Is Sartana still the winner in Sartana vs Domitia ascension dilemma?

Well basically what the title says. Is there anything in Domitia to win the duel? Considering the recent buff etc. None of them is going to get my emblems, so that doesn’t help to make the choice.

My other maxed purple 5 star is Kunchen (he’s also the one taking the mana troop I have). I do not have Panther for the -dark synergy.

Since I have Domitia but not Sartana, I hope the answer is “no”, but I’m expecting it to be “yes”. Domitia is next up for me after finishing my current purple project (and barring the appearance of Rigard). My sense is that, among classic heroes, Domitia is still considered the second best purple 5-star behind Sartana. That’s probably good enough for me (F2P) to give her the tabards. Not gonna wait to pull Sartana when I could just as easily pull Quintus or Obakan instead.

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I’m in the same boat as Nobel_Weasel.

Domitia is ok

Sartana is awesome.

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Domitia hit strong and dispell 3, she is good for tabbards

Don’t forget near-invincibility to holy. If you can get that special to fire before she dies, you can almost negate color-stacking.

For raids: Sartana

For titans: Domitia

So let’s go both!

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I have 2 Doms, both not lvled, waiting for Sartana.

I have Sartana maxed, and Domitia in line for Tabards some day. I’ll say that there are days where I do wish I’d already maxed her though. That dispel can come in handy against the litany of Aegir tanks we’re seeing these days, at least. I JUST got my first purple mana troop to level 23 too, so Sartana’s fast mana is less of a difference-maker than it was for the first 14 months of my E&P career, haha!

Ultimately, Sartana’s the better choice for most people/scenarios. But Domitia’s definitely Tabard-worthy too.


I have 2 maxed Sartanas. Just finished my dometia. I love her i now raid sartana, Victor, Domitia. Its a great combo.
My toth just sits on the bench for my 4th or 5th war attack…

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My question is … ascend my 3rd Sartana or give the mats to Domitia?

trying to get Seshat is better idea , Seshat is Domitia with FastMana+Minion

I appreciate what you’re saying, but I don’t chase the HOTM. I like the “bird in the hand” approach. I level up what the game gods give me.

At the moment it’s either a maxed Sartana (3rd) or my first Domitia.


I have both.

I use them in every purple stack.

Domitia’s dispell is really handy Vs Guin or Viv or loads of others.

I have lots of wizards but few rogues so my Dom is now almost as tough and aggressive as Sartana as she gets more emblems

For us mere mortals without every HOTM, I think Dom is useful and effective.


20 more day , you still have chance to get her , keep your tabard , i got my Seshat from single pull EHT , who knows if it it would be happened on you too.

Pretty much exact same comment as above from me. Use them both together and find Dom’s dispel very useful. And now with attack emblems on Dom, she even hits harder than Sartana and has those 2 useful skills.

Also at node 8 on her tree she can get a mana boost and then just a lvl 17 troop will drop her to charging in 9 tiles. Since I’m not planning to emblem Sartana right now, this dynamic makes Domitia actually more useful to me. I not only use her in a purple 3 stack but also as a utility hero in a weaker color stack.

So I think she was useful before emblems and actually quite good after

That’s what I was thinking. Currently I stack my two Sartana (great fun!), and I was thinking I could max Domitia and stack her with my 3/70 Sartana.

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I love Domi! I have both maxed and emblemed, and I love her in raids and vs titans.


Thanks @NPNKY That’s seals the deal :grin:

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Yea… considering the dispell and the fact I would mostly bring her to stack against Guin tanks, Domitia seems more useful than Sartana to me. If I was to use them in my main team, probably Sartana is better. But since my main purples are Kunchen and Hel, Domitia is better for those ‘nuance’ uses, as a pos 3 or 4. She also brings more attack to titan fights and there’s not that much competition in her class as for wizards (although I still gave rogue emblems to Marjana already).

That said to solve my initial dilemma in this thread. Ultimately my tabards were given to Hel, so both Sartana and Domitia remain at 3.70, but if I’m not getting Seshat then Domitia it is. No other 5 star at hand to prioritize over her.

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I have both and my answer is YES without a boubt

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