🧪 The Beta Beat (v23) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: Stronghold 22/23 & Alchemy Lab, New Challenge Event Heroes, New Knights of Avalon & Pirates of Corellia Challenge Events, Costumes, November/December HOTM

My best guess is that the new colors were probably done on the damage share buff, because the older Red Blue Green icon was not friendly for the color blind :slight_smile:


Last iteration of alchemy had a possible very narrow use case; now it’s useless. SGG went to all the trouble of making alchemy lab, just to make it another feature for suckers, like the ability to spend gems at the daily summon portal. You don’t even consider the population of players who would summon more if they could get more ascension mats.


This is what ive been trying to say all a long. The devs being greedy like this is actually making them lose more money then could make if they made ascension items easier to come by. And if they allowed TRADING, then people will be able to level their 5* heroes up much easier then before.

But would also want to chase that next good hero to level up and what better way to do this then spend a heap of money on Gems to try and summon them.

I dont want to spend anymore money on Summons since i cant even level 1 5* up.


Nailed it @SirGorash, I agree 100%.

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So is Wu any good then? :slight_smile:


I’m glad you asked!

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@SirGorash [quote] I thought they cared more about the balance of their game.They’re showing they only care about money though. [\quote]
The problem isn’t the game makers that are greedy as they are only providing what the players want based on what and where they spend their money.

E&P like many others only created a game in the hope of success, it’s the players that made them successful.
These companies don’t make 100k plus a day because they don’t know what their doing and it’s not the 0.01% that come on here complaining about it that’s going to sway the way they make there money as there is ore than likely a 1% of whale spenders that never come on here at all.

If your ( being anyone) a free to play gamer or even a casual spending player then just accept the games mechanics and say THANK YOU to those whales that make it possible for you playing for free.

On the otherhand they have skills we and I obviously haven’t got otherwise you could always go do like they did and go create your (being anyone) own game and then you could set your own format, OH wait, dammm that requires MONEY . Oh well, I guess your (being anyone) only other option is come here and keep complaining.

I’ve already studied a career, and I already work at my own business, so I don’t see why are you belittling / attacking me for being f2p. It’s just an opinion, you know that, right? @Ozy1


Come back and join the Jacks. We miss ya. :wink:

It’s kind of sad when devs take an idea from their players and make it plain bad. Sad because the original idea of Alchemy Lab had a lot of potential :confused:


Moderator’s Note

A reminder that as players, we’re all in this together:

Sharp criticisms of the game, Small Giant, and the motivations of the company are totally fine — just please don’t attack or insult fellow players.


100% I know it’s only an opinion (as was my comment) and I wasn’t criticising you personally in any way shape or form.

I feel there is a big misunderstanding here as you is stated as a general person which could be anybody.

There is also no belittling here at all as I also included myself in not having the knowledge to create a game.

I am sorry took you offense to a comment which had no intension of offending anyone and which had nothing to do with you being a f2p in any way what so ever (I am also a f2p+V player) as my comment was solely based on the quoted phrase which clearly stated by you was accusing SG of just caring about money.

So I feel you flagging this is uncalled for and ask if you could please kindly remove it as none of my statement wasn’t based on anything you said in your post in any way shape or form other than the quoted section I included in my post and there was no personal attack there at all.



Thanks for clarifying your intentions, and to be clear, I was the one who flagged your post.

But it’s fine now, I appreciate you following up on it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I haven’t flagged you actually, and it’s ok bro. I think the way you wrote your comment was a bit strange, that’s all. You made it sound like I’m a whiny cheap dude who has no money to spend on this game :joy: I complain a lot, and I am a cheap bastard but I do have some money :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have the skills to create a game and make millions of dollars with it, I’m just a player. We are all fellow players. As Zephyr said before, we are all in the same ship here.


Lol, gees you came up with thoughts that would never have crossed my mind in a way of thinking about another person or player ever.

