Help! Domitia or Sartana toon?

Heyy fellas! My partner had a hard decision to make - he has purple ascension materials only for one hero and has to decide between Sartana and Domitia with all their costumes! Which one would you choose and why? Of course his major concern is which Toon of the two is better, but also the other costumes - so which hero is better as a whole!

Please vote and if you d like write your thoughts! thank you!

  • Sartana x3
  • Domitia x3
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I personally think Domina does more. Sartana can kill most with one shot. But Domita’s dispell is a wonderful tool to have


I voted Sartana as the better toon due to speed. But Domitia’s second costume has great Edd


Dom. Dispeller and her 2nd costume got EDD.


Overall, I would go with Domitita if you don’t already have a purple EDD. The dispel is very useful too. Sartana, whilst very good, is simply a stone cold killer of a sniper. So depends on what you require but I think Domitia has more uses.

Just one gamer’s opinion

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If big titan hits are of value to your fella, perhaps choose Domitia for her C2’s def down.

Do you have ample strong dispellers like costume Melendor, Sabrina, Caedmon, and Sonia…?

If not, Domitia could be a must.

Does his alliance have problems with op team in war. Sartarna could be a breaker.


Sartana Toon dispels with tiles which is massive.

You need to charge Dom to get that action.

Don’t get me wrong, I use both but I think Sartana is the best due to the tile dispell


I agree, I have her maxed in SteamPunk Costume. I use the her daily.

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