Margaret or elkanen?

Worth the tonic? Margaret almost has same ability with c.kadilen dunno why she is underrated compared to c.kadilen?

margaret’s poor reception:

the stipulations of only special skills that do damage and the dodge % being based on the damage of the special skill which in current meta we mainly face AoE(at least top end) and less snipers so her dodge isn’t as effective as c kad or inari

personally i have elk with costume and Margaret maxed, i use neither so wouldn’t typically advise maxing them, especially without knowing the rest of your hero collection as far as already maxed greens and non maxed greens along with how often you summon for new heroes


i am really short of 5 star green but cant believe got 15 sturdi shield and 7 tonic, those are just my 2 green heroes so far,thx anyway, think i just ascend both till 3.70 first, hoping to get c.kadilen…

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how many maxed 4* greens do you have?

fwiw costume elkanen does do drake-ish damage to 3, so can be a decent hero. he’s just not one I’d consider a staple or one that would help a ton in offense if you don’t have other green snipers(lianna, kingston,) to take advantage of his damage since really that is all he brings to the table is enough damage to get 3 into kill range for snipers.

defense, he has a high durability for a s1 hero so could work in tank or flank but again if i was still deck building, offense would be my main focus depending on what type of alliance you’re in

if i had 0 maxed 5 greens, i don’t think I’d choose either as my first for sure and would probably hold the mats.

if you have decent green 4s you can max, i would probably do that instead of taking heroes to 3/70 that you already have doubts on maxing. at least maxed 4s can be emblemed and at low cost as well.

If I had to choose between them, I would ascend Elkanen rather than Margaret, although he isn’t one of the best green 5* hero either.

C. Kadilen is better than Margaret due to her versatility. C. Kadilen can work well both in offensive and defensive teams, while Margaret just works better in titans due to her high attack stats. In defense, she’s simply horrible.

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I just max caedmon and almur for my 4star green…i think ibjust wait for better 5 star green…i like margaret artwork and she is not from s1…

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i didn’t really mess with 5* until i had about 4 maxed 4s per color, it helped give me a lot more versatility in titan teams, quest teams, challenge events, wars, etc and was quicker to do than max 5s or wait on good 5s to max.

that is just me though and not a decision i regret.

but different strokes for different folks

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For me that’s a wise decision. Some players want to put the cart before the horse maxing the first 5* hero they get without having the ascension materials. It’s pretty logical starting from the base maxing some 3* or 4* heroes as it’s easier and cheaper. After that, it"ll be possible to try harder challenges.

This is an easy one!

Very Fast Margaret!
and a build a HA

Then soon…
put her in the 3 spot:

Your welcome!

Until then… you will enjoy the offense and tile damage on titans

@Luckman8, is there any chance that you are also @Boboho? If so, don’t make it too obvious. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Hoard them. Work on your 3* and 4* heroes until you have better nature legendary worthy of those ascension materials.

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