Updated Margaret worth ascending to tier 4?

As my first hotm, Margaret is sentimental to me. That’s why her newest update makes me excited to ascend her now. Even something as simple like a hit 3 targets effect was what Margaret was missing all this time. A defensive green gravemaker that deals pure damage, with her original skill now acting as a bonus effect. Still frail on Def but works effective as flank role. Could even act as suicide Tank to deal as much damage as possible before dying, at the same time supporting flank allies temporarily. 150% may seem little, but this is coming from a 821 attack hero. Plus pure damage would mean it bypasses innate skills like Kingston’s burn resist, Ranvir/Clarissa’s poison resist and any ailment shields. As title of treasure hunter, she truly has found her treasure after 1 year being one of the worse hotm(s). She deserves the upgrade.


I’m also wondering if I should ascend Margaret. I’ve had her at 3-70 for quite some time, but Telluria and Hatter obviously took preference over her (and still do, as far as I’m concerned).

But I’ve got 6 tonics, and Margaret’s only competition is a 3-70 Elkanen (no costume), and a 1-1 Horghall (no costume). It is unlikely I’ll get either costume, as I’m not going to do a lot of costume pulls, and it is also unlikely I’ll get any other “special” Green 5* heroes anytime soon, as I kind of hit the jackpot at the beginning of this month (GM, Kage, 3x Clarissa) and I’m taking a break from doing more pulls so I can focus on leveling up what I’ve got.

Something in particular I’m curious about… with her +Def vs Fire, could she possibly fit in somewhere with Vela & Telly?? Vela-Margaret-Telly-Joon-GM?? :wink:

I’m thinking Margaret is worth ascending now; at Very Fast speed and with that high attack value, the 150% damage is more significant than the raw number would suggest. Unless I see some compelling arguments against it, I will most likely ascend her after I finish topping off Brynhild.

Good gaming!

I have used my last 6 tonics on her right now.
And I have two Margaretts…
Is the defense team I would like to test.
Indeed my idea is to remove the Telly’s emblems.
I think Margo is going to appear in a lot of attack teams due to this buff.

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I liked her even in her weak form before the buff.

She never was a great hero but her dodge was sometimes useful during war even at 3-70.
With the buffed dogde chance and the damage she is still certainly not the most powerful hero but worth the tonics over some other heroes.

I ascend mine a few hours ago to tier4.


She was my first maxed 5* ever, and I’m so happy she got a buff. As F2P I rarely get HOTMs, so I try to make the best of what I’ve got.

I was already using her a lot in my Green stack, to protect some of my fragile yet key heroes (Proteus, Melendor) and to speed up mana gain (Little John). Now she can also hit back.

I never regretted ascending her as she was great on Titans and offense already, but this will help a lot.


Another thing I just thought of… since Margaret has been shelved and thought of so rarely up until now… I wonder if she’s worth Rogue emblems?

My current plan for Rogue emblems was to give them to Brynhild, a pure defensive route to beef up her defense and health to let her survive longer to keep her buffs and heal going. I also have 3x G.Jackal that got most Rogue emblems up to now, to get them to the +8 talent grid point to charge special in 6 tiles with mana troop.

I still think Brynhild is a good choice for emblems, as I’m a fan of spending emblems on 4* heroes since you get more for less out of that, AND you push a 4* hero up into strength closer to a 5* which helps me for war depth.

Is Margaret being a Rogue seen as a little bit redundant with her Dodge skill? Or every little bit of dodging helps?

Good gaming!

Well, I have a maxed Margaret since last year, so… EMBLEMS!!!

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Hiya @Bruno82, hope you’re doing well. :slight_smile:

I’ve decided that I will ascend Margaret soon… I’m going to finish leveling Brynhild, Peters, and Costume Melendor first, but then I will ascend and max Margaret.

Though I hadn’t noticed until just now, looking at Elkanen costume in the portal: the costume version does “280% damage to the target and nearby enemies”… compared to non-costume version that does “330% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies”… that MINOR damage for the original makes a big difference. The costume actually winds up doing MORE overall damage as a result, even with the lower percentage, because it does full damage to the sides on the Near attack instead of half. :slight_smile:

But I’m not going to ascend Elkanen unless I get costume someday. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!

I’d do it. I have a second Kadilen, Lianna and first Elkanem to ascend and got 12 tonics.

I’d work on Margaret and a second Lianna. So, yes, she is looking fine and ready!

Rogue has one of the most attack nodes. She can easy reach 900 attack if you jam every attack node on her

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Since Margaret is now considered a gravemaker variant. Maybe SG would consider a gravemaker archetype? We’re left with blue and yellow gravemakers

Yes, oh gosh. Telluria, Vela and Margaret core. Even the nerf on Vela and telluria means nothing now with Margaret on board

I’m hoping to get costume elkanen too. He is quite buffed as support role. Would be in a pickle if I pulled him now

I also have had Margaret at 3.70 forever. I use her when I am down to my last flags of War, and use her for fun runs. Really considering taking her to 4.80. I have her or Ratosk to give my 6 tonics to. Or a 2nd Lianna.

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