Ascension choice - Sartana or Domitia

Hey all, hoping for some help with choice on ascension…
Have finally got enough tabards, but who do I ascend - Sartana or Domitia?

I love both and use them in my three top teams for war.
Other players got both? Who do you favour, and why?
Which other heroes do you team them up with for best effect etc…

Thank you :pray:t2:

I only have Sartana which makes me happy because I think she is better than Domitia.

She is usually part of my standard purple 3-stack.

Rigard/Sabina + Sartana + Proteus.

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just simplify it:
Need a dispeller? Domitia
Need fast raw damage? Sartana


I like Domitia more than many people, but until you’ve got a bigger roster to play with and add a few layers of sophistication go with the fast damage.

Sartana is reliable and deadly.


Sartana being fast and Dom average would have me lean towards Sartana in a vacuum.

That said if you plan to emblem Domitia up to the mana bonus (+8?) and you have a lvl 17 mana troop you can get her down from 10 tiles to charge to 9. Or if you have a lvl 23 mana troop

But if that’s not a big factor for you then I think the mana speed is the clear tiebreaker. Fast charging up in 8 tiles is waaaaay better on offense than average taking 10. Can mean the difference between killing one of the opponents heroes before they go off or not.


Thanks all - it does help to simplify. I always wanted Sartana for offensive, so I worked on levelling her pretty quickly. Then I got Domitia, everyone in my alliance raved about her, so I side-tracked.
Are people using Domitia offensively or defensively? Or both?

This is cool, thanks Dave. I haven’t really been focusing on the emblems but I’ll give it a bit more attention after reading what you’re saying.

Or in other words…

If stacking, do you have other dispel to bring? (A: Yes, Sabina).

Domi brings extra dispel, higher tile damage and elemental def boost (potentially useful on defence), but Sartana will hit a bit harder on the snipe and leave DoT behind too.

I’d probably lean towards Sartana given Sabina, though if OP has Rigard costume I might lean slightly the other way.

No right or wrong choice here, methinks.

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Hey @Bitty, I’ve got both maxed out. And actually both are very good. I’m leveling a second sartana almost at 80. I opted to level a second and a third instead of a second domitia. Don’t get me. Wrong, domitia is very useful on yellow titans, that shield is good. Both are very good for atack.

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I think early on sartana is better choice

But i think once a player has a leveled mana troop or plans on giving dom a mana node(wouldnt advise) then I’d probly lean towards dom

Dom brings more utility; similar damage, and average at 9 tiles typically charges at the same time as fast at 8 tiles

So there’s my 2 cents without overcomplicating it too much i hope


I feel a bit behind - I haven’t really tried stacking much. My alliance is awesome, we’ve mostly grown together, but haven’t really strategised much. Any experienced players that come in are hard hitters who don’t want the chat or involvement. Can I ask where you use stacking. Is it mainly in war?

I agree - both are good. Domitia is better for titans- higher initial damage and elemental defence buff. I went with Sartana first, but since leveling Domitia I’m finding that both are good.

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Thank u Raghstpart… ur kind of in my ideal situation there! :joy: I think in my head I was leaning towards Sartana, but with how long it takes to gather ascension items, I just don’t want have missed something vital about Domitia.

I would generally agree…

My view tends to be more holistic - who else is on-bench, who will run alongside in stacks.

With Sabina to handle the dispel duties, Sartana definitely makes more sense (which is the case here).

Then again, the available stack also includes Proteus… So the DoT is arguably much less relevant.
With Rigard also available and adding cleanse there’s definitely a case that Domitia fits better with what OP has available.

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I stack everywhere pretty much.

Various different stacks for wars, different combinations available for raids and often for events too.

The one place I don’t stack is farming… That’s straight up rainbow AoE.


I think you’re right about sartana being the right choice right at this time

Idk if my post came off saying otherwise


No no… I got that you were saying that :+1:

I think there’s arguments both ways and I doubt OP would be disappointed with either of them.

In isolation I’d lean towards Sartana and tbh I probably would still lean that way… But there’s some strong arguments for both here.


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