What to do with Margaret?

Ok.for my encore. Well… Margaret of before. There would be no question to just let her choke on the dust from the e&p roster fill. But with the new buff. I find myself very convicted. I was lucky enough to grab 2 past hotm from the legends summon. But not really sure what the best fit would be for her/if any. Thks for the input!

… included are the best of the greens I have .

You have Evelyn. 250 damage to each for VF mana is big. Why not to ascend her before second Evelyn? I think she will work in mono with Evelyn and Kingston and some healer (C.Mel for example).

Margaret was the first green I fully ascended but I pulled her early on in my E&P career. My only other option at the time was Kadilen and why would I ascend Kad over a HotM was my logic.

The only time I use her is in offensive raids where I’m facing 2-4 Classic 5* snipers and i use her in Alliance wars.

She isn’t a stellar hero even despite the “buff” she was given. I still feel strongly that she plays her part in my roster. Outside of the need to dodge the heavy hitters, she sits on the bench and I’m constantly hearing “coach! put me in!!!” lol

Margaret …

  1. elemental defense buff for everyone — stacks with pretty much everything

  2. really high tile damage, great in a stack

  3. little extra mana

  4. very fast

  5. shared Dodge.

She’s boring — but can support the hell out the others. I like to put her next to Alby.

Not every hero needs to be a pornstar — and you have a great line up.

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