Red 4*to start feeding

Looking to start feeding a new red hero.
Currently have qoh, bt, wilbur, scarlet, falcon maxed. Azlar at 3.70.

I have:

Not sure what to level. Gormek seems the least likely as i already use Wilbur for def down at average.

Doing 9-10* titans and low diamond high platinum raids.

Any advice would be great

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To give you the most variety, Iā€™d go with Lancelot. He is kinda squishy, but I love mana effects.

Another vote for Sir Lancelot

Colen first then Gormek for war.

Not sure where you are in the game with other heroes and raids / war teams etc. But in my honest opinion I would focus on levelling Colen next and just give home one emblem ā€¦

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