Which 4* red to ascend?

  • Kelile
  • Wilbur
  • Gormek
  • Guardian Falcon

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I’m asking for a friend who doesn’t have an account here. His team is Caedmon, Boril, G.Jackal and Rigard. Last three maxed. Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

I moved this to gameplay & tactics.

I voted Guardian Falcon as he’s only available during Guardians event and is only Fire elemental debuff.
Wilbur is also a solid choice and your friend should level them both eventually.

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Voted for Wilbur. Guardian Falcon is great hero and was my first fully ascended 4*. He works better with other red in team however, and your friend does not have that. Wilbur is much more versatile and immensely raises survivability. Once that is fully ascended, he should work on Guardian Falcon, seeing that he already would have one maxed red 4* to work with.

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I’d vote Wilbur. Falcon would be second. Wilbur is a necessity for titans and generally useful everywhere. Falcon will help greatly with red titans.

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For his first 4* red hero, it really depends. Wilbur is far stronger and more versatile than any of the other options, but he’s tricky to use and depends a lot on knowing what your heroes do, what the enemy heroes/bosses do, and the board/mana state. Wilbur isn’t a “fire and forget” option but requires a lot of tactical planning to use effectively. Wilbur can make entire enemy boards explode if you do a good tile cascade, but he can completely blow up in your face if you time it wrong.

Kelile is a solid, average hero but a bit boring, especially for the first.

Falcon is a great hero and the only elemental defense down for red, but he needs other mainline reds to play with and isn’t great for the first 4* red because he doesn’t have a lot of firepower and only plays well with other reds.

So if you want the most foolproof option, I’d change my vote to Gormek. Gormek also doesn’t hit very hard (I mean other than Kelile none of those options hit hard or at all), but Gormek plays better with other colors. He’s also quite meaty and least likely to die. You don’t need to really second-guess if it’s a good time to activate Gormek or wait a turn or two. You can just launch Gormek then do a barrage of Jackal/Caedmon after and clean up nicely.

Your friend will get more mileage out of Wilbur, but he has to be willing to go through the learning curve since Wilbur isn’t a noob friendly hero. If he can buckle down and figure out how to make Wilbur work, he’ll get much more satisfaction out of it. Gormek is like the training wheels on a bicycle. Wilbur is like learning to ride a bike WITHOUT training wheels ever. He’ll outgrow Gormek sooner, but he’ll experience less frustration.

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Wilbur is absolute winner! Thanks everyone for your time and effort :slight_smile:

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