Elkanen vs Kadilen vs Gregorion for raid defense (diamond level)

Hi guys,

I am just trying to figure out which Nature hero would be best suited for my defense raid team.

As you see I am currently playing with Elkanen in my defense team but…performance is quite poor considering I have to play a lot of revenges in order to stay around 2500-2600 cups.

Once Seshat is maxed I am planning to switch Gregorion’s emblems to her.

I also have Kadilen….do you think she might be better for raid defense instead of Elkanen?

As for the time being, apart from Horghall (IMO absolutely too slow so unuseful in diamond raids) I only have Margaret, so I am still chasing some very good Green hero.

When I had the choice to level up Kadi or Elk, I was advised Kadilen - her AOE and def against specials :+1:. Now throw in the potential of snagging her costume, I’d lean towards Kadi.

Having to share emblems between Seshat and Greg would discount Greg on your defense team. Seshat is better.

Good luck with pulling a great 5*green.

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IMO, Kadilen is better over elkanen in Defense and Offense, except if you have Evelyn maybe Elkannen is better synergy there.
But, I would ascend Margaret 1st over Kadilen. But that’s me personal offense priority. New Margaret is also not bad in defense. Here is why… Is Margaret useable now with the buff?

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Kadilen. In all my raids kadilen teams are just harder to kill.
Elke , maybe with costume but i find kadi costume quite nic3

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