But @zephyr1 has cleared it up and I am sure he clear it up.

All is good m8.



Agree, leaves me perplexed. You support them with what they offer, the game is evolving, new heroes are needed all the time. First it was AW, then Trials that is hero specific, then RT and now 14* Titans.

Example Ice only:
Athena / Isarnia, Frida / Arthur, Ariel, Miki, Alice / Magni for Titans = 36 Scopes & 72 Capes minimum
Add a ton of money for heroes like Misandra, Aegir, Rumple and new ones added all the time.
Over and above that heroes needed for trials that one would not ordinarily ascend; the Thorn’s & Richard’s. Many are stuck with the redundant heroes that they had to ascend for events when they started out, no reset option.

What is the point in spending if you can’t use your toys? It is a double edged sword. In the meantime F2P & C2P suffer even more. It makes no sense at all.
I think it is no coincidence that there is such a lopsided inventory for everyone. Guess the hope was more will use the ascension gambling option in shop which is extremely unrewarding and this is version two in disguise.


I agree that for there should be a means of buying ascension items in some restricted form to help with ascending hero’s as this would by far I am sure increase the amount of spenders in this game by a great deal.

I mean what stops me from spending is o ly the fact that I have so many hero’s sitting around unlevelled and knowing they will be like that for over a year to come.

I have no incentives at all to do summons for any colour hero anymore when I already have half a dozen of each element waiting in the pipeline on top of many more at 3/70 waiting for final ascension items.

Fix it so that I can asend my hero’s quicker which will give me a reason to want more newer hero’s knowing that they won’t be sitting in my roster for a year or 2 doing nothing for my game play.

I personally feel this area of this game is SG’s only lack of real knowledge and understanding and affecting the many 1000’s if not hundreds of 1000’s of dollars to could be adding to their revenue thus only holding back this game from potentially being a number online game.


you want an ability to buy ascension items in some restricted form? You mean like say 9 extra attempts a month where you will likely get 3 4* items? hmmm how can SG give you that, maybe they can combine it with summons some how? hmmm

Ability to buy each item in the store maybe at say 1 or 2 of each per month or make them more accessible.

You could for example even add to quests or titans etc something like these,

  1. make every quest that currently exist or some have a harder version which offers the player to pay say a few hundred gems for a guaranteed chance of a rare ascension item
  2. every quest and event offers the option to pay a few gems for a guaranteed chance of a 4* ascension item

In my opinion the game is fine for f2p player and even acceptable for c2p players but I feel those that spend or wonna spend more money to improve their gaming experience should be given an option to ascend their heros accordingly to reflect and justify there expenditure within the game.

I would go even go as far as putting something in place that provides say a free 4* ascension item for every 100 or 150 dollars spent. Even tbis would help justify spending somewhat.

Any of these would not only encourage spending but encourage the need to want to get more heros.

None of those will affect f2p or c2p players any more than the game already does.

This @Ozy1, is my biggest issue as of now. It’s the waiting for the specific AM’s that I need to ascend the heroes I wish to ascend.
Meanwhile these heroes may come out in the occasional AW or trial but otherwise warm the pine.

Summoning even more would only put them further down the waiting list. I have more than enough ongoing projects to last me a year, or more, until I gather enough AM’s to ascend them.

Just to point out I’m not as casual as my wife would like :wink:. I tend to get pulled into the intricacies of this game and darn if putting the phone down when I’m on a raiding/tournament winning streak just isn’t going to happen.

To top it off, when I’m not playing I’m here waiting for me WE to refill.

I thoroughly enjoy the game (much better than PONG, my 1st video game) and can understand both sides of this ongoing issue. The developers need to make money, but they also should try to give back maybe a bit more? The issue is the shareholders want to see increased profits quarterly and giving doesn’t really help in that regard. Plus balancing the giving with making the game boring is a very fine line. If everyone has everything the want/need…what’s the point? I’m just glad not to be in their shoes.


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