Is Margaret useable now with the buff? Margaret Balance Discussion

I still have my Margaret at 0 20 as I stopped levelling her once i was told she was so bad, but after the buff, she kind of looks ok.

Wondering if anyone on here has maxed her out and tried her out since the buff and if she is worth the mats now ?

Btw, i have Kingston maxed and thats all in green 5*s maxed, but i have Kadilen and Elkanen @ 3 50 each, but was waiting for a good green.


I’m wondering the same thing regarding Margaret. We knew she desperately needed a makeover & finally got one. Which made me rework on her since yesterday. Even though her skills has been upgraded & got a new perk. I’m not yet convinced she can eventually go to the top. It could be great to hear from someone who got her at the 3rd tier or higher & see how she is doing now.


Yes I hv her, fully maxed but the buff for her is not enough, as she is five star hero & we could directly compare her with costumed little john. He have same abilities to dodge but damaging all enemies (185%) , of course he have slow mana speed & Marga got very fast…but I think marga is 5* and she deserves something better. But with the new buff she able to do 150% damages to the target and nearby enemies…its good with her attack stat but simply not enough…at least she have to do more % damages OR do said 150 % damages to all enemies (like Vella and Telluria other hotm)


Usable, yes. Would I ascend her over other heroes? Probably not, depending on my choices.

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Yeah would be nice if she did something else, but she seems a lot better then she was. Just cant believe its taken them so long to do something to her (specially a hotm).

I did see someone using her in Ranked and he was about 25th or so.

This was he card, she doesnt look to bad with emblems, but her defence seems really low still with all these emblems and for a 5* hotm.

Her low defense works well with her special, since higher the damage from special is, higher are chances to dodge. Now she is nice flank in mono green.


Personally I consider that LJ is broken for the same reason Margaret is. “Special skills that do damage” is a world away from “special skills”

Heroes that dodge all special skills are vastly more use imo. Dodging is always % based, but the chances of triggering that % are far greater when it includes all skills (like debuff, mana steal etc)

Margaret’s skill is inherently limited, and giving her a low damage hit does nothing to address the base skill that was always underwhelming, and becoming increasingly more so as more and more low damage + dot heroes are introduced.

So are you saying she is good now or not, I cant work it out from what you said lol.

She is better :wink:


Yes it is right…the minimum chance Of doge have to increases It need to be 45 to 90 instead of 30 to 90…Then …that will be ok with her

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She is slightly better than she was before. A little damage is better than nothing.

Her origional skill is on paper slightly improved, but its very very difficult to “feel” any difference when using her.

For a few very niche situations she is decent. The rest of the time she is still a wasted team slot imo. Just as well her high tile damage still counts when she’s dead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Did they add the sword on her art when they buffed her or was that always there?

That is always there …now SG make it usable😜

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Im not sure man, ive had her since she first came out but she only sat on the bench lol.

Margaret used SWORD.

It’s better effective!

Wait till some other better buff for her(if so) mere damage addition Buff is not enough value against ur valuable mats…

I have her unleveled so no experience her but this is what I think:

  • 930 damage stat with full emblems sword path, one of the highest in the game, if not THE highest. Great for tile damage
  • 150% damage to three enemies is higher than Gravemaker or Clarissa in the very fast mana hero group
  • No DOT but dodge instead which increases survivability and chance for another round of firing
  • Dodge and class skill have nice synergy, multiple chances of escaping enemy specials

Not a great defense team hero but on offense possibly a very nice addition.


She has good attack, but that is with maxed emblems, without maxed emblems im pretty sure there are a fair few that have higher attack, specially since costumes have come out.

She’s usable. At best. They should have just extend her dodge to all. Or make the allies gain mana each turn even if they didn’t dodge. I think a buff was needed. But something in line with her initial special. The addition of 150% damage to 3 is just meh imo. Maybe she’ll be better paired with the upcoming Valhalla green debuffer. If you manage to pull him of course.

I think Margaret’s main role is on a titan team against blue titans. Most damage to titans is from tile damage and her high tile damage would pair nicely with Tarlak’s high tile damage. Her special skill damage is not really significant, but her rogue class and dodge capability increase the survivability of the team, especially vs higher level titans. Since she is very fast speed, you can pretty much have her dodge ability constantly active vs titans. Overall, I still dont not see her useful on raids or defense team.

My Margaret has been sitting at 2.60 for almost a full year. The only time I use her is vs blue titans. I’m thinking of ascending her to 3.70 soon once I’m finished with the current green hero I’m leveling since I have an excess of sturdy shields. As for my tonics, they will be going to Heimdall and Ratatoskr first. Margaret is a low priority hero to ascend.