Atlantis Summons – Results & Discussion [November 2018 through February 2020]

I have been saving offer gems for like 2 months. Today was the day…

So far did 2x 30 pull. I was really after Gravemaker, as I did not play yet when he was HotM, and obviously he is overpowered and apparently devs want to keep it this way.

My first 30x pull got me… unexpected Inari.

My second 30x pull got me… unexpected Hel. Hell yeah! I wanted her so badly last time she was featured and had to walk away empty handed. I am glad I still haven’t made up my mind whether Domitia or Sartana should get my set of Tabards. Apparently Hel came by to made the decision easier (which is neither of them).

I also good a decent amount of 4 stars… like really decent, I think around 20+. All ended up feeders as I don’t lack any. Oh, and one Muggy for quick distraction between Evelyn and Morgan.

Still no Gravemaker though! But I’ll gladly welcome Hel as a ‘disappointment’. Still missing around 2000 gems for yet another 30x pull, perhaps a wild offer will appear on weekend so for now I hold my horses.