Is Sartana still the winner in Sartana vs Domitia ascension dilemma?

If you have to pick one or the other, Sartana is the way to go. If you have a maxed Sartana, Domitia is definitely worth ascending.

I had Dom for ages before pulling a Sartana. Once I did, Dom got benched except during wars and class challenges. The difference in mana speed makes Sartana better, hands down.

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I have Hel on full and now have to go dom or sartana myself.

Both are kind of no good at 3-70. So leveling is a must to get the best from them. St this stsge I sm.leaming towards Dominitia. Dispelling tanks so important. Rogues also get there mana up nodes at about 8 which mesns I sm able to knock a tile of her with my mana troops.

Hel gets the Wizard emblems which would leave Sartana without that boost

Dominitia I guess for me

Here’s the weird thing about this game, the best heroes are the ones you use often and that have good synergy with your other 4 heroes.

So my maxed darks are Victor+1, Panther+6, Kage+5, Hel+4.
Everyone including myself still thinks Hel is great but I hardly ever use her other than in trials, events and on second dark war team.

My go to dark line up is Panther Kage Victor with Alby and Ariel wings.
Hel is too slow to join them and as I don’t mono, she’s just my trophy mistress :wink:
Is she better than Victor, absolutely but he’s currently #3.
Hel may even fall further behind Seshat and Kunchen.

Now I regret giving her emblems because she’s too slow to be on my defense.

Back on topic, Dom rogue is definitely a pita.

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So my Domitia vs Sartana 6 Tabards dilemma was first sorted out by Hel (Hel got the 6 tabards) and then by Panther (Panther got the 6 tabards). Now this month I finally gathered another set and went back to the classic ladies and ended up choosing Sartana.

Hel + Panther + Sartana + Kunchen + Zeline is a fun little stack to play with. Never lost to a single Guin ever since. And I often find myself in a situation where Panther and Sartana are up with their special, while the average Hel is still missing a tile. That snipe saved me many times, so I am glad I chose fast over average.

Thanks for the advices!

Honestly, with your Panther + Hel duo you can stack whatever you want right now.

Even Renfeld.

You’d be surprised how many times it didn’t work when I only had Hel - Panther - Kunchen :rage:

So would you still go Domitia before Sartana, then, @JonahTheBard? Alot of new heroes have been added to try to match up against since July of last year. I ask because after single-pulling Domitia in the Knights of Avalon summon this morning I’m going to need to figure out which Dark element to ascend next since I also have an untouched Sartana, as well.

By the way, I found this topic from a topic search for “Domitia and Sartana.” Getting better at limiting topic dupes.

If you have rogue emblems untouched (and there’s little competition here), I would consider Domitia. Sartana’s attack stat is very mediocre, and with a lot of better Wizard, it can’t be improved easily. Her snipe even after Panther’s debuff won’t kill most of the targets in 2600+ raids. That’s the thing I dislike most about Sartana. When I compare her snipe to Magni’s it’s just sad.

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Very good point. My strongest Dark element hero that I have in Rogue Class is LAYLA!! LAYLA!! As in the 2*, why in the heck would I still have one on my roster, Layla!

That Trial Quest involving Rogue class is the bane of my existence. I don’t even have enough heroes to fill that roster without Layla! Domitia it is!! Thank you, @Suicide_Bunny!

agree with @Suicide_Bunny : ascended also sartana two months ago before domitia. her snipe is not such strong with no or only few emblems. I had her only +3 and ripped them out of here this morning, as I decided to pump them into Guin as well
however, sartana is fast and I would probably again chose her before domitia. domitia may be a choice if you have indeed tons of emblems.
BUT: for rogue there are also quite some competitors for emblems: jackal, alice, marjana, even inari…

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You got two sets of tabbards in less than six months? Wow, thats a lot! Bought all the offers ore extremely lucky?

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I am a Tabard magnet.

Check this out… The Ridiculous Bragging thread

And yes, two days later the Morlovia rare quest appeared.

Till date I got 37 Tabards, while only 24 Scopes or 26 Darts. I am cursed. But at least I can melt them in Alchemy Lab now.


Thats nice! I tend to get the more of the 4* mats I don’t have an hero for to feed them to.

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