wu is marginally better. The only benefit of Ranvir at 3.70 is the promise that one day he will receive ascension mats and get to 4.80.

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