Which purple hero to ascend?

I have a maxed sartana, 2 proteus, rigard, TB, sabina and merlin.

Now i have another sartana, domitia, thoth amun and quintas

Got the tabards for 1 legend.
Sartana is on 3.70 all the rest are babies.

My gut feeling is another sartana cuz she is much better then the rest of the other legends.
Any inputs will be welcome

I always go for variety over duplicates. Domitia may not be incredible, but she does dispel. If you don’t have another 5* dispeller, I’d definitely say Domitia.


Depends on how you play and who are the other heroes on your roster.

Also, how desperate are you have another 5* purple.
Do you do a lot of summons?

Different answers would result in different replies from all of us here in the forum.

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I dont do alot of summons i am a c2p player.
My maxed heroes are

Red : azlar, BT, 2 scarletts, wilbur, colen
Blue : kiril, 2 grimm, sonya, boril, triton
Green : LJ, ceadmon, melandor, kashrak, gobbler
Yellow :leonidas, vivica, wu, li xiu
And the purplesi wrote above.

Got khagan and justice one 3.70

Working on tarlak and posiedon right now (got lucky in last atlantis)

That is pritty much. I do all, i am a leader in an alliance and use all war flags and all titan flags alwayes.

Hope this help to get your thoughts.

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I don’t have a 5* Rogue so Domitia (and her dispel) would be a welcome addition to my team. I’d look at classes and see if you can fill any needs there. Thoth is also on my wish list for Sorcerers.

My reply would be to hold until the end of this month before deciding.

Stacking Sartanas is nice but seems a little over the top.
Quintus is good but not everyone likes to use him and based on what you have he will be a back burner.
Domitia is great for the dispel especially against yellow but please do not compare her to HoTMs.

Domitia would be the choice since you have Rigard to combo as a cleanse and dispel pair.