Purple ascension dilemma

I’ve got 6 tabbards and 8 trap tools, so I can make two ascensions for the purple roster. Who gets them?

On the emblem front, I have plenty of sorcerer and wizard emblems to dish out, so Sartana, Ameonna, or Sabina would get a boost. Kelile and Scarlett are hogging some rogue emblems, so I’d probably be unlikely to give Domitia any. Gotta make the first call soon, as purple feeders are piling up…

I’m leaning toward Domitia and Ameonna since I’ve already got Kage and Rigard maxxed, that would put together a pretty solid titan team. Change my mind!

I’m gonna bump this back up in case someone wants to weigh in

Sartana would be my vote :slight_smile:

But either sartana or Domitia will be amazing and helpful.

Sartana for raw damage again, Domitia for the dispell.


In my honest opinion, I would go with Sartana + emblems
Good luck

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Sartana is good but just a sniper. Domitia’s dispel is essential against many opponents - I’d go with her, unless you’re already oversupplied with dispelling heroes.

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Sartana, over all, Domitia in specific situations. I have Sartana at +3 and Domitia at + 11. I rarely use Domitia except for wars.
As for 4*, Sabina might be a good choice especially if sorcerer emblems are available. Among other things, she might cover for Domitia’s dispell being dropped in favor of Sartana.


Sartana sturdy sniper.
Sabina for titan high attack stat.

She is Sorcerer.

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Sorrrryyyyyy! My bad! :grin::grin::grin:

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