Is Margaret useable now with the buff? Margaret Balance Discussion

Most of the damage you take from titans is slash damage (which Margaret has 0% chance to dodge)

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I’m still on the fence. I like that she’s very fast, but since the special doesn’t do much damage, it seems to matter less. At least now, she does *some damage.

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Ah yea thats true. If titans are 1-shotting your heroes with slash attack, dodge wont help for jack :rofl:

Currently my alliance is facing 7-8* and she does ok. I wouldnt use her if my green bench was deeper.

I don’t play this game anymore, but I did have Margaret and it’s nice to see her get some love.

She’s really not that bad, just her uses are fairly limited. I believe my Margaret was either 2-60 or 3-70, but I forget which. There’s no way I’d have taken her all the way to 4-80 because she was able to accomplish my main purpose for her where she was.

I usually liked her to do three things:

1.) Titans. Her tile damage is extremely strong and Margaret (and nearby allies) will dodge a lot of titan specials.

2.) World Map/Quests against sniper bosses. Same thing as #1. You put Margaret beside someone like Kashkrek and take mana potions and the bosses basically can’t touch you.

3.) Raid offense against blue tank defenses with multiple snipers. This would usually be something like:


I could see this also working with Neith instead of Drake, but Neith didn’t exist yet.

So Margaret causes the snipers to almost always miss–especially when Drake has blinded them! Even if Drake and the sniper die, your tile damage is still huge and the three green can just keep on dodging. Even in the unlikely event you get hit, usually one of the two healers is ready to fire in order to keep Margaret alive.

Now that Margaret hits a little bit, Margaret + Drake (after a few tiles) might even be enough to kill.

That’s just my take on her. Was she the worst 5* green? Of course, but it’s not like she wasn’t good for anything. HotMs should really be kind of a bonus, not an absolute necessity, anyway.


Margaret is no good for titans other than high tile damage but I’ve been taking her on raids all day (@3/70) sandwiched between victor and Malosi with mana troops (+2 of strong color) and it’s really been a lot of fun lol very happy for her, making me doubt between giving my mats to her or Kadilen


Yeah same here. Im sure you will beat me to leveling her up first as i still have other heroes to max first and leveling up 5* heroes takes me a long time.

Can you let us know if you end up maxing her out, if you remember and let me know how she turns out maxed ?


Her high dodge-ability, between her class and her ability, counters her weak defense imo

Honestly she’s fun to use at least on offense for me now. My only gripe now is I hate looking at her :joy:


Did a quick test this morning, will give her emblems and mana troop later I think.

Seems to dodge a fair amount more but I need to remember selecting dmg targets as not use to that part of her. Definitely gives time to the match in the hopes tiles fall, which isn’t always the case as demonstrated in 1st match lol.


She wasn’t great by any means. But honestly, I didn’t know they had tweaked her stats until I saw this topic here. But had noticed a difference just today that she it’s a lot more beneficial. I guess all I can say is trial and error try try try again until something better comes around. at least that’s what I said before all this went down. I’m relatively happy for what it’s worth


Thanks for sharing the video. The dodges are really annoying it seems. But the 150% damage seems like not much of a great deal…


Since my green roster is in lack of depth she was on my green 4.1 team anyway. I noticed the difference Yesterday. Her damage isnt really high but i consider to change this with emblems. Regarding her already high tile damage and the fact she is extra fast… Even with her special damage being mediocre, being able to use it after 3-6 green tiles with mana troop makes up for that i think.

My only other 5* rogue is sif. But my yellow roster looks better already. So i think margaret would benefit more from the emblems. What do you think? Is marge worth emblems now or rather sif?

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I think she needs another buff here. Her elemental-link is for her design very useless.


How many tiles does it take to match for a very fast hero, do you know ?

I dont have any VERY FAST heroes atm, thats another reason i was condsidering leveling her. But im also tossing up between Margaret and Kadilen to who i give the Tonics to.

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Wish her elimental link would be give 4% health instead of defence against fire enemies. :innocent:


If level 20 mana troop attached…she taking 3-4 tiles to charge.

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I sorted out my 5* heroes by class and color - I have 10 5* maxed (2 for each color) and now I’ve been looking for 2 sets of classes in 4 heroes of each color, nice optimization problem…

I only have Sif, Margaret and Domitia as Rogues and regarding that most of the monks are yellow and my rangers are Lianna (maxed), Neith and Khagan, I think I’ll max Margaret and Domitia before Sif. Margaret was my first HotM :slight_smile: I’m glad she got a buff…

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3-4 tiles, wow, what about without the mana troop ? I think i do have a green mana troop but its only level 12, because those troops sure do eat a lot of food lol.

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This is generally a nice elemental link but i cant see here the harmony with her design.

Firstly, if you go the shild-path with her, it would be means, that you lower the %-dodge chance against snipe-skills.

Second, if you use her elemental link against red, Marjana will hit her much easier, because she will lower her %-dodge chance against red.

So SG, pls change her elemental link!


It takes 7 tiles and only 6 tiles with mana troop at lvl 11.
So when you ghost tiles it’s only 4 or 3. So ghosting a single match will fill 100% mana for an extra fast hero with mana troop 11.


Ok,thanks for that. Im hoping she turns out to be good now as she was my very first 5* but never got a chsnce to use her.

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