How to choose troops for defense?

Hello, I am able to explain how to choose troops 3 * 4 * for defense: tank, healing, titan, raids. 4 * troops have a bonus to mana and a critical hit on 3 * is a bonus to health. How do you choose the heroes? I will be grateful for advice.

4* mana troops for defense

Crit troops are probably better for defense than mana troops. Because crit troops have that massive defense buff instead of attack buff. The thing is, heroes on defense already get an attack buff as a way to balance out the fact an attacker can tailor their team specifically against the defending team. Crit troops give additional attack as well, but that defense and HP is nice with a decent little attack boost. Think of it this way, if you attack a Gravemaker tank with a mono blue team and that Gravemaker tank has a mana troop; he’s dead in 3 blue tiles. If that Gravemaker has a crit troop, it takes 4 tiles from a mono blue team. That’s a huge difference. How often can you hit 4 blue tiles in the middle before a very fast hero fires? Like sometimes. And you don’t want Gravemaker to fire.

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Just to clarify, there’s actually a 20% defense buff, and a 20% attack buff for defense teams.

But yeah, I’m a big fan of +Def for defense teams given how hard stacks hit per tile.

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This is a difficult subject in front of you person wrote that to defend the troops with mana to defend. Some people write differently

This thread has a lot of good discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of mana vs crit troops:

This thread has a lot of good discussion about picking troops for different defense positions:


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