Guardian Falcon or Sir Lancelot

I have been lucky enough to pull Guardian Falcon and Sir Lancelot in the last two Event Summons, but I don’t know enough about either of them to know which to level first.

I have heard Falcon is pretty good against titans, but this is the first Knights of Avalon event since I started playing back in December, so I have never looked into Lancelot.

Anyone have any suggestions on who to level first?

Also have the following on my Red roster:
-Gormek 4-70+5
-Wilbur 3-60
-Nashgar 3-50

Falcon for sure. Pretty much doubles all red tile damage after he uses his special. Lancelot can be useful in events when competing for high scores, but that’s about it really. Regardless of playstyle, falcon should come first, and then, you can evaluate whether it makes sense to level up Lancelot at all.


In my honest opinion I would go with Guardian Falcon… 100%


Falcon is definitely the better standalone hero out of those 2. He combos insanely well with Wilbur, Scarlett, Gormek (and even Lancelot of course). He’s better on defence, better on titans, better on offence IMO.

The elemental debuffers are extremely powerful. Hit with Falcon and then hit with any red and their damage will be so much higher.

I can’t tell if you’ve levelled Wilbur or not. But Wilbur, G. Falcon and Scarlett all combo together extremely well on offence and titans. Gormek is a much worse version of Wilbur but he’d be fine for now.


I have 2 Wilburs, 1 at 3-60 (waiting on a pair of fine gloves) and another I pulled that I haven’t started leveling yet.

Gormek was my first 4* red, and had him nearly maxed by the time I pulled Wilbur. Wilbur will most likely replace Gormek in my main team once I get that pair of gloves.

Ray, are you recommending leave Lancelot alone unless I get bored and have no other heroes to level up? LOL

Last year, I would have said 100% Falcon.


Sir Lancelot with emblems is a murdering fiend… glass cannon? Sure. But his stats aren’t too far off of Jackal’s and I’ve seen an emblemed Jackal over 900 attack… tell me you couldn’t use that? Add in the mana boost and his attack bonus (900*1.48=1332) and a 23 mana troop and you might have yourself a deal. (I get that Jackal is vFast but…)

Falcon is beefy even at 3/60.

Tough call.

Reluctantly I say Falcon first due to versatility. But Lancelot should not be ruled out… not anymore. Definitely not my 100%


Thanks for the input PeachyKeen! I always like to get multiple opinions before moving forward, especially with some of these event heroes.

I will stash Lancelot away for safe keeping until the time is right for another red to get leveled!


Lancelot seems a beast - except if you have a maxed and emblemed Scarlett with 850 attack.

First world problems.


It has to be Falcon because he makes ALL the other red heroes better and a killer on Titans. Lancelot and Scarlett are close cousins in that they are powerful hitters prone to dying. Both have very useful secondary skills with their specials.

Falcon came late to my team so he has always been reserved for titans and red stacks, rarely used in normal raids. When he did join, he IMMEDIATELY was the red project, just like Jackal immediately became the yellow project in this latest Guardians when he (finally) joined.

The elemental debuffers are too important to leave at 1-1.


In agreement with @Sternman. I have 3 Lancelots sitting at 1/1, but will level a second Falcon instead. I use the latter alongside BT and Wilbur in raids and against green titans, and it makes things so much easier. Throw in a Colen or Azlar, get a decent or great board (see below) and it’s game over…


Very interesting setup @JMarcus . I usually dont color stack an entire team. Granted, I havent been playing long enough to have a full color team leveled. But the way that works out with their skills is pretty impressive. Might have to consider it.

First to reply the Q I would go with Falcon and then Wilbur. Forget others till you finish these 2.

Now I have my own Q for all red team currently i have Zimkitty full, Falcon full, Aznogh 3/60, 2x Gormek full - When I finish Aznogh whom to do next Guardian Kong or Azlar.

@DukeOfTaurus Don’t expect it to be that easy all the time… Stacking mono can be a huge hazard if the board turns out to be bad.

  • First rule is to get the right heroes to do the job. BT and Wilbur work well together since both are average mana and one provides +attack, while the other -defense on the enemy heroes as well as spirit link. You can stack them with any colours after to form mono, 3-2, 2-3, 2-2-1, etc…

  • Second rule is to study the opposition and find the weakest as well as strongest link. It takes time to get this right, but once you know how the heroes work, you should be able to figure out who should be taken out first, and which heroes to bring along for the battle.

  • Third rule is to pray for a good board and sometimes, you could end up with a very long losing streak playing mono. It is however possible to turn a bad board into a great one, but that depends on skill and good tile management. Once again, you’ll have to figure out where best to release those unwanted tiles and minimise damage on your heroes, while searching for the much needed tiles to max your heroes’ special.

@jahjah Anzogh would definitely be a better fit than Zimkhita for a red mono stack comprising BT, Falcon & Wilbur. However, Zim’s cleanse as well as 4% health recovery is priceless so she’s good to have around. I tend to fire her special off whenever it’s ready as I want to start the health recovery tick running. She’s generally ready to fire again once the other average mana heroes have had their turn.

As to whether you should go with Kong or Azlar after Anzogh… I would say neither… Colen is a much cheaper option if you have him on your roster. Otherwise, go with Azlar. He has the better overall damage, and once he fires, it’s game over.

I have both Kong and Azlar, but I’m going with Mitsuko after I max Anzogh. I have 2 Colens waiting for blades as well. Looks like my 2 Azlars will be warming the bench for quite a while…

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Do both, but do G. Falcon first. And then Lancelot. Both are good against green titans, and Lancelot helps bring their mana speed up to continue delivering those defense drops with an attack boost.

Eventually I’d replace Gormek with Willbur too, at least for titans.

Which way do you recommend embleming Lancelot? More attack or more defense (to balance him out) ?

Health and def, since he’s a buffer. His hit will never hurt enough, but he has to live.
Make him sturdier.

You will never fix his shortcomings. He is a glass cannon

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His atk is up there with Scarlett’s… I am leaning toward def/health also - the longer he lives, the longer he can buff.

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With Wilbur on the attack/defense team, an emblemed def/health Lancelot should stay alive a bit longer. I have him on the defense team now, my bench is not developed yet. Thinking of giving him the emblems, my only other Fighter is an unleveled Sumitomo.

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