Next red 4*

Hi who should be my next maxed red 4* hero?
I have maxed BT, wilbur.
3/60: gormek, wilbur, BT, colen.
Kelile on lvl one.
I want to have longer bench in wars. I think it should be colen or gormek. What u guys thinkin?

First Gormek, then Colen I would say. Defense debuff is very useful.



20 pulverizers

I’d probably max another BT to have more healers.

Gormek. Then another Bt or Wilbur for war if you’re looking for bench depth. Otherwise upgrade Kellie instead of colen. She’s fast hits with good special vs colen who is slow. Look at their specials very similar but kelile is fast.

Colen/Wilbur kept me undefeated in the last raid tournament. Thank you, VFast rules! Colen is also very useful in events, where mana pots are available.

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Colen, then Gormek

Colen is very squishy, and he needs to survive until firing a slow special for maximum value. Also, his tile damage will be super useful to you in red stacks at 4/70.

Gormek will never have great tile damage, and is pretty survivable at 3/60. But having him guarantee to survive to a def down is helpful.

BT will serve just fine as a second red healer for you at 3/60 for a while. He would be nice at 4/70 eventually, though.

LOL, were you even attacked?

BT best 4* red and a great tank.
Wilbur is of course a game changer.
Gormek one of the three 4* pulverisers and great in your attack team.
Colen a really handy 4* red who hits all enemies if you are looking to set up a rainbow team.
It depends what you need in your war teams or raid team or if you colour stack.

Wilbur, uno de los mejores por no decir el mejor 4*.

Boldtusk / Wilbur / Colen is a formidable offensive trio…

No, I’d never put Wilbur on defense. But he and Colen were the secret sauce for my attack squad.

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Thx all for reply. I think i go with colen :slight_smile: