Margaret or horghall or wait?

I have enough mats to max a green 5*. I only have margaret and horghall. Should i consider either of those two or should i just hold off for now? My TC20 will be operational in about a week. I have plenty of other projects to work on right now. What would you do?

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Horghall isn’t popular. I like to say he’s good … if you need firewood

Margaret also isn’t highly popular but may be worth it for Titans as she has high attack.

But if this is your first green five neither is that great

I think wait…


Im kinda thinking wait as well. Im not a fan of either of them. Ive always levelled the heroes that i enjoy playing with and neither of those 2 really fit my style. I was trying to see if anyone could make a case for either of those two but so far i havent heard anything convincing. I appreciate the input infinite!

I took Margaret 3/70 and played a bit. Even though I have 13 tonics, I’m not going to level her. First I thought she might be alright but she is just meh. Works for me in AW twice a week but I have better greens for titans. Another Margaret is 1/1 and I’ll not touch her. For a long they were my only 5* greens and I so wanted to like to play with them, but no nonono.

I felt lucky when Kadilen came out of tc20. She is not a star but at least I’m not going to feel like an idiot when levelling her.

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Haha yeah Aunty. 2 margs were my first 2 5s. I was so excited. I took one to 2.1 and she is still sitting there. I can see use for her but she is really niche and for my first green 5 i want someone with decent utility

Spot on!

Twenty Liannas to post.

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Kadilen would be way more useful to me at this point in the game. I might hold on to them for a few months and try to pull for kingston. Ive been really lucky with HotMs so that might be the plan for now unless i pull something better in the interim

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wait for Lianna from TC20 or Kingston from Oct HOTM

Margareth is too specialist , not worthy

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I like Margie and use her for offense raids.
Her special is fast and I always love to see the enemies missing with there specials.

I’d ascend Wait. Wait is class a :wink:

Margie seems to be your best bet and she isn’t as bad as announced.

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I dont think margie gains a whole lot from her final ascension. As long as her special is 8/8, i think she would be fine to keep at 3.70. I dont think she is bad per se. She is just a specialist. She has very few positions -offensive flank and green stack on blue titans. I dont think id use her much other than that. I really dont want to dedicate my tonics to someone so limited

I really appreciate everyones input. I love seeing things from different perspectives. I got addicted to this game quickly and the fact it has such a great community surrounding it, really made me fall in love with the game. Just wanna say im honored to be a part of the community


I would just Wait! There are far better 5* green heroes around the corner!

Time and time again I have said this. Every HOTM should be way more versatile then Margaret. She is not a normal 5* she is like a collector edition of characters. Around 1 month then wait 6-8 months to she her again. For a game of this magnitude HOTM should be better and useable in more ways. Not saying she isn’t useful she is just situational. Just my opinion

My opinion is totally different.

HOTMs should be additional characters to bring some other/new aspect to the game.
So far Margie as well as Ranvir do fully match.

I don’t like it when the best / strongest heroes are only available for those who put the most money in the game.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but because of how rare they are aren’t the whales spending to dollar to acquire them? There is I thread about how much people are willing to pay for Gravemaker. I do agree they should bring something different/new that others don’t but they should also have more usefulness in the game nor situational.

I have also those heroes. 2 Margarets, one at 3/70 (and this is as far as she will go) and the another at 1/1. Horghall is also there just for the collection. I don’t mind waiting for someone better. Tonics are too precious

People say the same about Inari. And Inari has made my offensive yellow A team for months, and I’ve been to #1 globally. I didn’t get Margaret - but she has a place on offence.

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Again I agree every character has a place but with AM so hard to come by I find it hard giving AM to a HOTM that is so situational.

My first green 5* (actually, first 5* of any color) was Lianna; she is at 4-55 and working toward max. Next up is Hatter, sitting at 3-70 and waiting for one more tonic.

After Hatter, I have one Margaret at 1-1 and two Horghalls (one at 1-1, the other at 1-35)… and I’m really hoping something better comes along by the time I have to make any more Green decisions. :wink:

If you expect to be playing the game for a while, and you’re willing to be patient, then just consider this: Suppose you spend your tonics on Margaret or Horghall… then two months from now, you get a Green 5* like Lianna and you find yourself sitting on just 1-2 tonics and have a long wait before you can max her out. Do you like the sound of that?

But then consider one other thing: Suppose you have no luck at all, and you don’t get a better Green 5* over the next 12 months… are you happy with those tonics piling up and being unused?

Ultimately, the choice is yours, decide which of those situations would be the least bothersome to you. :wink:

Good gaming!


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