Troops. What is the best strategy

Hello all. I’m new here. I have a question about troops. For now I am trying to build a six team roster. I only have 4* troops for a few and not all colors. Should I concentrate on getting one all star troop teem of 4* that all share? Or… is it better to have one troop per hero? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Any and all experienced opinions would be greatly appreciated.

4* mana troops should be taken to lvl 11 if you have a very fast hero of the same color. They will decrease the number of tiles (to fully charge your mana) to 6.

I like to have a rainbow set of 4* troops for my defense team.
Mana troops versus critical hit troops is a long debate. There are several discussions on the forum that cover it.

Troops are very expensive to level and it’s hard to obtain enough trainer troops to level more than one of each color at a time.

You only need a maximum of 5 troops per battle.

It’s good to have at least one troop per tier (2*/3*/4*) for tournaments and events, where troops could be restricted to a certain tier.

If you’ll fight with multiple heroes of a single color, you will need a troop for each of them.

In the beginning I leveld 2 different troops of each tier (except 1* & 2*), but then concentrated on a 4* rainbow set.

Now I have 5 of each tier (3/4/5)*, but mainly leveld one of each, since troop leveling is one of the most ham consuming things in the whole game.

You will never need more than 5 troops at a time.


Thanks Olmor. That’s what I needed.

Good information

Thank you

How do you differentiate between mana troops and critical hit troops?

purple troops have a diamond. They are mana troops. Blue troops have 2 circles, they are crit troops.


Ok. That’s much more detailed than expected but thanks none the less Killen

Lol I didn’t expect those pics to be so big.

Only 4* troops have this difference. The other tiers have just small differences.

It’s written on the card with different symbols.

I prefer mana on offense and crit on defense, but I couldn’t experience much of a difference.

Best thing is the faster charging on offense with mana troops.


Great answer Olmor! I’m only slightly jealous of those yellow troops.

Holy was the last missing to have a set of 5 pc 4* troops. Holy also is my weakest color.

Don’t forget to close the locks of all troops and heroes, that you want to keep.


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